During Term I the Year 10 Information and Software Technology class worked on the unit Digital Media. As part of this unit the students created their own cartoon animations and special effects videos using the industry standard products of Adobe Flash (Animate) and After Effects.

The students have learnt a variety of techniques including key-framing, the use of chroma key, layering and applying special effects. They also experimented with Character Animator to produce animated puppets as well as using the 3D printer to create and print props for their films. Students then had approximately two weeks to design and create each animation and video. These were to be between 10 to 30 seconds in length and incorporate the motif of “RGB”. This could be by featuring the colour(s) or by interpreting them metaphorically, such as red with anger.

Over the last few weeks they have worked together to promote their “RGB Festival”, designing promotional posters, building a website to display their work and creating a loop for the TAS TV in the Joan Freeman foyer. The website allows you to vote for the “People’s Choice Award” so we encourage you to go to to view their work and to vote for your favourite cartoon and movie. Voting will close on Friday 8 June.



Anne Rumpler
Computing Teacher



Creativity in Design & Practice Module
Year 11 Design and Technology students have recently completed Module 1 of the Preliminary Course. The aim of this module was for the students to develop a broad range of creativity and exploration of ideas inspired by a designer in history. The students used ‘avant-garde’ thinking and ‘deconstruction’ of a white shirt to recreate an original design with the application of new technologies such as laser cutting, and surface embellishment which included Japanese Shibori steaming and 3D applique. The intention of the design is for the white shirt to be worn to a fundraiser event to raise awareness of ovarian cancer; and promote the White Shirt Campaign 2018.

180412 DT

In March the Year 11 Design and Technology classes had the opportunity to attend the HSC ‘Shape’ Exhibition, and ‘Common Good’, an exhibition of Social Design at MAAS (formally the Powerhouse).The aim was to give students an insight into the HSC Major Design Project and the supporting folio. Students viewed a diverse range of Major Design Projects from the HSC in 2017. They also explored design-led responses to social and environmental challenges and found the experience inspiring and motivating. 11DT students’ designs are currently exhibited in the JFSAT Foyer.

180412 Exhibition

Melinda Chadwick
TAS Department