Excitement is building as we finalise the details for the Colours for Cambodia Fun Run to be held on Sunday 28 July 10.30 – 12pm at Cooper Park.

Girls from the Cambodian House Building Team 2019 will be manning the colour stations as participants run, jog or walk the gentle 3.5km route. This is a family friendly event so we are really encouraging all members of the SCEGGS community to come and participate.

The cost is $10 per person with all money raised contributing to the SCEGGS Habitat for Humanity House building fund. In order to gauge numbers please use the link below to register. Should you be unable to participate, but would like to support the cause, there is also the facility to make a donation!

There will be a coffee van and cake stall to meet your Sunday caffeine needs. Should the event be cancelled due to wet weather, all proceeds will be forwarded to Habitat for Humanity as no refunds will be made.

Please use the link to purchase you tickets or make a donation: Colours for Cambodia.

Looking forward to a great colour event!


The Cambodian House Building Team 2019




Refugee Week Food Drive for the House of Welcome

BTGG 20190613 Refugee Week Logo

This week is UN Refugee Week. Jae Ann Maher, a case worker from the House of Welcome in South Granville, addressed the students at Assembly on Monday outlining the need for food and toiletries to assist newly arrived refuges who presently have little or no income.

The House of Welcome’s vision is for a society in which there is full recognition of the dignity, equality, human rights and humanity of all people living in the community no matter their age, gender, sexuality, nationality or religious affiliation, and no matter how they came to be in Australia.

They campaign with other asylum seeker organisations across Australia for the right to work for all asylum seekers, for an end to mandatory detention and for a nation of welcome and justice for all.

Year 8 will be running the food and toiletry drive in the last weeks of school. Students will hear more about the details of this during Form Time, Year Meetings and Chapel Services. We thank you in advance for your generous and kind support of this initiative.

Year 8 &
Marg Nilon Social Justice Co-ordinator



Colours for Cambodia

BTGG 190620 Colours for Cambodia

Location: Cooper Park
Date/Time: July 28 10.30am to 12.00pm

This is a charity initiative of the Cambodian House Building Team 2019. The aim is to raise funds for local needs within the villages where the SCEGGS team will be working. We are accepting donations to come and join in a 3.5km walk or run around a circuit with five colour dye stations.

There will be a cake stall and coffee van at the start/finish line.

The Cambodian House Building Team 2019 would really appreciate your support and involvement in this great cause. It is fun for all the family, so we hope to see you all there.







coloursforcambodiasavethedate 003


A charity initiative of the Cambodian House Building Team 2019. Raising funds for local projects in the villages where the SCEGGS team will be working.

More information will follow next week!


 Margaret Nilon
Social Justice Co-ordinator



BTGG 20190613 Refugee Week Logo

Refugee Week is Australia’s peak annual activity to inform the public about refugees and celebrate positive contributions made by refugees to Australian society. The first Refugee Week events were organised in Sydney in 1986 by Austcare. In 1987, the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) became a co-organiser of the week, which became a national event from 1988. In 2001, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) coordinated the first World Refugee Day. The 2019 theme for Refugee Week in Australia is #WithRefugees.

The Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) is the peak body supporting 200 organisations and 900 individual members who work to support the needs of refugees. You can read more about the work of the RCOA here. One of the organisations supported by RCOA is the House of Welcome at Granville. The House of Welcome provides support for asylum seekers living in the community by providing practical assistance in a variety of different ways. One such means includes their Food Bank where those with limited or no income can access familiar and nutritious food, as well as other important non-food items.

How can we help? The shelves very quickly run dry and the House of Welcome has trouble keeping up with the demand. In response, SCEGGS is running a K-12 food and non-food item drive in the last weeks of term, beginning on Monday June 17. More information about the House of Welcome can be found here

It would be wonderful to deliver in abundance to the House of Welcome at the end of term. Items are specified below by year group. Thank you in anticipation for your generosity.

Distribution of items

Year Group Item(s)
K-2 Honey, jam
3-4 Canned tuna (in oil), canned tomatoes, canned chickpeas, canned corn (not creamed), canned fruit
5-6 Instant noodles, basmati rice
7 Savoury biscuits
8 Shampoo & conditioner

Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush

10 Sugar, flour
11 Laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid
12 Coffee, tea, cooking oil

Please note: We pay heed to the wishes, habits and palates of those receiving our donated goods and respectfully request that you do not supply soup, baked beans or tinned spaghetti.

Margaret Nilon, Social Justice Coordinator and
Year 8 Form Classes



Days for Girls
Over the weekend 25 SCEGGS girls participated for six hours in a volunteering activity for the organisation Days for Girls at the ICC. This social justice organisation aims to assist women in developing countries who are marginalised or have life limiting experiences when they menstruate. Mrs Zipfinger runs a lunchtime Days for Girls group where we cut, pin and sew the items that eventually go into the kits that are sent overseas.

At this event I, along with several other SCEGGS girls, helped manage a ‘packing event’ which allowed for individuals to come a pack a kit, consisting of various menstrual management products like reusable pads made by previous volunteers. It was very uplifting to introduce people to the program with a smile and inform them about the organisation. Later during the afternoon, I ran the “selfie” station with one of my friends where they could take a photo with a frame of Days for Girls to mark the occasion.

BTGG 2019 05 23 Days for Girls 1

BTGG 2019 05 23 Days for Girls 3

It was so much fun, resulting in a lot of laughter and smiles from both myself and other women.

Whilst the day was long and by the end, we were very tired, it still warmed my heart to have helped the organisation in some small way, with over 1250 kits packed. It was important to see how our efforts in the lunch time sessions at school fit into the wider scheme of the organisation.

Elenarose Plaister


Rough Edges
Last Friday night on 17 May, five Year 11s went to the Rough Edges Community Centre in Darlinghurst to volunteer. We arrived at the Centre and were greeted with other helpers who were excited and eager to show us what to do. In preparation for dinner, we cut and buttered bread rolls, transported the food from the OzHarvest van to the kitchen and organised the dinner trays. Then it was time to open the doors and welcome everyone in for dinner.

BTGG 2019 05 23 Year 11 Community and Service 1

BTGG 2019 05 23 Year 11 Community and Service 2

We worked behind the counter serving and microwaving food for the patrons. During the process of placing the food onto the plates, we started talking with the patrons and gathered some details about their lives. Although confronting, these conversations were so eye-opening to us as we discovered how privileged we are. We all walked away with a better understanding of the needs of marginalised people, and enthusiasm to come back to Rough Edges more frequently. Each patron was so thankful and kind to us, which generated a very positive and welcoming feeling throughout the centre.

The other volunteers ranged in ages and backgrounds, which shows how volunteering is for anyone. Most importantly, it consolidated how at SCEGGS, community outreach and service is so vital to our life after finishing school. Our time at Rough Edges was fantastic and all five of us are keen and willing to return and give back to our local community here in Darlinghurst.


Lucy Stratton




Reflection on ‘A Taste of Ramadan’

"The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion. So whoever sights [the new moon of] the month, let him fast it ... Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship and [wants] for you to complete the period and to glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and perhaps you will be grateful." -- Surat Al-Baqarah 2:185

2019 05 16 Social JusticeOn 9 May, a group of Year 11 students represented SCEGGS at Amity College for a celebration of Iftar, the breaking of the fast observed every dusk in the month of Ramadan. This month is considered special as it is during this time that the messages in the Qur’an were revealed to the prophet Muhammad and is usually honoured by a feast of a variety of foods, eaten together with family and friends. It is also during this month that individuals may increase their offering of salat (prayers), recitation of the Qur’an and their contribution of charity and good deeds.

This evening allowed us to see the workings of Ramadan on a personal level, with speeches made by Amity College students on the significance of Ramadan in their lives. This month encompasses much more than simply fasting, it is about being the best version of oneself and continuously striving to improve. Throughout the night, a significant emphasis on the value of family and community became evident as part of this tradition. The act of breaking the fast together was important to many of the students, who noted that they felt a greater sense of connection with others, and to their faith.

An event such as this fosters a culture and acceptance for us as students, which is more important than ever in a time of violence and hate perpetuated by ignorance. If we can only understand other people’s perspectives, we can break down the barriers that separate us in order to gain a well-rounded viewpoint as young people. The key messages of identity, love and hope can be seen in many world religions and are pivotal to a myriad of societies. From this event, not only have we been able to learn more about this tradition, but to also cultivate a deeper understanding of the similarities that we all share.

By Rosie Adams and Kyra Gilhotra
Year 11



On Wednesday 15 May from 6.00pm-8.00pm, the Prefects bring to you Splendour in the Gr-eat Hall!

Tickets are $10 for students and $15 for adults with all proceeds going to The Satellite Foundation. The Satellite Foundation supports children whose parents experience mental ill-health, by running workshops, programs and camps that aim to foster a safe space for the children to meet new people and share their experiences in a supportive environment.

Splendour in the Gr-eat Hall is a talent extravaganza, showcasing the best of SCEGGS talent, and the show will be headlined by our resident superstars, The Erthlings! The Erthlings have toured with Amy Shark and played at festivals including Groovin’ the Moo and the actual Splendour in the Grass – we’re so excited to see them on stage.

All tickets can be purchased by following this link: Splendour in the Gr-eat Hall

Mental health is a cause very close to the hearts of Year 12, and we would love EVERYONE to join us – bring along your family and friends, all are welcome.


The Prefects