In Term 4 we will be offering a Study Without Stress group program for Year 11 students to assist with studying and performing in exams more effectively and with less stress.

Study Without Stress is a psycho-educational program developed by Macquarie University’s Centre for Emotional Health. It has been designed to equip students with knowledge and practical tips on how to approach and overcome the stress associated with workload and exams in their final high school year. The program uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques to help participants get the most out of their final year at school whilst keeping stress to a manageable level.

Topics covered will include:
- Understanding stress (including causes, symptoms and the role of the stress response)
- Goal setting
- Managing expectations and beliefs about exams
- Creating effective timetables
- Learning how thoughts can affect performance
- Challenging negative or unhelpful thinking patterns
- Understanding perfectionism
- Understanding procrastination
- Tips to deal with work avoidance
- Building good study habits
- Procedures for problem solving
- Exam preparation

The program will be run across six sessions starting in Week 2 of Term 4, with a group limited to 12 students. If there is demand for more places, we will aim to run the program again in Term 1 next year. Each participant will be provided with a workbook and handouts, and will be required to spend a little time each week between sessions practising their skills or completing short tasks to facilitate their learning.

The group will be run by me and Carol Saunders, Head of Academic Support.

Further information on the program is available from the Macquarie University website: 

If your daughter would like to participate in the Study Without Stress program in Term 4, she should email  by Thursday 12 September 2019.

Janet McEwen
School Counsellor and Registered Psychologist