FAQs - Loss and Damage

1. How will my child be taught to use and look after the tablet PC?

Tablet Induction sessions are run for students when the devices are first handed out to the girls. During these sessions we provide instruction and documentation on how to use and look after the tablet. In addition, teachers will answer further questions and reinforce tablet care best practice.


2. What happens if my daughter's tablet PC is lost, damaged or broken?

If the tablet is lost, damaged or broken the student should go, as soon as possible, to the ICT Helpdesk. A loan tablet will be issued. A maximum charge of $300 for repairs will be incurred. The maximum charge will increase by a further $300 should the student lose, damage or break a second device. Warrantable faults do not incur a charge.


3. How will the tablet PC be protected when it is not being used?

Each tablet PC comes with a special protective sleeve that is designed to significantly reduce the likelihood of accidental damage when the tablet PC is not being used. These sleeves fit into our SCEGGS secondary school backpack, making it easy for the girls to transport the tablet PC to and from school. The tablet PC must be stored in the sleeve when being transported.