On Friday students worldwide, are taking a stand against climate change. In response to this, the Maailma Environment club has decided to host a number of activities throughout the day that promote positive environmental action.

Students will be provided with the opportunity to write and discuss their questions and concerns about climate change. A panel of politicians will be invited to speak to these concerns at an event to be organised in November.

Pedal powered smoothies will be made at recess and lunch using bicycles in the Secondary School.

These will be sold for $2 and will be available in two flavours; mango & banana and strawberry & banana. Students will also be required to bring their own keep cups if they wish to purchase a smoothie. There will be a number of ‘borrow a mugs’ available for use.

You can also show your support for the environment by wearing a green ribbon or scrunchie on the day.

Amelia Board and Lily Helene
Maailma Environment club



How green was the Festival on Forbes? The numbers are in and the community has achieved an outstanding result!

This year the Festival committee made a conscious effort to reduce what was being brought into the School. It is estimated that the 2017 Festival on Forbes produced 20,000 litres of unsorted waste. You may have noticed there were no balloons and no excess plastic or packaging this year. As a result, the amount of waste removed after the fair was only 12,020 litres. 28% of the waste was cardboard and paper, 3% was organic food waste, 4% was green waste and 52% was mixed recycling. Only 13%, or 1580L, of the waste from the Festival on Forbes went to landfill. This is an amazing result! However, it could not have been achieved without the fantastic student waste warriors who worked tirelessly at the bins helping people to correctly dispose of their waste and the maintenance team.

gr waste warriors from FoF

Festival goers were clearly thirsty! The Sydney water refill stations were constantly used throughout the day consuming 217 litres of water. Combined with the availability of the reusable water bottles, this meant we saved 362 600ml bottles from being purchased. This would amount to 5Kg of plastic going into landfill and a saving of 543 litres of water which would otherwise have been used in manufacturing the bottles.

gr water stations

Finally, single use takeaway coffee cups and lids were reduced to just a single bag, thanks to the "Borrow a mug" campaign. Of course, we also thank everyone who contributed to this result by bringing their own keep cup!

gr borrow a mug

Overall the campaign to make Festival on Forbes a more environmentally friendly event was a huge success. These excellent results could not have been achieved without the support of the school community. The planet thanks you for your efforts.



Ulrika Aroney, Juliet Schmidt, Sarah Stuart-Jones (FoF Green team)
and Sue Zipfinger



The Secondary School community certainly took on the challenge of reducing our electricity consumption by going without heating and reducing our lighting on Tuesday 20 August. Staff and students came dressed in a variety of warm clothes and enjoyed toasted sandwiches and hot chocolates on the lawn at lunch time.
The results are in - we consumed 1979.7kWh on the day, which was 25% down on last year’s average! This was a power saving 560.3KwH of electricity or the equivalent of charging 50,523 mobile phones. Click here to see the Secondary School electricity load on Tuesdays in August 2019.

Thank you to everyone for being so involved in this initiative and remember even turning you heater down one degree at home will significantly reduce your power bill.

toasty tuesday

Maailma Environment Committee



We don’t often think about how much electricity we use up as a school. If you think for about 10 hours a day about 300 days a year, we have lights on, computers charging, heaters and air conditioners running in every single classroom all over the school. Now we don’t have the brains to calculate this but if you did, the amount of energy needed to keep our school running for just one day would churn out a HUGE number. To produce this HUGE number, you need a HUGE amount of coal and a huge amount of solar power, which is expensive and most importantly very damaging to our environment.

So we are giving you a challenge. (You can practise this at home by turning off lights when no one is in a room, just heat one room and put on extra clothes when walking around the house, run the washing machine/dishwasher when they are totally full, eating all the food you purchase and pausing before you purchase anything new!)

Next Tuesday Maailma will be holding our very first "Toasty Tuesday" in the Secondary School, where we challenge ourselves to go ONE day without turning on a single heater and as few lights as possible.

This will be a mufti day, so come to school rugged up in whatever clothes you want to keep you warm. Scarves, beanies, jumpers, uggboots... anything to keep you toasty.

And speaking of toasty, the canteen will be selling toasted sandwiches at lunch and hot chocolate on the lawn for anyone with a keep cup and a gold coin donation. First in, first served basis!

The aim is to save as much energy as possible and we will also be holding a guessing competition on how much energy we save as a result of this effort. We will be sending an email around shortly with more information.

So remember next Tuesday we are turning off the heaters and some lights and we want you to bring:

• your warmest clothes/rugs
• your keep cups
• a gold coin donation for the hot chocolate

And get excited for Toasty Tuesday!

Amelia Board and Marie Karantanis
Maailma Environment Club



To reduce what SCEGGS sends to landfill we have installed a box to recycle highlighters, mechanical pencils, markers, permanent markers and caps. The box is located in the Secondary Library. Tamsin Hughes will be looking after what goes in this box. We look forward to your "end of life" donations and thank you for helping to reduce the waste produced by SCEGGS.

Terracycle pen box

Maailma Environment Committee