The Year 8 Technology program introduces Year 8 to CAD/CAM technologies with a laser printer to manufacture toys. The Design Challenge for students of the Year 8 Technology Mandatory course in Semester 2 last year was to design and make Built for Assembly toys for the Shintoism Primary school in Cambodia, a part of the Let’s Build a School program - which is committed to social and economic justice through supporting and improving access to education in rural Cambodia.

180208 Students

The students investigated the Cambodian culture to give careful consideration to their designs. Our liaison for the program Chris Gleisner, visited Year 8 at the end of Term IV to collect the toys and deliver them to the Cambodian school in December. The images of the Cambodian student's beaming smiles are testament to the success of the project and the valuable contribution that SCEGGS Year 8 students have given the Cambodian community through their carefully considered designs.

180208 Cambodia

Ms Jody Ziesel
TAS Department