Congratulations to Year 8B and Year 10 teams making it through to the Archdale Grand Final!

Congratulations to the Year 8B and Year 10 teams who won their debates on Tuesday to progress through to the Archdale Grand Finals – a fantastic achievement. The Grand Finals will be held next Tuesday at Abbotsleigh. A bus will leave SCEGGS at 3:15pm, and there will be no return bus. ALL debates commence at 6:15pm, and there will be an awards ceremony at 7:30pm.

Imogen Harper
Debating Co-ordinator



Congratulations to all teams making it through to the Archdale Semi-Finals.

Congratulations to the Year 7A, 8B, and Year 10 teams who won their debates on Tuesday to progress through to the Archdale Semi Finals. The Semi Finals will be held next Tuesday, and teams will be emailed once the location of their debate has been confirmed.

The Year 6 IPSHA team will have their final lunchtime debate this week against St Catherine’s. They will be debating the topic that parents should be punished if their children commit crimes. The Primary Gala Day will be held on Friday 13 September, so all Year 6 IPSHA debaters should be sure to attend training next week.

Imogen Harper
Debating Coordinator



Archdale results and information
Congratulations to the Year 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B, 10, and Senior teams for progressing to the Quarter Finals of the Archdale Debating Competition. Quarter Finals will take place next Tuesday (27 August). The 7A, 8A, and 8B teams will be at St Catherine’s, and the 7B, 10 and Senior teams will be at PLC Sydney. Busses will leave from SCEGGS at 3:15pm. A bus will return back to SCEGGS from PLC at 8pm. There will be no bus back from St Catherine’s. The topic area for all teams is The Environment.

Imogen Harper
Debating Coordinator



Congratulations to Nicola Allen and Ishara Verdickt (Year 8) who have reached the Regional Final of the Legacy Junior Speaking Award.

Nicola chose to speak on a topic close to her heart, the Great Barrier Reef, “A paradise worth saving” and Ishara spoke about the importance of signing up to be a organ donor, “30 second lifesaver”.

The challenging impromptu topic was “Thinking on the Spot”. Good Luck for the next round girls on August 29.

Sandra Carter
Co-ordinator Public Speaking



Congratulations to the Primary B and Year 7 ISDA teams for winning the ISDA Grand Final on Friday night!

The Primary team consisted of: Sophia Barry, Abigail Grace, Stella Manos, Aasha Maunsell, Simran Murphy, and Georgia Tsangaris.

The Year 7 team consisted of: Molly Espie, Catherine Park, Beatrix Rivers, Julia Richards, Sienna Taylor, Lucy Thomsen, Alexandra West, and Janet Zheng.

This is a fantastic achievement for all the girls, and it is a testament to their hard work, consistency, and skill over the season.

This was SCEGGS’s first year in the ISDA competition so it is fantastic that we have already done so well.

Congratulations also to Badham for winning the Senior Inter-House Debating Competition.

Archdale will begin on the first Tuesday back next term, Tuesday 30 July, and the debates are at Queenwood. A bus will leave at 3:15pm and return to SCEGGS at the conclusion of the Senior Debates at 8pm. The season so far has been a great success for SCEGGS, as after 5 of 7 rounds we are ranked first out of 22 schools in the Archdale Competition.

Imogen Harper
Debating Co-ordinator



Rostrum State Finals
Nicola Allen was one of six state finalists in the Junior Division of the Rostrum Voice of Youth held at Sydney University, June 22. She spoke on a topic close to her heart, Human induced Climate Change, which she declared to be “My generation’s war”

Nicola was announced runner up which was a wonderful result especially as it was her first public speaking event.

From eight competitors in the Voice of Youth, 5 SCEGGS girls reached the Regional Finals.

Juniors: Nicola Allen, Catherine Park and Ishara Verdickt. Seniors: Amara Mathialagan and Sarah McNaughton. Well done to all.

Legacy Junior Speaking Award
School heats will be held in the Speech Room Wednesday July 24 at 1.10pm.

If you were 14 years of age January 1, 2019 and are in Year 7 or above you are eligible to compete. Talk length is 5 minutes. Topic, up to you but should engage the audience with fresh ideas about a contemporary issue.


Sandra Carter
Speech and Public Speaking



Congratulations to all the students who participated in this year's Inter-House Speaking Challenge. I am pleased to share the following results:

1st Christian
2nd Docker
3rd  Barton
4th Badham
5th Langley
6th Beck


Individual Results

1st Madeleine Kowalenko Christian
2nd  Phoebe Masnick Docker
3rd Equal: Sylvie Stannage
Harriet Harper 
Georgina Harley-Macdonald

Sandra Carter
Co-ordinator of Public Speaking