Find a Biology Career - (added 4/12/17)
Take this quiz if you’re interested in biology but aren’t quite sure how this translates into a career. Find out about different career pathways in biology. Take the quiz –

Volunteering is an asset to your resume - (added 4/12/17)
A Deloitte Impact Survey shows that employers are more likely to be impressed by your resume if it includes volunteering experience. You can check out the details of the research here. You can find a volunteering opportunity at Seek Volunteer –

What’s it like to be a clinical exercise physiologist? - (added 14/9/17)

Become an architect - (added 29/8/17)
Architects deal with many of the critical issues in today's society. They push boundaries when it comes to living, investigate new technologies and materials, and help ensure that what we build is environmentally sustainable. Importantly, they design not just for today, but for future generations.

Six Things You Need to Consider When Picking a Degree - (added 7/8/17)

Should I study Law if I don't want to become Lawyer? - (added 7/8/17)

Careers in Sport- (added 7/8/17)
This website is for anyone interested in a career in sport and fitness. There is information about recommended qualifications and pathways, along with a list of available positions and courses.

Charles Sturt University HSC Guide For Students - (added 7/8/17)
CSU have put together a comprehensive free website to help NSW senior students with their HSC. It includes lots of study guides, resources, and tips, as well as specific subject study information across English, Maths, Science, HSIE, PDHPE, Creative Arts, Technology and Languages (click here).

Year 13 - (added 2/8/17)
Year 13 is an online resource which provides advice and information on life after high school. The website provides information on a number of topics including apprenticeships, gap year programs, job vacancies, studying, and

Australian Government Cadetships, Scholarships and Work Experience Opportunities - (added 1/8/17)
The Australian government has a number of cadetship, scholarship, and work experience opportunities within Australian Government departments and agencies. To view these opportunities, visit:

How to get the most out of your first year of nursing school - (added 1/8/17)

A career as a vet - (added 25/7/17)
This website gives an overview of the career of the veterinarian and the salary range that a new graduate might expect. The site also provides a list of Australian universities that facilitate the Bachelor of Veterinary Science.

My Health Career: How Long Does It Take to Become a Fully Qualified Doctor - (added 25/7/17)

Women in STEM - (added 25/7/17)
This collection of videos and articles from Australia’s Science Channel is a good starting point for any girls who need some extra inspiration to pursue study or a career in a STEM field. See inspiring and interesting stories from women who work in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Psychology, Nursing or Social Work? - (added 25/7/17)
This article from The Footnotes interviews different people at the beginning of their careers to give you some insight into studying and getting a job in psychology, nursing and social work.

Careers with Maths: Stories - (added 13/6/17)
Read this story of where a career in maths can take you.

Is multitasking a good idea? - (added 13/6/17)
Do you try to watch TV while you study? What about reading your notes with music playing and while messaging your friends? This article lets you know why multitasking might not be such a good idea.

Careers with STEM - (added 15/5/17)
This website is a great resource for anyone interested in pursuing a career in a STEM field. Find out where maths, science, engineering, code, health and more could take you, and learn about possibilities you didn’t know existed.

University of Sydney Medicine - (added 15/5/17)
See 5 short videos and study pathways:

Physics World Careers - (added 8/5/17)
This publication provides information about careers in physics. You can see what jobs graduates are doing and find out about employers who take on physics graduates.

OC Tours
OC Tours runs school tours, small group and personalized tours, and volunteer programs in rural Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Their volunteer program places students in teaching projects in rural schools, and is intended for school leavers interested in volunteering during their Gap Year. For more information visit:

Go Overseas
Go Overseas is a website that allows you to find and compare overseas programs. Every organisation and program has been reviewed by students who have participated in that program. There are also over 300 articles on travel available as well as customized country guides.

Careers in Mathematics
Visit the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute’s website to view a range of career profiles from apprentice chefs to Electricians to Nurses where mathematics is a necessary part of their everyday jobs.

UNSW: Canberra Non-Defence Undergraduate Engineering
From 2017 certain UNSW Engineering programs at Canberra will be open to non-defence applicants. To find out more about studying engineering with UNSW in Canberra as a non-defence student follow the link below.

University of Sydney Equity Scholarships
The University of Sydney offers Equity Scholarships for students commencing in 2017. These are applied for via UAC’s website. Scholarships include University of Sydney Bridging Course Scholarships, Burton Educational Trust Scholarship, Rural Sustainability Scholarships, Environmental Sustainability Scholarships, The William John and Lizzie May Sinclair Scholarship, Roy Frederick Turner AM Scholarship, Graham Daniels Scholarship in Engineering and Information Technologies, Peter Giles Memorial Scholarship in Pharmacy, Commonwealth Indigenous Scholarships, and University of Sydney Accommodation Scholarship.

ADFA Education Award
For current Year 11 students: Award presented to Year 12 students in recognition of leadership potential, and academic and sporting achievements exhibited during Year 11. Award comprises of laptop and certificate along with plaque of recognition for your school. For eligibility and application:

Air Force Jobs with just 1 or 2 Year’s Commitment
Pick one of these exciting roles and you'll have the freedom to join the Air Force for just one or two years. No strings attached.

Sydney TAFE Career Guide 2017
The career guide has information on how to enrol, study pathways, career areas and course disciplines, graduate profiles and advice for how to use TAFE’s industry connections.

Discover ADFA
This interactive video will help potential applicants understand what ADFA is really like.

UNSW Art & Design: Being a Student at UNSW Art & Design
UNSW Art & Design has created this one-minute video that encompasses everything that goes into the creative intensity of student life at UNSW Art & design.

Times Higher Education Rankings
The Times Higher Education Rakings have been released for 2017. Universities are judged across all of their core missions – teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.

The University of Melbourne has been ranked the highest out of the Australian universities at number 33, followed by the Australian National University at 47, the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland, both at 60.

2018 ADF Gap Year Intake
Students interested in taking an ADF Gap Year in 2018 can register their interest to receive an email as soon as the 2018 details are available.
Entry requirements:

  • Australian Citizen or hold Permanent Resident status
  • At least 17 years old (on entry)
  • Completed Year 12
  • Reasonably fit and healthy, with an acceptable Body Mass Index.

Australian Institute of Architects NSW
The Australian Institute of Architects NSW provides a range of resources for students interested in the industry. Information about events, studying architecture at university and more can be found at the website.

A Future in Chemistry
Find out about more about careers, degrees and vocational training in chemistry.

Aotearoa Leadership Tour
The Aotearoa Leadership Tour is put on by UN Youth Australia and is for young Australians to learn about indigenous rights, culture and reconciliation on a tour of New Zealand. Applications for 2017 are now open.

Australian Defence Force Academy applications are now open for 2018. While this may seem like a long way away, the application process can take 3–12 months depending on your circumstances. To avoid having to do the application when you are busy with year 12 exams, think about starting your application soon!

UTS Year 12 Bonus Points Scheme
The bonus points scheme provides a maximum of 5 bonus points to students who achieve sufficient results in certain HSC subjects and have a minimum ATAR of 69, or interstate equivalent. Bonus points are automatically applied to offers through UAC.

CSU: Bachelor of Clinical Practice (Paramedic)
For students wishing to become a paramedic this course can be studied at Bathurst or Port Macquarie. It can be studied either full or part time. For further information, follow the link below.

Macquarie University: 2016 Undergraduate Scholarship Booklet
Each year Macquarie University awards scholarships based on equity, financial need, academic excellence and sporting achievement. To learn more about these scholarships, view their 2016 undergraduate scholarship booklet:

The University of New England Early Entry Program
UNE’s Early Entry program allows Year 12 students to gain a place at UNE before ATARs are released. Selection for the program is based on an applicant’s ability to work and learn independently, as well as their overall potential for academic success.

Careers in Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Medicine is an exciting branch of medical radiations that uses radioactive materials in the form of radiopharmaceuticals to generate images that are used to diagnose diseases and in the form of radioisotopes to treat disease or relieve pain.

Gap Medics International Medical Work Experience
Shadow doctors, nurses, midwives or dentists in hospital for 1–8 weeks.

UNSW Elite Athletes and Performers Bonus Point Guide
Information can be found by clicking on this link:

ISV High School Program
ISV's High School Program allows secondary school students to combine volunteering and adventure travel to Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica or South Africa. Students live, travel and learn in another country whilst making a positive contribution to communities and environments through volunteering. Download the ISV High School Booklet that details departure dates and itineraries:

Antipodeans Abroad: Schoolies Unearthed
Schoolies Unearthed is a 10-day journey overseas where secondary school graduates have the chance to embrace their independence and travel to Borneo, Thailand or Indonesia. Students will explore the country whilst helping others and contributing to a local community development project. Find out more by contacting Mr Ned Murphy at or (03) 9827 9541 or visit:

Andrea Pinnock
Careers Adviser