Information and Communication Technology

The SCEGGS network allows both students and staff to access our intranets from home to create and submit new work. Our girls also become confident users of a wide variety of software packages. Through their studies, they are exposed to both the power and the pitfalls of the Internet’s information and research capabilities.

At SCEGGS Darlinghurst, technology is used to enhance and facilitate learning where appropriate. Every girl in Year 5-12 has a Tablet PC as part of our 1:1 Program. This program allows us to continue to value excellence and academic rigour in our teaching and learning, whilst capitalising on opportunities to create a dynamic 21st century learning environment.

We are continually developing subject specific programs and self-help units to assist students with their learning.

For more information about our 1:1 Tablet PC program, including newsletters and answers to FAQs, please click here.