The Higher School Certificate

The Higher School Certificate (HSC) is an internationally recognised Year 12 credential developed by the NSW Education Standards Authority (formerly the NSW Board of Studies) ( The rigorous and flexible curriculum of the HSC provides SCEGGS girls with the opportunity to

  • Choose their subjects based on their interests, areas of strength and career aspirations
  • Gain entry to universities in both Australia and overseas
  • Study at TAFE or pursue other post-school options

For each HSC course studied, the girls are assessed in an ongoing internal assessment program and in the external state-wide examinations held each year. The final HSC mark achieved by each girl in her courses is the average of the scaled assessment result and the scaled examination result.

SCEGGS’ Excellent HSC results
SCEGGS has a reputation for academic excellence. On average, 80% of the candidature for each subject achieved results in one of the top two Bands in the HSC – an outstanding result for a non-selective school. Similarly, approximately half of our girls achieve an ATAR placing them in the top 10% of the state each year.

For further information about our most recent HSC results, please see pdfSCEGGS HSC Results.