FAQs - The Cost

1. Exactly what does the cost of the Technology Levy cover for this tablet PC?

The Technology Levy covers the cost of a new tablet every two years for students in Years 5-12 and significantly increased access to tablet PCs in the classroom for students from Kindergarten to Year 4. It also covers strong, technical support, the ICT Helpdesk, extended warranty and insurance and a replacement tablet PC when a student's device is not working. The package also contains a significant suite of high end applications such as Microsoft Office Professional and Adobe Cretive Cloud, as well as highly sophisticated educational and subject specific software. All other technology costs in the education of your daughters will be covered by the school.


2. How much is the Technology Levy?

In 2018, the technology levy will be $750 per student for girls in K – 12.


3. I think I can buy a tablet PC on the Internet for less? Why is this more expensive?

The 1:1 program provides more than just the tablet PC; it provides an integrated system that includes powerful software, extended manufacturer's warranty and insurance. In addition when a student's tablet PC is in for repairs students are provided with an equivalent tablet PC. Our total bundle is unobtainable, for the same price, from any other supplier.


4. If my daughter is given a loan tablet will there be a cost?

It depends on the reason that your daughter is given the loan tablet. If it is because of a warranty issue then there will be no cost. If your daughter loses or breaks her tablet, then she will be given a replacement tablet and there will be a cost of $300, the amount of the "excess". If she leaves her tablet at home for the day (which should happen rarely!), she will be given a tablet for the day at no cost.


5. What will happen if the tablet PC is in poor condition at the end of 2 years when we have to hand it back?

Upon return, each tablet PC will be assessed for wear and tear and graded as 1,2 or 3. Grade 1 computers exhibit acceptable wear and tear and will not incur a charge. Grade 2 and 3 exhibit excessive wear and tear and will incur a $100 or $300 fee respectively. Excessive wear and tear includes, but is not limited to, broken corners, damage keyboards, cracked screens, deep scratches, missing pieces and defacement.


6. What happens if my daughter's tablet PC is lost, damaged or broken?

If the tablet is lost, damaged or broken the student should go, as soon as possible, to the ICT Helpdesk. A loan tablet will be issued. A maximum charge of $300 for repairs will be incurred. The maximum charge will increase by a further $300 should the student lose, damage or break a second device. Warrantable faults do not incur a charge.