External Courses Available at SCEGGS

External courses provide another option to help students meet their individual learning needs and study a greater range of subjects that complement their individual interests and abilities. These courses complement the subjects offered within the SCEGGS Darlinghurst curriculum.

Years 11 – 12: Language Courses
For all girls in Years 11 – 12 these courses include:

  • The NSW School of Languages to study languages (other than English) that cannot be offered within the SCEGGS Curriculum due to the limited interest. These currently include Italian, German, Modern Greek and Spanish.
  • The Saturday Schools of Community Languages for community languages not available through the NSW School of Languages, such as Macedonian or Arabic.

Years 11 – 12: TVET Courses
SCEGGS facilitates participation in TVET (TAFE-delivered Vocational Education and Training) courses. These are 2 Unit courses that contribute to Preliminary and Higher School Certificate requirements. Only 2 Units of TVET Framework courses (240 hours plus external examination) contribute to the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

Some of the TVET courses that have been offered in the past include:

  • Hospitality
  • Tourism and Events

TVET courses are usually one afternoon each week from 1.30pm – 5.30pm at one of the many Sydney TAFE Colleges.

Years 11 – 12: Other Courses
In certain circumstances, there may be the ability to undertake courses in other specialised areas. They are yet another way SCEGGS works to meet the girls’ individual learning needs and personal interests.