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Care for Every Student

SCEGGS Darlinghurst is committed to developing well-rounded individuals who can take their place as informed, principled and engaged members of society. We work hard to provide a caring, nurturing environment that supports each child’s further growth and development in all areas of their wellbeing.

Inclusion of, concern for, and affirmation of each member of the School Community is the essence of the SCEGGS policy of individual care.

Class Teachers
Teachers are responsible for the general wellbeing of their class members. The girls and their parents are always encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns they may have with their teacher.

In addition, the Head of Primary, Head of Student Wellbeing (Primary), School Counsellors and the Chaplain are available to parents for consultation at any time.

In Partnership with Parents
SCEGGS recognises the importance of a strong partnership with parents for the welfare of the girls and open communication between staff, students and families is both fostered and encouraged.

The School embodies a belief in student participation, personal responsibility and respect for others within a context of fairness, support and mutual regard.