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1:1 Tablet PC Program

For more than 15 years, SCEGGS has provided significant technological access in every classroom. Through our 1:1 Tablet PC Program every girl in Years 5-12 has their own Tablet PC and students in K-4 have access to a range of different devices in their classrooms.

The 1:1 program has created many exciting possibilities for learning in a 21st century classroom including increased flexibility and more authentic and connected learning experiences. We want our students to be even more engaged!

The Board and the staff of SCEGGS are excited about this technological provision and the dynamic learning opportunities and possibilities it provides expanding the richness of a SCEGGS education.

We encourage you to read on and look at the many questions which have been covered regarding our Tablet PC Program; the platform and device being used, how it will operate, what it means in the classroom and how the school addresses a variety of practical issues, as well as our ongoing policies regarding student safety and pastoral care that are also an important part of this new program.

Jenny Allum
Head of School