FAQs - The Tablet PC at Home

1. Will the tablet PC work on my home network? Will my daughter be able to make changes, install software and devices on her tablet PC?

Students will be able to install printers, configure the tablet to work on other networks and to install additional software on their tablet. We believe it is important to teach the students to be responsible and manage their work in a digital environment and use administrative rights properly to aid their learning. In the event that a student makes a change which causes the tablet to stop working, the SCEGGS IT Department will need to re-image the tablet. As a result of this, a student may lose software and data that has not been backed up.


2. Will the school offer virus protection for our family network at home?

SCEGGS has comprehensive anti-virus software on all devices and this is installed onto the tablet PCs too. This anti-virus software will continue to be updated when the device is away from school and connected to the internet. If, however the tablet PC remains disconnected from the internet for an extended period of time the anti-virus software may not detect the most recent virus and malware that may be transferred by USB or other means. The anti-virus software on the tablet PC will not protect other computers on a student's home network.


3. Our family are not expert computer users. How can we support our daughter at home if she has a technical problem?

Students are provided with some trouble shooting tips for basic problems. If this doesn't work, when your daughter is next at school she should report the problems to the ICT Helpdesk to ensure it is fixed promptly. No matter how good the technology is, there will be times when it does not work as it should. The best thing you can do is to encourage your daughter to keep a backup of her work either by printing out draft copies, saving files to a USB drive or making a copy of her files to the SCEGGS network. If the problem occurs in school holidays then you or your daughter could phone the school on 9332 1133 and ask to speak to the ICT Helpdesk.