At the end of each term, we have an Assembly to celebrate the achievements of the term, to profile the various activities in the co-curricular sphere, and to present a range of certificates, prizes, medals and other awards to outstanding students in each activity.

One of the many fantastic aspects of those end-of-term assemblies are the speeches given by the student captains of the particular activities of the term. They are always inspirational, and reflect the particular personalities and aspirations of the girls involved. The end of last term was no exception.

I thought you might like to read one such speech – from Aneka Henshaw, the Captain of Cross Country Running. Enjoy!

I know you’ve heard the rumours. Sylvie Stannage passing out on the IGSSA Cross Country course. People vomiting at our training sessions in Centennial Park. Girls actually using the showers in the sports hall change room – I know, shocking. This is the reality of SCEGGS Cross Country.

I’d like to preface my speech by saying that I do love running and cross country BUT the truth is, sometimes I’d rather lie down in the mud than try to keep up with Laura and Gabby. Running is hard, and I’ve been continually teased this term for talking TWO MONTHS ago about an “easy 3km run” – I have been assured that this is an oxymoron, so to those who were insulted by this turn of phrase, I offer my sincere apologies.

Honestly, though, I quite like hard things. Hard things like running, or physics or not pressing snooze on the alarm, teach us hard lessons. Cross Country doesn’t just make you physically fit, it forces you to become more disciplined, perseverant and courageous. My Cross Country girls know this well; there are no half-hearted efforts under Ms Thompson’s keen eye. All this talk of hard things, though, may be intimidating so I’ll stop. Let’s just say pushing through the hard stuff is worthwhile for the euphoric feeling afterward, for the Easter egg hunts and for the sunrise runs over the Harbour Bridge.

At the IGSSA Carnival we were blessed by Ms Dill-Macky and Ms Tucker in matching outfits, Ms Wymer who did the recording and helping girls in the spew tunnel at the finish line, as well as our usual support crew of Ms Gowan and Ms Thompson to whom we are all incredibly grateful. Five girls qualified for NSWCIS Championships: Audrey Ewington and Abigail Johnstone as well as Jacqui, Phoebe and Gabby who also qualified for NSW All Schools. So the infamous day down at Frensham went smoothly until Sylvie rounded a bend, fainted, fell on a fence, landed on a gravel road, was transported back to our tent in a car and then lain in a bed that she’d conveniently brought. Yes, a literal blow-up bed. She brought a bed to the Cross Country Carnival.

Like many things in life, running is hard, and this shouldn’t be understated because the effort that my Cross Country girls devote to this activity is immense and deserves recognition. So, thank you to all my running pals for what has been a crazy, challenging, laughter-inducing season of running up and down muddy hills in Centennial Park.

 Jenny Allum
Head of School




Helping Students in the Early Years of School

Over the last couple of years, I have noticed an increasing number of articles and reports about what we as parents and educators can do to help our children grow into confident, resilient and productive adults. It’s given me cause to reflect on the changes I have observed in how children are parented and in how we provide for their learning at school. There is no doubt that our girls are part of a more challenging and complex world than their parents experienced as children. What then can we, as parents and teachers, do to support them on their journey to adulthood?

At SCEGGS we aim to provide the girls with an education that builds their confidence and the skills to be part of this rapidly changing world. The girls now in their first years of school are still ten or more years away from leaving SCEGGS and we can only imagine what the world will be like for them as adults. Nevertheless, the staff here are committed to doing all they can to support their academic, emotional and social development.
One of the most dramatic changes that takes place in the first few years of school is the huge shift in independence demonstrated by the girls. Many arrive at school having had to make very few decisions for themselves. They are quickly encouraged to take responsibility for their belongings, their learning and make decisions about a whole range of things, from who to play with, what to eat at recess or lunch and how to look after their belongings. We encourage this independence and support the girls to take responsibility for their actions and their choices.

We understand that effort is key to success, and that making mistakes encourages a commitment to keep trying, building grit and resilience. Both effort and mistakes are applauded at school, because we understand that risk taking is an integral part of learning. Only by taking risks, making mistakes and continuing to struggle will the girls develop the mindset that things may not always come easily, and that reward may not be immediate. When faced with challenges in class, we encourage the girls to say, “I can’t do it...yet!” This supports students to believe that, with practice, they will master a concept or skill.

There is much talk in the media about the increasing prevalence of anxiety and depression in young people. At SCEGGS we are quite aware that we have a role to play in supporting the wellbeing of our students. The Head of Wellbeing in the Primary School provides leadership to teachers and support for students with emotional concerns, friendship or family issues. As well, many teachers include mindfulness in their form programs. In the early years we provide sessions on topics such as understanding emotions, staying calm and remaining attentive. The intention is that these skills become part of the natural behaviour of the students.

At home, too, there are things you as parents can do to support your daughter in her learning and more generally, as well. Over the last few years I’ve observed the changes our girls face and have some ideas about the ways in which I believe girls in their early years of school can best be supported by their parents. I’ve included a few of them here.

Allow time for free play, or even boredom! Nothing encourages creativity more than allowing the time and space to explore. By not overscheduling children they are able to engage in play, both alone and with others. It is considered to be one of the most important things we can do to promote health and wellbeing, as well as school success.

Alongside time for free play is limiting the amount of screen time – sometimes easier said than done, I know! I see families out at dinner where the young children are entertained by a phone or iPad. Encourage the kids to be part of the conversation. At home or in a restaurant, instead of a screen I suggest providing your daughter with a colouring book and pencils, or a pile of books to read.
Allow your daughter to take risks and make mistakes. Children who avoid all fearful situations don't have the opportunity to face their fears and don't learn that many of them are manageable. Anxious kids worry about things not working out as they should, things not being quite perfect. At school we see students who need to do everything perfectly and who have difficulty giving things a go because they might make a mistake. Perfectionism is the antithesis of a growth mindset, so celebrate mistakes and praise struggling to do difficult things.

Get into nature. Earlier this year I took my Year 1 class on an excursion to Vaucluse House. One of the things the girls loved most was playing in the long grass. They hid, they ran, they made things with the grass. It was so rewarding for me to see them in this lovely natural setting, but I was also aware that for a few of them it was an uncommon experience.

Have meaningful discussions. Ask questions. I love to hear a child’s perspective and am often amazed at what they know and how they perceive the world. They don’t learn these things in a vacuum and we at school are just a part of the whole learning process. Teach your daughter to confidently articulate her feelings and share her ideas. Girls who have the opportunity to experience the world – a train ride, art gallery, or farm for example, or who have a rich view of the world through discussions and books bring that to their learning at school.

Encourage routines, doing chores and taking responsibility. If possible, stick to regular bedtimes during the week, including Sunday night! So often I see girls on Monday morning who look like they need a weekend! Lack of sleep really does impact on learning and I feel sorry for students who are so tired at school their brain doesn’t work properly. In addition, gradually increase the amount of responsibility your daughter has for getting herself ready for school. I often suggest a class timetable on display at home so that together you can see what she needs for the next day.

A final word - be less worried about comparison with peers and more concerned with progress. If there’s anything I’ve learnt over the years about how children grow and learn it’s that they really do all learn at different rates. I’ve seen students who’ve required academic support for reading or Maths in the first year or two of school achieve at a high level in later years. It’s much more important that a love of learning is instilled in the girls and that we do all we can to develop this love both at home and school. We really are in this together!

Anne-Maree Lodge
Year 1 Teacher



Book Week in the Primary School
The theme for Book Week this year is Reading Is My Secret Power and we have some wonderful events planned, in and around the official Book Week, to celebrate reading with the girls.

Yesterday author Deborah Abela spoke to the girls in two separate sessions, one for girls in Years 3 and 4, the other for Years 5 and 6. The older girls will be interested to know that Deborah’s third book in her Grimsdon series, Final Storm, is being launched this week. Deborah’s other books include the very popular Max Remy series and Teresa A New Australian, based on her own father’s family fleeing Malta during WW2. More information about Deborah Abela and all her books can be found on her website: 

Another author, Yvette Poshoglian, will be speaking to the girls in Kindegarten, Year 1 and Year 2 on Thursday 15 August. Yvette is the bestselling author of over 30 books for children and young readers. She writes the wildly popular Ella and Olivia series (23 books and counting!), the Frankie Fox Girl Spy books and has written historical fiction novels including My Australian Story: Escape from Cockatoo Island. Her brand-new series, Puppy Diary, is coming out this month.

A highlight of our celebrations, to be held on Tuesday 20 August, is the always popular and fantastic fun Book Character Parade. The parade will take place in the Primary School playground from 12.30 pm – 1.00 pm (weather permitting). All parents and friends are welcome. The girls are encouraged to dress up as a book character, or anything in line with this year’s theme, Reading Is My Secret Power. The girls may come to school already dressed up, but if travelling by public transport must get changed into their costume at school.

Finally, on Friday 30 August an in-school performance by Perform Education has been organised. The show, Big Dreams, looks at different episodes in each character’s journey where they learn not to be discouraged by negative messages in order to follow their heart’s desire. Filled with humour, suspense and featuring student interaction throughout, this educational musical adventure will encourage the girls to pursue their ambitions. There will be two different versions of the show, one for Kindergarten to Year 3 and the other for Years 4 to 6.

We are all looking forward to a wonderful Book Week 2019!

Louise Cluff
Primary teacher-Librarian



Bookings to the SPAN Women in Education event close on Monday.

Don't miss your opportunity to hear from our Deputy Head of School Holly Gyton who will share her great ideas for young people thinking of entering the profession, and for those women wanting to further their careers both in schools and in education more generally. And she is engaging, charismatic and funny! 

Please join us for drinks and canapés alongside like-minded women who are currently working or studying or interested in Education.

Parents are welcome to bring their daughters along too.

Thursday 15 August
6.00pm - 8.00pm
215 Forbes Street Darlinghurst

Cost: Tickets are $20 each
Please click to secure your ticket
RSVP by 12 August




Secondary Sport

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Congratulations to Ilana Patkar, Madison Liew, Cassandra Davies, Sally Webster and Laura Davies for their performances at the Levels 5-8 State Trial competition held on Saturday 3 – Sunday 4 August at Sylvania.

Ilana Patkar (Level 5 Senior A) =5th in Rope, 10th in Ball,
10th in Ribbon and 9th overall
Madison Liew (Level 5 Senior B) =7th in Rope, 6th in Ball,
10th in Ribbon and 8th overall
Cassandra Davies (Level 6 Junior) 8th in Rope, 3rd in Ball,
6th in Clubs and 6th overall
Sally Webster (Level 7 Junior) 5th in Freehand, 4th in Rope, 5th in Hoop,
5th in Clubs and 5th overall
Laura Davies (Level 8 Junior) =5th in Freehand, =5th in Rope, 9th in Ball,
6th in Clubs and 7th overall


BTTG 190808 Sport RG4 BTGG 190808 Sport RG5 BTGG 190808 Sport RG6



Well done to Georgina Dandolo and Amelia Whelan who competed at the Australia National Fencing Championships in July.

BTGG 190808 Sport Fencing 1 BTGG 190808 Sport Fencing 2


In the U15s Amelia and Georgina won Silver in the Foil and Sabre Teams. Individually Amelia placed 7th and Georgina 15th in the foil.

The foil team also recently won the Gold Medal for the Intermediate Schools Competition. The team consisted of Ishara Verdickt, Georgia Dandolo and Amelia Whelan.

Requesting Absence from Sport
Please note that as per Ms Allum’s article in the Green Gate on June 20, all parents are required to request permission to seek leave from Saturday Sport from Ms Allum (Secondary) or Ms Cumming (Primary).

BTGG 20/6/19
“From now on, there will be a change of rules and expectations for all School co-curricular activities. If a girl puts her name down for some activity, she will be expected to fulfil all requirements of that activity - 100%! We expect girls not to sign up for something if they already have another conflicting commitment, unless some arrangement is agreed between the staff involved beforehand.
We expect that parents will request permission for any such Leave from Liz Cumming or me, in the same way that you would ask for a period of time for Leave from the ordinary school day” Ms Allum

SCEGGS Mid-term Break – August 19
A reminder that all students are still expected to play their Saturday morning sports fixtures over the SCEGGS Mid-term break. It is the school expectation that all girls will honour their commitments to their teams.

Sports Choice Forms Term 4
Sports Choices Forms for both Primary and Secondary students will be sent out this week. Please check the schedule carefully and ensure that your daughter can commit fully to the sporting activities that they are signing up for. Please contact the PDHPE Dept if you have any questions.

Alison Gowan
Director of Sport

Primary Sport

IPSHA (Primary) Artistic Gymnastics Trials
The IPSHA trials will be held on Monday 12 August, in the SCEGGS Sports Hall, during the normal afternoon session from 3:15pm – 6:00pm. Any girl who is in a competitive program in Years 3-6 is eligible to trial for selection. Please contact Sue Phillips if you have any queries.

Sports Choice Forms
Sports Choice forms have been emailed to parents this week. Please ensure the forms are completed as soon as possible. Please note if your daughter has participated in Gymnastics, Tennis, Get Ready for Games or Yoga in Term 3, you must re-enrol for Term 4.

IPSHA Saturday Sport
It is wonderful to see positive involvement and enjoyment in Touch Football and Minkey on Saturday mornings. As a courtesy to your daughters’ team and coach, please ensure she is at the venue 30mins prior to her game, in SCEGGS PE uniform, SCEGGS sports top, a water bottle and the necessary equipment for her sport.

Sue Phillips
Primary Sport Co-ordinator



Congratulations to Nicola Allen and Ishara Verdickt (Year 8) who have reached the Regional Final of the Legacy Junior Speaking Award.

Nicola chose to speak on a topic close to her heart, the Great Barrier Reef, “A paradise worth saving” and Ishara spoke about the importance of signing up to be a organ donor, “30 second lifesaver”.

The challenging impromptu topic was “Thinking on the Spot”. Good Luck for the next round girls on August 29.

Sandra Carter
Co-ordinator Public Speaking



BTGG 19 08 08 Festival on Forbes Logo

Win a vocal recording and production session at Studios 301 in the Festival on Forbes Silent Auction on Sunday 25 August. It’s just one of the amazing prizes in this year’s Silent Auction, with the full-day session valued at $1500, generously donated by Studios 301 to work with Grammy nominated, ARIA Award winning vocal engineer Simon Cohen. Simon recorded the vocals for Justin Bieber's worldwide smash hit “Love Yourself” and has worked with international artists like Jessica Mauboy, Troye Sivan, Illy and Starley.

The Fair Committee still needs donations for Silent Auction prizes and there’s only three weeks to go! Popular prizes for the Silent Auction include hampers, work experience opportunities, holiday home stays, concert tickets, art, gift certificates, beauty products, fashion and homewares.

This year we are lucky to have three roving photographers kindly provided by Michaela Lawrence from Photoflyer For just $2 you can have your photo taken in front of one of our photo backdrops and receive a Festival on Forbes framed momento.

The Year 9 Gourmet Pantry Stall invites anyone in the school community to donate jams, chutneys or other gourmet treats – please contact Susan Bray on 0421 950 806 or email

The Vintage Clothing and Book Stalls are calling for donations NOW so please take the opportunity to clear out your bookshelves and wardrobes! While you are it, got any old bras you don’t need? The Green Team are now collecting unwanted new and used bras for homeless women to donate to the Wayside Chapel. Look for the clearly marked basket outside the Maintenance Office (beside the stairs leading up to the chapel opposite the honours board).

We also need your unwanted coffee mugs for our cafes at the fair, (please make sure they are 11cm or less in height).

We look forward to seeing you all at the Green Festival on Forbes on Sunday 25 August!

Penny Gerstle & Emma Holmes
Convenors, Green Festival on Forbes

NOT SO FUN FACT: Clothing is the fastest growing household waste and the largest producers of greenhouse gasses on Earth.





In support of the 2019 Festival on Forbes, the SCEGGS Trust traditionally run the School Fees Raffle to raise money for the School. This year, all funds raised will go towards the Shining Light Program in support of the transformation of Wilkinson House.

To purchase tickets please go to:

First Prize: 50% discount on your daughter’s school fees in 2020

Runner Up Prizes: 4 x $250 vouchers to the SCEGGS School Shop

Ticket Prices: $100 for one ticket
  $175 for two tickets
  $400 for five tickets

The raffle will be drawn at 2.30pm on Sunday 25 August 2019. Winners will be notified and names will be published in the SMH.

Conditions of Entry:
• 50% off one year’s school fees for one girl attending SCEGGS Darlinghurst in 2020
• Prizes must be taken in 2020
• No cash alternative to be taken
• Prizes may be transferred at the Head’s discretion
• The girl may be entering any academic year in either the Primary or the Secondary School in 2020



Festival on Forbes – Sunday 25 August, Week 5
Not long till the Festival on Forbes on Sunday 25 August. To provide some musical entertainment, the following ensembles will be performing at various times throughout the day:

  • Bands – Beginners, Basie, Bugles, Clarion and Holst
  • Strings – Amati, Chamber Strings, String Power, Stringalong and Sinfonietta
  • Rock Bands
  • Percussion
  • Contemporary Vocal Ensemble (CVE)

The times and location for each ensemble’s performances will be shared with students and families over the next week. We look forward to seeing you there!

Music Tuition and Lesson Interruptions
The Peripatetic tutors who come to teach at SCEGGS take great care with their allocation of times for their students. Tutors abide by the school’s rule that music lessons cannot take place during the following times:
• During Chapel or Assembly times, or during Year Meetings (Secondary only).
• Music Lessons must NOT take place during timetabled Religious Education lessons (Yr 7-10) or PE lessons (K-10).

The decision by families to have individual music tuition in school time does mean that students will miss a part of their lesson. Tutors who come to the school have limited time and their rotation of lesson times is dependent on the size of their teaching studio.

The school has 80-minute lessons to facilitate for the missed time. Music tuition are 30 minutes in length and allows students to attend the remaining portion of their class lesson to catch up with work missed.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind families that tutors require at least 24 hours with regards to a change of lesson time.

With these points in mind, it is hoped that the working relationship between tutors and students can result in a successful musical outcome.

Upcoming performances in Term 3:
Festival on Forbes – Sunday 25 August Week 5
As mentioned earlier in this article!

Primary Brass Concert – Friday 30 August, Primary Music Room 1.10 – 1.40pm
The concert will feature the Primary Brass students from the studios of Ms Louise Horwood, Ms Alex Silver and Ms Cindy Sims.

ASBOF (Australian School Band and Orchestra Festival) – Amati Strings, Chamber Strings and Sinfonietta
Date – Sunday 8 September 2019
Venue – University of NSW, Clancy Auditorium, 9 High St, Kensington
A link to the website so that parents can read a bit more about the Festival: 

Pauline Chow
Head of Music



HSC Drama Showcase
HSC Drama students will present a showcase of their practical works on Friday 23 August at 6pm in The Playhouse. The school community is warmly invited to attend to support the girls in their final display of Individual Project and Group Devised Performances prior to their assessment by NESA markers.
We wish the girls every success for the next few weeks as they complete Trial Assessments and the NESA practical exams.

Saving SCEGGS commenced rehearsals this week with an enthusiastic dance/movement class. Dance Tutor, Amy Petsalis, lead the girls in an enthusiastic rendition of the Can-Can – a featured highlight of the play. How is it used? You’ll have to come and see.

The cast will complete the Dance classes over the next three weeks to support their movement skills, encourage company bonding and ensure much fun is had.
Saving SCEGGS by Linden Wilkinson plays in The Great Hall, November 21 to 23.

Drama Aug8

Festival Of Speech
The NHIS Festival of Speech will be conducted on Saturday 26 October at Meridan College. We have assembled a team for the Drama category who will construct a piece of theatre in response to the theme LOOK ME IN THE EYE. Our team consists of Year 10 students Mia Freeland, Hannah Mavrakis, Stella Middleditch, Isabella Habib and Samantha Jones.

I urge enthusiastic playgoers aged 15 to 20 to consider joining Playwave. This is a great way to see theatre presented in Sydney at affordable ticket prices. The program offers discount tickets to members and an opportunity to review theatre. Check it out.

St Peter’s Players
The new look St Peter’s Players is off and running with favourable reviews from the students participating. Year 5 girls have had much fun in their first experience with the program whilst secondary girls continue their enthusiastic work in Lights, Camera, Action and explore Acting techniques in Drama Bootcamp – led by our tutors Ms Romy Bartz and Mr Nick Gell.

“The theatre is a beautiful lie”
 - Matt Cameron (Playwright)

Peter Eyers
Head of Drama




 P & F Events

SCEGGS Darlinghurst Year 10 Father/Daughter Camp

When:  Friday 13-Sunday 15 September 2019

Where: Glenworth Valley Camping 
69 Cooks Road, Glenworth Valley

Cost: Father/Daughter $194     
Daughter only supplement $85


Contact: Dougal Kennedy at:

Go to the Parent Portal for contact information



Penny Gerstle
President of the P&F Association