Ophilia Kong first of the Assembly Pianists this year. A vignette from the film music of The Hours by Philip Glass.

Girls will enjoy concerts supporting class work. Details in Cognito.

Elective Music Years 9, 10, 11 & 12 – HSC Encore – Monday 19 February, Opera House – 1.30pm-4.00pm.

Elective Music Years 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 - SSO Meet the Music - Thursday 22 February – Opera House, 6.00pm

Year 7 - B'tutta Percussion Workshop and Concert - Tuesday 27 February - during class time. African and Latin American percussion fun.

Year 10 Elective - B'tutta - Latin Percussion Workshop and Concert - Tuesday 27 February - during class time.

Co-curricular Music Programme
Each of our 24 Co-curricular Music Ensembles has commenced rehearsals for 2018.

It has been great to visit and share the new year's 'start-up' for Primary and Secondary Bands, Choirs, String groups, Percussion and Chamber and Small Ensembles.

Check "Fast Facts" in Cognito for clarification of the requirements for placement in the Co-curricular Music Programme, start and finish times and venues of all Co-curricular Music Ensemble rehearsals.

Co-curricular Music Rolls are being finalised
There is still a ‘window of time’ to join.

Mr Peter Jewitt (Ensembles' Co-ordinator) is currently confirming placements and rehearsal requirements for Secondary instrumental students via email.

Miss Allison Harrigan (Director of Choirs) is currently confirming all Cantare, Choir, Contemporary Vocal Ensemble and Madrigal placements via email.

Mr Jonathan Whitting (Director of Strings) is currently confirming all String group placements for Primary and Secondary girls.

There are waiting lists for participation in Secondary Percussion Ensembles.

Music Ensemble Participation Agreement details will be sent by email. Students are required to discuss the requirements of membership with families, and carefully consider their ability to commit to all rehearsals and performances, for the full year of involvement. Instructions for accepting the terms of the Music Ensemble Participation Agreement will be contained in the email. A student’s name will not be confirmed on Ensembles rolls for participation points, until the signed Music Ensemble Participation Agreement has been returned.

SCEGGS Eisteddfod and Highlights Concerts

  • Entry forms in Cognito – close Friday 23 February.
  • All student musicians, actively learning instruments or voice, are invited to participate in the Annual SCEGGS Eisteddfod.
  • Instrumental and Vocal Heats will be timetabled throughout the school day in Weeks 7 & 8 (12-21 March). Heats for Year 7 students will be scheduled during regular Class Music lessons.
  • Rock Eisteddfod Heats will be scheduled for Thursday 15 March - open to the public - all welcome to attend - 4.00pm-5.00pm.
  • Solo vocal and instrumental performances will be heard by visiting adjudicators and accompanied at the piano by Ms Jones and Ms Holmes.

SCEGGS Eisteddfod Highlights Concerts
The Eisteddfod Adjudicators will select outstanding student performances for two great concerts featuring performances by Primary and Secondary musicians.

Friday 23 March (Week 8)

    - Primary Musicians (5.00pm-6.00pm)
    - Secondary Musicians (6.30pm-8.00pm)

Members of the audience will once again be able to vote for the, always ‘hotly contested’, “Listeners’ Choice Award”.

Music Tuition Programme

  • Check "Fast Facts" in Cognito for clarification of the requirements for placement in the Music Tuition Programme.
  • Music tutorial lessons have commenced in the Primary and Secondary School, as arranged with your music tutor.

Strong demand means that there are limited places available in the Music Tuition Programme for 2018. Waiting Lists are still being maintained.

Students currently occupying a place in the programme have a responsibility to be regular in their attendance, and well prepared for music lessons. A student not able to meet their commitments may have their place offered to a student from the Waiting List.

Vacancies exist for tuition in:

Brass instruments - Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium and Tuba.
Percussion – Drum kit, mallet percussion (marimba, xylophone) and multi-percussion (preparation for participation in Percussion Ensembles).
Strings – Violin, Viola, ‘cello and Double Bass.
Woodwind instruments – Oboe, Saxophone (Alto and Tenor), Bassoon.

Beyond the Curriculum Music Award
The Margot Anthony (Budd) Beyond the Curriculum Music Award is awarded annually for up to two, Elective Music students in Years 8 to 11. The Award is to be used by the student to support their continued involvement in musical activities, which serve to facilitate the development of their musical potential.

Information and Application Forms are available on Cognito and should be submitted to the Head of School by no later than Friday 9 March.

The Award will be announced and presented at the SCEGGS Eisteddfod Highlights Concert.

Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) Exams
First session closing dates soon.

Students interested to prepare for AMEB Examinations should consult with their teacher well in advance of the closing dates.

Felicia Chadwick
Head of Music



Thank you to those students who have signed up for Music ensembles. If you haven’t yet completed the online enrolment form, please do so as a matter of priority. The form is available on Cognito in Co-curricular Music. Please contact Mr Peter Jewitt if you have any questions regarding the Ensembles programme.

All Chamber and Small Ensembles begin rehearsals next week. Contemporary Vocal Ensemble and Holst Wind Ensemble also start next week.

Please check Cognito for the updated Ensembles’ Rehearsal Schedule. There is also a copy posted in the Music Staff Room window and Primary School Music Studio hallway for your reference.

Due to the Primary Swimming Carnival, there will be no Bugles’ Band rehearsal and no Stringalong rehearsal next Tuesday 13 February. Rehearsals resume in Week 4.

Any Primary School student in Years 4, 5 and 6 who is interested in joining Bugles’ Band, please contact Ms Alison Ryan via email:

Felicia Chadwick
Head of Music



String Ensembles from the Primary School for their delightful courtyard concerts each morning of last week. What a treat to share with parents, teachers and friends. So many lovely and very well polished pieces. There was dancing and singing and lots of fun. A lovely way to end the year. Thanks to Mr Whitting and the string team.

Clarion Concert Band for a lively lunchtime concert in the Primary school playground and an afternoon of music shared at the Wayside Chapel. Appreciative audiences all round. Thanks to Mr Brown and Mr Jewitt for their support of girls participation.

2018 Music Ensemble Enrolment Form (Secondary)
Electronic surveys have been emailed to all current members of Secondary Co-curricular Music Ensembles. Responses were due Friday 24 November. Please contact Mr Jewitt if you did not receive the emailed survey.

Been a busy few weeks of most enjoyable performances. Well done to Clarinet and Saxophone students of Mr Christian Eder for their energetic performances. Very pleased to hear the Clarinet Ensemble in their final performance for the that sound. Thanks to Mr Eder for his work with girls throughout the year, and Ms Jones for her accompaniment.

Congratulations to all musicians and staff for their contributions to music-making at SCEGGS in 2017... Carols and Speech Night... what a wonderful way to celebrate the end of the year.

Felicia Chadwick
Head of Music



Whole School
– an impressive first combined rehearsal for the Whole School item for Speech Night. Years 3-6 - so well prepared, Years 7-11 - growing in confidence, the combined forces of Choir, Madrigal and Contemporary Vocal Ensembles sounding strong, and the ‘first airing’ of the great work of the Special Project Orchestra. Well done to the Music Department team for driving this big venture forward. Well done Miss Harrigan, Mrs Cleworth, Mrs Dalman and Mr Brown for directing the forces on Monday.

String Quartet of Caroline Brown, Chloe Cheong, Ellen Kriedemann and Alice Wong for providing music for the recent SRC Mother-Daughter Breakfast. Thanks to Mr Whitting for supporting this.

Suzuki Graduates for their outstanding performances at the recent Graduation Concert at the Sydney Opera House. Such a lot of work goes into preparing recordings to be assessed for graduation, and then to prepare for the concert performances. Delighted to be able to share this event with a number of SCEGGS families whose daughters have satisfied the requirements for 2017 graduation.

Bugles Band for the work shared with families at the recent open rehearsal. What fun you’ve had this year under the direction of Ms Alison Ryan. Well done.

Soirées – a mighty effort by all!
Thanks to Ms Jones for her continuing support of Soirée Performances. How fortunate for girls to be able to share their accompanied performances with family and friends.

Well done to:
Saxophone students of Ms Loretta Palmeiro for their terrific performances. Great pieces, and some very ‘cruisy’ playing.

Vocal students of Ms Eloise Evans for a concert of very diverse songs - some very big voices there.

Percussion Ensembles and Percussion students presenting dynamic performances at the recent Percussion Soirée. Thanks to percussion directors/tutors, Ms Jayne Groves, Mr Matthew Moore and supporting musicians, Mr David Groves and Mr Peter Jewitt.

Brass students of Mr Gergely Mályusz and Ms Cindy Sims for the work undertaken to present pieces for an audience of family and friends. A mighty ‘step forward’ for these girls. Well done.

Clarinet students of Ms Nicole Barrett for sharing such well-prepared performances. They should feel pleased with their progress.

Piano students of Ms Ellie Cumming for presenting well-prepared performances.

AMEB Examinations
Well done to girls who have recently completed exams. Thanks to Mr Whitting for accompanying all these girls:

Zoe Andrea - Violin RECITAL, 2nd Grade
Sophia Barry - Violin, 2nd Grade
Grace Chandler - Violin RECITAL, 1st Grade
Ashley Diec - Violin RECITAL, 1st Grade
Amelie Hewitt-Taylor - Violin RECITAL, 1st Grade
Serena Lam - Violin RECITAL, 2nd Grade
Charley Masnick - Violin RECITAL, 2nd Grade
Josephine Mitchell - Violin RECITAL, 1st Grade
Beatrix Rivers - Violin RECITAL, 1st Grade
Madeleine Soo - Violin RECITAL, 1st Grade
Jessica Venetoulis - Violin, Preliminary Grade
Paris Venetoulis - Violin RECITAL, 1st Grade
Harriet White - Violin RECITAL, 1st Grade

Felicia Chadwick
Head of Music