FAQs - Other Practicalities

1. What services will the ICT Service Desk offer?

The ICT Service Desk is a purpose designed facility in Room S3 where students and staff can bring their tablet PC at any time during an extended school day. There is always at least one staff member on hand to deal with support requests. If a support request is not able to be quickly resolved, the student is lent an equivalent tablet PC until theirs is again working properly. Along with teaching staff, staff from the ICT Service Desk work to develop procedures, resources and policies that help to ensure that your daughter's tablet PC experience is enjoyable and productive.


2. What happens if my child loses the tablet pen?

In the event that a student does lose the pen, replacement pens are available for purchase from the School Shop.


3. What if my daughter forgets to charge the battery and it goes flat at School?

Students are expected to charge their laptop each night and bring it fully charged to school the following day. In the event that a battery does lose its charge at school, students may:

  • Ask their teacher to loan them a charger in the classroom.
  • Leave their laptop at the ICT Service Desk to be charged over lunchtime or in a lesson when it is not required (such as a practical PE lesson).
  • Recharge their battery at charge stations in the Secondary Library or the ICT Service Desk.



4. Will my daughter be taught how to touch type?

Many students already develop effective typing skills as they move through the years of schooling. There are many to online typing tutors available for the girls should they want to specifically improve their typing skills. While typing abilities are important, one of the reasons we chose this device is the ease with which students can record information using the pen.


5. Will the tablet PC make my child's bag even heavier?

No. The Tablet PC weighs less than 1.5kg. An increasing number of textbooks and other printed resources can be stored digitally on the laptop or online. Using the tablet significantly reduces the need to carry these to and from school each day. Increasing diversity in the homework tasks set will also mean that the girls will not need to carry as many folders or exercise books home every day. Ergonomic education, including carrying the laptop to and from school, will form a significant part of the initial Tablet Induction sessions when the girls receive their tablet. Should you be concerned about the weight of your daughter's backpack, an inspection of its contents may reveal items that are being carried unnecessarily.


6. If my daughter decides that she does not like working with a tablet PC can she withdraw from the program?

No. The tablet PC is an important tool for learning and for communication and as such, teachers will be expecting students to use it as they require. If your daughter has on-going concerns about her use of the tablet PC, please contact her Form Teacher to discuss this.


7. What if my daughter leaves SCEGGS?

If your daughter leaves SCEGGS, she will be expected to return the tablet PC to the school on her last day of school.


8. How will SCEGGS help students and parents find out about how to use the tablet, safety online, ergonomics, and so on?

We know that parents will want to know about the program and have the opportunity to ask questions about a range of issues. We provide a Tablet PC Information Booklet for Parents to all new parents to the school. We encourage you to read through this and to give us a call if you have any questions about the program, or to ask a question at the Parent Information evening for your daughter's year group. The girls themselves are taken through everything she needs to know about the device - about how to use the tablet and handle it appropriately, how to store her work, her to keep herself safe, ethical issues, and so forth. And further support is always available at the ICT Service Desk!


9. As she will be using the tablet PC frequently, what ergonomic training will my daughter be given?

We will ensure that your daughter is given training about all aspects of the use of a tablet PC, including ergonomics, the appropriate backing up of their work, the responsible use of technology, issues relating to cyber-bullying and cyber-safety and so forth. In particular, at the time when the tablet PC is handed to your daughter, part of that Tablet Induction session will be devoted to teaching correct ergonomic use of the tablet. Posters will be placed in all classrooms and teachers will encourage correct usage.


10. How will the tablet PC be protected when it is not being used?

Each tablet PC will come with a special protective case that is designed to significantly reduce the likelihood of accidental damage when the tablet PC is not being used. These cases will fit easily into our SCEGGS secondary school backpack, making it easy for the girls to transport the tablet PC to and from school. If the Tablet PC is not in its special protective case and is damaged during transport, an insurance excess may be charged.