Congratulations to Grace Barwick, Amanda Lynch, Jemma McKenzie, and Chloe Whitford in Year 12, on receiving nominations for their Major Design Projects in ‘SHAPE 2018’; the annual exhibition of exemplary Major Projects developed by HSC Design and Technology students.

All the students developed challenging and innovative projects addressing genuine needs and opportunities in the process. Grace explored the history of fashion and interpreted many traditional techniques into a futuristic garment. Amanda explored modular children’s furniture that reduced ongoing costs for parents as over time the piece could be assembled into three different products. Jemma designed a multifaceted coat for homeless women in the local area that provided comfort and security for different seasons. Jemma’s prototype was made from upcycling a yacht sail and a camping tent and she successfully designed a stylish and contemporary jacket. Chloe embarked on exploring a conceptual range of jewellery designs to house potential medical monitoring technology. Her range utilised a variety of materials, techniques and elements of design in a monochromatic palette.

Congratulations to all these students as well as the entire Year 12 Design & Technology 2018 cohort on their extraordinary endeavours and a creative collection of projects.

Caroline O'Sullivan
Head of TAS