The curriculum in Year 9 and 10 is flexible and designed to allow our girls to experience both breadth and depth in their chosen courses. During these two years, the courses offered in all subjects build on the essential skills developed in Year 7 and 8 to ensure the girls are challenged and well prepared for the complex demands of the Higher School Certificate.

Responsibility and Leadership
As the girls learn to take more responsibility for their learning, they are asked to undertake other positions of responsibility within the school. For example, some of our Year 10 girls lead the Year 7 Peer Support program; others may be elected to leadership positions on their House Committees in Term IV.

In November, Year 10 also engage in a four-day Social Justice unit. This is designed to bring together their knowledge, skills, understanding and experience, to discuss some of the issues currently facing modern Australian society and to address matters of social justice.

Encouragement, Support and Self-Reliance
In the classroom, our goal in Year 9 and 10 is to continue to help our girls to become confident, capable and self-reliant learners, able to identify their needs and overcome problems. They are encouraged to access a range of support services within the school as they need them. Every girl in Year 5-12 will have a Tablet PC as part of our 1:1 Program.

It is also essential that each girl maximises her developing range of personal learning skills in critical information literacy skills, research skills, communication, organisation, time management, higher-order thinking and active participation.

Ongoing communication and a strong partnership between the talented staff, the girls and their families are fundamental to making this a reality.