SCEGGS Darlinghurst Primary School offers a friendly, productive environment where girls are able to develop intellectually and socially in their formative years.

The Primary years are critical in the overall education process, providing the basis for all future learning. It is the time when a child gains her foundation in a variety of skills. We clearly recognise this at SCEGGS, and our Primary School aims to assist each child in becoming confident, capable and articulate young women.

Purposeful Learning
Active classroom environments encourage students from Kindergarten to develop independence and ownership of their own learning. Our classes are organised so that girls experience dynamic and purposeful learning, with frequent opportunities to investigate, explore, communicate and express their individuality.

SCEGGS Primary School caters not only for each girl’s academic development, but also her emotional, social and spiritual needs. We believe social development is just as important as academic growth.

Composition of the Primary School

  • Primary years are from Kindergarten through to Year 6
  • There are 275 girls across 11 classes at SCEGGS Primary School
  • One class each for Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2
  • Two classes each in Years 3 to 6
  • The major intake years are Kindergarten and Year 3

Our Primary school offers state of the art classrooms and specialty rooms for Music, Art, Drama, Sport and After School Care. The newly renovated Primary Library provides another learning environment for our girls.