HSC Study Requirements

The content in each course for the HSC is divided into a Preliminary and Higher School Certificate course. Most students will follow a 2-year program of study in Years 11 & 12 leading to the award of the HSC.

At SCEGGS, the Preliminary courses are taught from the start of Year 11 and the HSC courses usually commence in Term IV of Year 11.

The Pathways provision allows flexibility in attaining the HSC, either through acceleration (completing courses at a faster rate than usual) or accumulation (completing courses over a longer time than usual).

Eligibility for the HSC
English is the only compulsory HSC subject, however, to be eligible for the award of the HSC students must satisfactorily complete a minimum:

  • 12 units of Preliminary course pattern of study
  • 10 units of HSC course pattern of study

At SCEGGS we recommend students study at least 11 units for the HSC.