FAQs - Keeping Data Safe

1. Will my daughter have her own network storage space to store her files?

Yes, we will still be providing space for your daughter to save her files on the network. It will be your daughter's responsibility to make sure that important files are copied to her network storage from time to time. Files stored on the network are backed up daily and may be restored if required.


2. How will my daughter keep the data she stored on the tablet PC safe?

We would recommend that students copy important files to the SCEGGS network. There will be times, such as during school holidays, for example, when your daughter's tablet PC will not be connected to the SCEGGS network. At such times we would strongly recommend that important files be copied, for safe keeping, to an external storage device like a USB thumb drive that is not stored with her tablet. When preparing important pieces of work, if the format allows it, we would also recommend that draft copies be printed from time to time. If the worst happens and the files are lost the printed copies may be used as proof that your daughter has made progress on the piece of work and they can be scanned or re-keyed so that work can resume.