Commitment to Co-curricular Activities at SCEGGS

We have been having some discussions about co-curricular activities at SCEGGS, and how better to help girls understand the importance of commitment, reliability, teamwork and dependability in activities at School, and in life generally. We have become increasingly concerned about students who feel that they can sign up to activities, but turn up to two-thirds of trainings, rehearsals and practices (and indeed sometimes only to the actual game, performance or concert).

Why is commitment important? We all want SCEGGS girls to be accomplished, confident, competent, compassionate and ready to make a difference in the world – women of strength and character! We want them to be responsible, dependable, reliable, collaborative, good team players and people who can be counted on by those around them. Even when it means going out of your way or putting the needs of your team first, we think people of strength and character are people who follow through on the commitments they have made.

In the co-curricular program, we want girls to understand that, when they sign up to a group activity or a team, it is no longer just about them as an individual! They are making a commitment to fulfil their obligation to their teammates, to the staff running the activity and to the School. We want them to understand that it is important to follow-through because others are counting on them. We want them to understand that there are obligations which flow from agreeing to participate in something because “their word” actually means something and that a sense of commitment and obligation is important. And it is important to have grit and determination to push through when something gets difficult or you are tired or distracted.

We also think it is really important for the girls to learn that you can’t do absolutely everything in life – sometimes you will have to choose between two things you’d really love to do. And this means that sometimes, you will miss out too. We all have to help kids learn to make these sorts of tricky choices – and then be OK about missing out on other things. We also have to help them learn that how you do things matters - it is better to do a few things well, than a whole lot of things badly, half-heartedly or superficially.

From now on, there will be a change of rules and expectations for all School co-curricular activities. If a girl puts her name down for some activity, she will be expected to fulfil all requirements of that activity - 100%! We expect girls not to sign up for something if they already have another conflicting commitment, unless some arrangement is agreed between the staff involved beforehand.

We will be doing our “bit” too! We are working towards a better method of scheduling activities, particularly in the Secondary School, to try to avoid some clashes. Now there is so much on at SCEGGS that we won’t be able to do this entirely. Students will regularly have to choose between two or more activities (often times when they really want to do them all!). But we will be looking for ways to reduce clashes. We are also looking at some ways that might co-ordinate and centralise student choice and the method of enrolling in all the co-curricular activities at SCEGGS, so that students can see which activities are offered at the same time and understand the choices that they are making when they sign up to something. I’ll keep you informed about this initiative.

Now, we do understand that sometimes something completely unavoidable comes up – a funeral of a close relative, or an urgent medical appointment, for example. We expect that parents will request permission for any such Leave from Liz Cumming or me, in the same way that you would ask for a period of time for Leave from the ordinary school day. There will be a range of consequences for girls who don’t fulfil their obligations unless arrangements have been negotiated beforehand. I do want to make it clear that we will not give permission for girls to miss a prior commitment for a friend’s birthday party, or to celebrate a friend’s Bat Mitzvah or to go “trick-or-treating” for Halloween.

In our co-curricular program, commitment matters. And in life and work, we know just how important it is for our girls to learn how to be a reliable, dependable member of a group or team. We do expect parents to support us in this regard and ensure that their daughters understand the importance of their commitment to any team or group or activity they sign-up for, to give it 100% and to be a person of character who can be counted on by their teammates.

Jenny Allum
Head of School



Secondary Sports 

BTGG 190620 Atheltics Carnival 1

BTGG 190620 Atheltics Carnival 4

BTGG 190620 Atheltics Carnival 2

BTGG 190620 Atheltics Carnival 3


The SCEGGS sport spirit was in full swing yesterday at our Inter-House Secondary Athletics Carnival. Well done to all the girls who participated in events and proudly cheered their House. Results will be published in next week’s issue of Behind the Green Gate.

Primary Sport

Congratulations to Nancy Newton and Anjola Petrie for their very impressive efforts at the CIS Cross-country Carnival on Thursday 13 June at Eastern Creek Raceway. Nancy finished 18th in the 11 Years age group and Anjola finished 12th in the 10 Years age group. Thank you very much to Lisa Thompson and Jacob Flanagan for their help over the season training the girls. A huge effort for the girls as they both broke their respective 800m records at our Primary Carnival the day before.

BTGG 190620 Primary Sport Anjola and Nancy CIS Cross Country 002

IPSHA Touch trials Year 3 Minkey trials
Trials for Term 3 sport will be held at Moore Park, Cnr Robertson Road, on Tuesday 25 June. The girls will take the bus from SCEGGS to Moore Park at 3.15pm and can be picked up at the field at 4.50pm or return to school on the bus, arriving at the SCEGGS Sports Hall at approximately 5.20pm. Please ensure your daughter is wearing her SCEGGS Sports uniform and has a large water bottle.

Year 3
Girls will not be able to participate if they do not have a mouth guard and shin pads. Mouth guards can be purchased at the chemist and moulded at home. Hockey sticks can be purchased at large sports stores. The top of the stick should be in line with the waist when the stick is resting vertically on the ground.

Sue Phillips
Primary PDHPE and Sport Co-ordinator



Intermediate Inter-House Speaking Challenge Results 2019


Place                House                   
1st Christian
2nd Barton
3rd Docker
4th Badham
5th Beck
6th  Langley


Individual Results

1st  Lucy Juneja                      Christian
2nd                      Mia Freeland Barton
3rd  Clementine Hooper Christian
4th  Kate Brenner  Docker

Congratulations to the girls who took part in the challenge. You engaged us with some very individual interpretations of the topics.

Sandra Carter
Co-ordinator Public Speaking




P&F K-6 Country and Western Discos
This year’s P& F Primary School Discos are to be held on Friday August 2 in the SCEGGS Great Hall, Kindergarten – Year 3 from 3.45 pm – 5.00 pm, and Years 4 – 6 from 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm.

The theme this year is Country and Western. Notes, which contain all details, will go home with the girls this week. RSVPs are due back to the Primary Office by the end of Week 1 of next term.

This is always a great event, thoroughly enjoyed by the girls. Thank you to the parents, particularly Claudine Cooney, for organising this again for the girls.

Elizabeth Cumming
Head of Primary School



Kids Giving Back is a volunteer organisation that provides hands on, age appropriate meaningful volunteering opportunities for young people, their families, schools and community groups. Below is an activity that they support and need some help with running.

10 x teen volunteers 16+ to assist with the Mid Winter Ball - a social event for Seniors

When: Sunday, July 7, 2019 (first weekend of school holidays)
Time: 12.30pm - 5.00pm
Where: Bondi Junction
Your Tasks: Helping decorate the hall, serving tea and coffee, and dancing with the seniors!
To Apply: Contact Sabina:

The Mid Winter Ball is co-facilitated by the Centre on Ageing and JewishCare NSW. Kids Giving Back volunteers have been assisting with this event for many years, and it’s a favourite!

Rev. Garry Lee-Lindsay
School Chaplain



Drama Tour: New York & Chicago - BOOKING EXTENDED
The Drama Department will be running a tour to the U.S.A. in April 2020.

The tour is for girls in Years 10, 11 or 12 in 2020. You do not need to be a Drama student.

Date for deposits and Booking forms has now been extended until today. Extension is not possible after this date. Please contact me for a Booking Form.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
All the Golden tickets have been secured!

We’re off to meet Willy Wonka and the delights of the Chocolate Factory this Sunday June 23. The performances commences at 6.00pm.

Participating students will be reminded of arrival and departure procedures during this school week.

A Chorus Line
What an exhilarating season of performances we were witness to during last week’s run of A CHORUS LINE. Audiences were amazed, moved and delighted with the talent expressed by our students on stage and behind the scenes.

Production week is a very taxing experience as the show moves into the theatre and all of the elements come together. We were very proud of the professionalism and skill demonstrated by the company.

The School Musical is an experience like no other and equips the participants with valuable skills and cherished memories. Not only performance and technical skills but the skills to collaborate, problem-solve, broaden a world view and work to deadlines.

An enormous thank you to the Creative Team who supported the students in this journey – Aaron Farley (Director), Nigel Ubrihien (Musical Director), Anna Gardiner (Designer) and Eddi Goodfellow (Lighting and Technical Design).

  A Chorus Line 1  
  A Chorus Line 2  
                                     A Chorus Line 5  
  A Chorus Line 3  
  A Chorus Line 4  
  A Chorus Line 6  


“When you stand on the stage you must have a sense that you are addressing the whole world, and that what you say is so important the whole world must listen”
- Stella Adler (Acting Coach)

Peter Eyers
Head of Drama



Congratulations to Dakota Kedzier-Hurst (Year 9) who performed the introduction and recessional items for assembly. Dakota played excerpts from Mozart’s Piano Sonata in A minor.

Primary Percussion Ensemble Lunchtime Performance
Congratulations to members of the Primary Percussion Ensemble who had their lunch time concert last Thursday 13 June in the Primary Music Room. The students had a wonderful time! Thank you to Mrs Bronwyn Cleworth for her preparation and direction of the ensemble.

Amati Strings – RPA Arterie performance
Well done to the members of the Amati Strings ensemble who performed a short lunch time concert at the RPA as part of the Arterie program. Arterie is an Arts and Health program that was founded in 2013 and is currently delivered to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital - Arterie @ RPA - and Chris O'Brien Lifehouse - Arterie @ Lifehouse - both under the umbrella of the Local Sydney Health District (LSHD). This performance was a wonderful opportunity for the students to share their music with the wider community. Thank you to Mrs Anne Sweeney, Director of Strings, for her preparation and direction of the performance, and to Mr Peter Jewitt for his assistance on the day.

No rehearsals in Week 9 – House Music
Due to the final preparations for House Music, all music ensemble rehearsals have been cancelled in Week 9, except for Choir and Madrigal Ensemble which will be held as usual.

Upcoming Performances:

Thursday 20 June
SOH 6:30 – 8:20pm


SSO MTM Concert – Years 11 and 12 Music 1

Friday 21 June
Great Hall 3:30 – 4:15pm


Primary Piano Concert

Monday 24 to
Wednesday 26 June
Primary Music Room 3:30 – 4:15pm 

String Studio Concerts


Pauline Chow
Head of Music



Congratulations to the Year 7A, 7B, 8A, 9, 10 and Senior Archdale teams for winning their fifth round of Archdale debates this Tuesday. This was the last round of for this term, and the fifth round of seven. At this point the 7A and Senior teams are undefeated, and the Year 8A, 8B, 9, and 10 teams have won over half the debates of the whole season already.

Congratulations also to the Primary B and Year 7 teams who won their ISDA Semi Finals unanimously last Friday. This Friday they will be competing in the Grand Final at Monte Sant’ Angelo – best of luck to both teams!

Primary IPSHA Debating is also taking place at Kambala this Friday, on the topic "That we should ban violent video games." The final rounds of Inter-House Debating are also taking place this Friday after school.

Imogen Harper
Debating Co-ordinator



Refugee Week Food Drive for the House of Welcome

BTGG 20190613 Refugee Week Logo

This week is UN Refugee Week. Jae Ann Maher, a case worker from the House of Welcome in South Granville, addressed the students at Assembly on Monday outlining the need for food and toiletries to assist newly arrived refuges who presently have little or no income.

The House of Welcome’s vision is for a society in which there is full recognition of the dignity, equality, human rights and humanity of all people living in the community no matter their age, gender, sexuality, nationality or religious affiliation, and no matter how they came to be in Australia.

They campaign with other asylum seeker organisations across Australia for the right to work for all asylum seekers, for an end to mandatory detention and for a nation of welcome and justice for all.

Year 8 will be running the food and toiletry drive in the last weeks of school. Students will hear more about the details of this during Form Time, Year Meetings and Chapel Services. We thank you in advance for your generous and kind support of this initiative.

Year 8 &
Marg Nilon Social Justice Co-ordinator



Colours for Cambodia

BTGG 190620 Colours for Cambodia

Location: Cooper Park
Date/Time: July 28 10.30am to 12.00pm

This is a charity initiative of the Cambodian House Building Team 2019. The aim is to raise funds for local needs within the villages where the SCEGGS team will be working. We are accepting donations to come and join in a 3.5km walk or run around a circuit with five colour dye stations.

There will be a cake stall and coffee van at the start/finish line.

The Cambodian House Building Team 2019 would really appreciate your support and involvement in this great cause. It is fun for all the family, so we hope to see you all there.





Photo day 1B, which was washed out on 6 June, has been rescheduled to Monday 29 July, when all Primary and most of the remaining group photos will be taken. Please note that the Daughters, Granddaughters and Great-Granddaughters photo will be taken not on this day but on Wednesday 28 August.

Further details will follow shortly.

Contact Director of Administration Sarah Walters with any questions.



During Term 1 the Year 10 Information and Software Technology class has been working on the unit Digital Media. As part of this unit the students have created their own cartoon animations and special effects videos using the industry standard products of Adobe Animate and After Effects.

The students have learnt a variety of techniques including key-framing, the use of chroma key, layering and applying special effects. They also experimented with Character Animator to produce animated puppets as well as using the 3D printer to create and print props for their films. Students then had approximately two weeks to design and create each animation and video. The animations were to be between 10 to 20 seconds in length, whereas the special effects could be up to one minute long. Each clip was to incorporate the motif of “Light”. The students interpreted this quite differently with some including candles, light switches, moonlight, firelight, light-portals, explosions of light, and even “light as a feather.”

Over the last few weeks they have worked together to promote their Film Festival, designing promotional posters, building a website to display their work and creating a loop for the TAS TV in the Joan Freeman foyer. The website allows you to vote for the “People’s Choice Award” so we encourage you to go to annual digital film festival to view their work and to vote for your favourite cartoon or movie. Voting will close on Friday 28 June.

     Sarah greengate              GreenGate Alys


Anne Rumpler
Computing Teacher


Lost Property
All secondary students with identifiable items in Lost Property are encouraged to collect them before the end of term. We also have water bottles, lunch boxes and sundry un-named items waiting to be claimed.

As the community of SCEGGS is aware, the School Uniform Shop has never supplied a SCEGGS issue shopping bag for purchases. When shopping in the future, in the interests of re-using and re-cycling we encourage customers to bring with them their own shopping bags if required.

The School Shop will close Friday 28 June and reopen Tuesday 23 July.

Have an enjoyable term break.

Clare Reid
School Shop Manager



In support of the 2019 Festival on Forbes, the SCEGGS Trust traditionally run the School Fees Raffle to raise money for the school. This year, all funds raised will go towards the Shining Light Program in support of the transformation of Wilkinson House.

To purchase tickets please go to:

First Prize: 50% of your daughter’s school fees in 2020

Runner Up Prizes: 4 x $250 voucher to the SCEGGS School Shop


Ticket Price: $100 for one ticket
  $175 for two tickets
  $400 for five tickets

The raffle will be drawn at 2.30pm on Sunday 25 August 2019. Winners will be notified and names published in the SMH.

Conditions of Entry:

   *50% Of one year’s school fees for one girl attending SCEGGS Darlinghurst in 2020
  Prizes must be taken in 2020
   *No cash alternative to be taken
  * Prizes may be transferred at the Head’s discretion
   *The girl may be entering any academic year in either the Primary or the Secondary
  School in 2020



Thank you very much to Jan Owen AM who presented a thought provoking and reassuring discussion on the future of work for young Australians, at the P&F term talk last week. A number of parents have asked for further links to the Foundation for Young Australians’ work so please visit their website at Our next P&F Term meeting and talk will be on 5 November in the Lecture Theatre, from 7.00pm.

My term as President of the P&F will conclude at the P&F’s next AGM in March 2020. The P&F is seeking candidates interested in taking on the President’s role. It is a two year commitment and I would be delighted to talk to any parent from SCEGGS who would like to find out more about the role. Please contact me on 0408 291196 or by email


Penny Gerstle
President P&F Association

P & F Events
 Go to the Parent Portal for contact information