In Term IV, all Year 11 students will transition to their Higher School Certificate program of study. We will hold an Information Afternoon for all Year 11 girls and their parents on Wednesday 17 October at 1.45pm in the Lecture Theatre.

The aim of this presentation will be to provide you with some information about the road ahead for an HSC student, managing commitments during the HSC year, procedures associated with assessment, an overview of scaling and some advice on how best to support your daughter through the next 12 months. We hope that Year 11 parents will be able to join us on this afternoon as we begin this, The Journey to the HSC, together.

Andrew Gallagher
Director of Curriculum



We are happy to announce that we will again be hosting Code Camp at SCEGGS Darlinghurst these school holidays. We are passionate about encouraging the students to get involved with technology, and while we do a lot of different activities throughout the term we feel as though Code Camp can really help to complement students' learning with a focus on problem-solving, computational thinking, design and creativity.

Please head to link if you would like your child to participate these holidays.

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Code Camp



During Term III there will be several Orientation Days for students and their parents. As subject selection is very important, parents are encouraged to attend these meetings with their daughters. For each Year group, there will be a Subject Information Booklet distributed digitally (except the current Year 9 girls where last year’s booklet covers both years). These information booklets are distributed beforehand and expand on the NSW Education Standard Authority (NESA) requirements and the details about the subjects offered. These will be available closer to the relevant orientation dates. Several teachers and Heads of Department will also be available for consultation at these orientations.

Year 7, 2019 (Current Year 6 girls)
Orientation Morning
Friday, 17 August – SCEGGS Great Hall, 9.00am-11.30am

Year 8, 2019 (Current Year 7 girls)
Elective Subject Selection
Thursday, 16 August – Lecture Theatre, 2.30pm-3.30pm

Year 9, 2019 (Current Year 8 girls)
Record of School Achievement and Elective Subject Choices
Wednesday, 15 August – Lecture Theatre, 2.30pm-3.30pm

Year 10, 2019 (Current Year 9 girls)
Record of School Achievement and Elective Subject Choices
Tuesday, 14 August – Lecture Theatre, 8.30am-8.50am in Form time (girls only)

Year 11, 2019 (Current Year 10 girls)
The Higher School Certificate
Tuesday, 14 August – Lecture Theatre, 1.30pm-3.30pm

Please note: ALL subject selection forms for 2019 must be returned before Friday 31 August. After this date, elective lines for each Year group will be determined by the girls’ preferences, thus placing restrictions on student choices and changes to original preferences. I encourage all girls to think very carefully about their subject choices for next year and ensure that their form is in before the due date. Please do not hesitate to contact your daughter’s subject teachers or me if you have any questions about subject selections for next year.

Andrew Gallagher
Director of Curriculum