An Imaginative Drawing

Eve Wilson is a student in Year 7 and she has worked for many hours on this beautiful imaginative drawing.

BTGG 2019 11 21 Art Wilson

Katrina Collins
Head of Visual Arts



Congratulations to Grace Apted, Georgia Brogan, Grace Guthrie and Ava Lacoon-Robinson who have all been nominated for ART EXPRESS. We wish them luck with the selection process. 

BTGG 2019 11 14 Art Guthrie

Grace Guthrie

BTGG 2019 11 14 Art Apted

Grace Apted

BTGG 2019 11 14 Art Brogan

Georgia Brogan

BTGG 2019 11 14 Art Lacoon Robinson

Ava Lacoon-Robinson

Katrina Collins
Head of Visual Arts



The Howard Tanner Award for drawing has been awarded to Samantha Klein in Year 9. This award is given to a student for observational drawing and is awarded to a student once over their years at SCEGGS. The prize is awarded at Speech Night.

BTGG 2019 11 7 S Klein Yr9 1 BTGG 2019 11 7 S Klein Yr9 2 BTGG 2019 11 7 S Klein Yr9 3

Samantha Klein

Judged by our drawing teacher Lilli Stromland, Lilli commented that Samantha “rendered a wide range of everyday subjects to create exciting, intriguing visuals. This outstanding group of drawings convey her commitment to drawing, a strong sense of intentionality, sophisticated techniques and keen observational skills.”

BTGG 2019 11 7 E Plaister Yr11 1 BTGG 2019 11 7 E Plaister Yr11 2

Elenarose Plaister

Three students were Highly Commended; Elenarose Plaister in Year 11 (who was awarded this prize in 2017), Adeline Wan in Year 10 and Hannah Guest in Year 7.

BTGG 2019 11 7 A Wan Yr10 1 BTGG 2019 11 7 A Wan Yr10 2

Adeline Wan

Congratulations to all the students involved.

All the work is on display in JF1 until 15 November. We warmly invite you to attend.

Katrina Collins
Head of Visual Arts



Howard Tanner Drawing Prize and Year 7 Klippel Sculptures

Exhibition running in JF1 from 8am – 3:30pm until 15 November.

BTGG 2019 10 31 Art H Guest

Hannah Guest

The Art Department welcomes you to view an exhibition of student works in JF1.  On show are works from the Howard Tanner award for observational drawing which includes students from Years 7 to 11.  The winner of this award will be announced at Speech Night.  The prize highlights the outstanding drawing occurring in the classroom and the cocurricular drawing class with Lilli Stromland.

BTGG 2019 10 31 Art S Klein

Samantha Klein

Also included in the exhibition are Year 7 sculptures made in the style of Robert Klippel.

BTGG 2019 10 31 Art E Plaister

Elenarose Plaister

We are very proud of the works that students have made so please take the time to come up and see them.

Michaela Gleave
Art Assistant



The Tom Bass Prize for Figurative Sculpture 2020 is now open for submission. There is a specific Youth Prize. The judges will be looking for sculptures which have been inspired by the human form. Representational as well as abstract, innovative and contemporary interpretations are welcome. There are no restrictions on medium.

Open to Australian residents 16 years and over. Entries close 22 November 2019

Heidi Jackson
Visual Arts Teacher