For most students, Secondary school will bring a whole range of new academic experiences. Equally important is the development of a new network of friends. At SCEGGS Darlinghurst, we make this as easy as possible through a range of activities such as our Peer Support program, activities organised by our Year 12 Prefects and the three-day Year 7 camp.

Developing skills
In the classroom, teachers aim to help our girls become confident, capable and self-reliant learners, able to identify their needs and overcome problems. Every girl in Year 5-12 has a Tablet PC as part of our 1:1 Program. It is essential that each girl develops a range of personal learning skills in areas such as communication, organisation, time management, critical thinking, higher-order thinking and active participation.

A Partnership
We encourage our girls to be self-initiating and increasingly self-reliant. Ongoing communication and a strong partnership between the talented staff, the girls and their families are fundamental to making this a reality.

Striving for Personal Best
Year 7 marks the beginning of the Secondary school curriculum. All girls are exposed to the same broad curriculum and encouraged to strive for excellence in a diverse range of subjects. From Year 8 onwards, the girls continue to study a core curriculum as well as a number of elective subjects of their choosing.