Tonight, SBS will release The Hunting, a new four-part series which explores the impact of a nude teen photo scandal. As stated on the SBS website, “Tackling themes of misogyny, privacy, sexuality and sexualisation, online exploitation, toxic masculinity and gender, the series uses this singular event as a way of exploring some of the most pressing issues of our time.”

Whilst you may not yet have given your daughter a mobile phone or let her access a computer in an unsupervised environment, we thought it was a timely reminder that discussions around appropriate use of technology, healthy relationships and consent should begin from a young age, both at home and at school.

We know that the series will be uncomfortable viewing for some. You may choose to watch this with your daughter, but this might be something which you choose not to do due to the sexually explicit content. However, regardless of whether you decide to watch it as a family or not, it is important to take care how you respond to the issues the show raises, as judgement or interrogation will quickly shut down any opportunity to have a discussion in an open and healthy way.

And we hope that you do have conversations with your daughter about the different topics raised (of course in an age appropriate manner). Should your daughter watch The Hunting, please also observe her response and take seriously any behaviours you notice, as the series may leave her worried about an incident in her past, a current relationship, or a friend’s behaviour. No matter what, remaining calm and listening without judgement will show your daughter that she can talk to you about the difficult things which she experiences, now and in the future.

If you watch the show, you might have more questions, concerns or simply want to understand why young people might choose to engage in ‘sexting’ and other risky online behaviours. The SBS website offers a viewing guide to parents, as well as some interesting interviews and articles related to the series which will help you to reflect on the content. You will also find the following websites will give you some more information:

• Office of the eSafety Commissioner
• Think U Know
• Reach Out Parents
• Youth Law Australia

You might also like to access the SchoolTV edition on "Sexting" which can be found here

There is no doubt that technology has changed the way that relationships are conducted, but it doesn’t have to impact how we teach young people about trust, communication, consent or any other aspect of a healthy and loving relationship.

Bethany Lord
Director of Pastoral Care


10 Things We Can Do Right Now To Be A Better Indigenous Ally

On Thursday July 18, more than half a million people stopped to watch the film The Final Quarter (available to watch on 10 play,) which documents the final three years of Adam Goodes’ playing career. Hosted on Channel 10 by Waleed Aly, he invited the viewer to reflect where, as a nation we go from here; “the question now really is whether it can become a productive national conversation. And the answer to that question rests with each of us.”

In the wake of the film’s release I read the voice of many prominent Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers to try and deepen my understanding of the “conversation” that needs to happen. This reading strengthened my already held position that it is not up to Indigenous people alone to continue to carry the weight of our nation’s last 250 years – it is vital that non-Indigenous people listen and act on what Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been saying for so many years in so many ways. In her article How to be a Good Indigenous Ally Summer May Finlay, a Yorta Yorta woman, academic and writer, urges all non-Indigenous people to be a useful ally to Aboriginal people: “We need good allies. We are only three per cent of the Australian population. We can’t raise the profile of issues affecting us without our allies.”

But what does a good ally look like? What can we do in our roles as teachers, friends, daughters, parents, mentors and community members to be a better ally to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?

Inspired by Summer May Finlay’s article as well as a recent article by Shannan Dodson 8 Things you Can Do Right Now to be a Better Indigenous Ally, I’ve created a list for the SCEGGS Community, outlining some actions we can take to stand with and be an ally to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

1. Read the Uluru Statement from the Heart
Read the statement aloud at a meeting, or show this short video by Blackfella Films to better understand its history and meaning. Talk about it to your friends, parents, children and students.

2. Say something when you hear inappropriate speech about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Summer May Finlay says;
“If you hear someone say something racist, reinforcing stereotypes or being dismissive about Aboriginal people and culture — say something. Not saying something means condoning their attitudes, making you as bad as them.”

3. Request a cultural tour in our local area as part of your professional learning
Then make the effort to remember at least one interesting fact to share with your friends, family and students. As an example, on a recent tour of Centennial Park, I was taken to a special site and told that the fresh groundwater made it a safe and clean place for Gadigal women to give birth. I later shared this fact in an Acknowledgment of Country.

4. Regularly Acknowledge Country
Traditionally, Acknowledgement of Country protocols have been used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as part of a process of ensuring safe passage while on Country. It is an honour for non-Indigenous people to continue this ritual and is a clear and obvious way to show respect and reconciliation.

5. Listen to Indigenous voices
Watch, read and learn from the Koori Mail, IndigenousX and NITV to better understand and represent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives.

6. Support Indigenous business and local Indigenous creators
Economic participation is a significant indicator of self-determination and engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-owned businesses is a simple way to be a better ally. From graphic designers to small and large catering businesses, Supply Nation is Australia’s database of verified Indigenous businesses.

7. Attend Indigenous events in our community
Search out at least two Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander events in our community and invite your friends and family to them. Some ideas are Bangarra, Blak Markets, Aboriginal Arts Market at Carriage Works, Stan Grant and Adam Goodes in conversation at the Art Gallery of NSW.

8. Volunteer or donate to local Indigenous organisations or causes
Mudgin-Gal (which means “Women’s Place) is an organisation I connect with and support. Located in Redfern, it offers support for women, girls and their young families through drop in, in-home family support, legal, medical and accommodation referral and educational and vocational support programs. Other organisations include The Tribal Warrior Association, Redfern Foundation and WEAVE Community Centre.

9. Share the voice/perspective of Indigenous people with solidarity and respect rather than with a saviour mentality
This point speaks for itself.

10. When teaching about Aboriginal perspectives, wherever possible teach with an Aboriginal person
In Kindergarten I feel honoured to teach about the Stolen Generations with Renee Cawthorne, a Wiradjuri woman and educator. We write the lesson together, teach it together and reflect on it together.

There are many more actions we can take as individuals to be more effective Indigenous allies, but these few points are a start. If you can add to this list, don’t hesitate to let me know. Let’s work together.

The SCEGGS Reconciliation Action Plan is committed to listening to and teaching Indigenous perspectives, celebrating Indigenous culture and developing relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. I look forward to sharing its vision with the SCEGGS Community in future articles.

Sarah Kearney teaches Kindergarten at SCEGGS. She leads the SCEGGS Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which aims to make Aboriginal histories, perspectives and culture more visible across the School.



Primary Sport

Years 4-6 IPSHA Touch Football
The Touch season started well on Saturday. Many thanks to parents for rearranging schedules at the last minute to have your daughter arrive on time for their games. A reminder to check that your daughter has a named water bottle at training and Saturday games please. The uniform for touch football is the SCEGGS PE Uniform.

Year 3 Minkey
Minkey training started on Saturday at SCEGGS. Training will go ahead again on Saturday 3 August at SCEGGS. Parents will receive a draw at the beginning of week 3 and Saturday games will commence on 10 August at Kambala.

Artistic Gymnastics IPSHA Trials
Trials for the Year 3-6 IPSHA Gymnastics competition will be held on Monday 12 August at SCEGGS from 3.15pm-5.00pm. Any girl training at a venue other than SCEGGS is eligible to participate in the trials. The IPSHA competition is in Term 4, Week 3 on 31 October.


Sue Phillips
Primary PDHPE and Sport Co-ordinator


Secondary Sport

NSW All Schools Cross Country
SCEGGS had three girls represent NSWCIS at the NSW All Schools Cross Country Championships last week.

The results were:
15 Years: Gabriella Ibrahim – 14th
18 Years: Jacqueline Lee – 9th
18 Years: Phoebe Cridland – 11th

A big congratulations goes to Gretel Payne who recently travelled to Portugal and competed in the 2019 420 Class World Championships in Vilamoura. This was her first ever World Championship that she has competed in.

There were over 200 boats at the event. Gretel placed 68th in the Women’s fleet and was the 2nd Australian female.

Gretel and her skipper are pleased with the result and have begun training again for the National Championships in January in Melbourne. We wish them well with their preparations.

Congratulations to the 35 girls who represented SCEGGS at the Sydney Regional Snowsports Competition at Thredbo over the holidays. All girls produced strong results and certainly brought the SCEGGS spirit to the slopes.

Highlights from Sydney Regionals
Div 1 Alpine: Team placed second (Silver Medal)
Eliza-Grace Gannon (Bronze Medal 3rd), Georgia Skidmore (5th), Claudia Woods, Isabelle Senes

Div 1 Skier Cross: Team placed second (Silver Medal)
Eliza-Grace Gannon (4th), Claudia Woods (5th), Georgia Skidmore (6th)

Div 1 Moguls: Team placed second (Silver Medal)
Isabelle Senes (Bronze Medal 3rd), Phoebe Cridland (5th), Claudia Holmes (8th)

Sport Secondary Division 1


Div 2 Alpine: Team placed 8th
Lily Punch (Gold medal 1st), Jessica Vernon, Xanthe Kibble

Div 2 Skier Cross: Team placed 6th
Lily Punch (Gold Medal 1st), Claudia Holmes, Jessica Vernon

Div 2 Snowboard GS – Xanthe Kibble (10th)

Div 2 Boarder Cross – Xanthe Kibble (12th)

Div 3 Alpine: Team placed 5th
Scarlett Phillips (5th), Sophia Isiais-White, Madeleine Tudehope, Julia Richards

Div 3 Skier Cross: Team placed 6th
Scarlett Phillips (5th), Sophia Isiais-White, Madeleine Tudehope

Div 3 Moguls: Scarlett Phillips (8th)

Div 4 Alpine: Team placed 6th
Abigail Grace (14th), Claudia Parker, Elizabeth Shin, Zoe Andrea

Div 4 Skier Cross – Abigail Grace (11th)

Div 4 Mogus: Abigail Grace placed (14th)

Sport Secondary Snow Div 4

Div 5 Alpine: Team placed 8th
Zara Grace (8th), Lucinda Morgan, Amelia Wilcsek, Sara Girgis

Div 5 Skier Cross: Team placed 10th
Zara Grace, Lucinda Morgan, Amelia Wilcsek

Div 5 Moguls: Team placed 8th
Zara Grace 15th, Amy Resnik

Sport Secondary Snow Sports 2

Div 6 Alpine: Olivia Liu (12th), Jessica Grace (15th)

Div 6 Skier Cross – Team placed 3rd
Olivia Liu (5th), Jessica Grace (10th)

Sport Jess and Olivia


Team for Northern States Interschools 2019
The following competitors have qualified for the Northern States Interschools Competition to be held at Perisher in a fortnight:

Div 6 Alpine & Skier Cross - Jessica Grace, Olivia Liu
Div 5 Alpine & Moguls - Zara Grace
Div 4 Alpine, Skier Cross & Moguls - Abigail Grace
Div 3 Alpine & Moguls - Scarlett Phillips
Div 3 Alpine – Scarlett Phillips, Sophia Isiais-White, Julia Richards, Madeleine Tudehope
Div 2 Alpine & Skier Cross - Lily Punch
Div 2 Snowboard GS & Boarder Cross – Xanthe Kibble
Div 1 Alpine - Eliza-Grace Gannon, Georgia Skidmore, Claudia Woods, Isabelle Senes
Div 1 Skier Cross - Eliza-Grace Gannon, Claudia Woods, Georgia Skidmore, Isabelle Senes
Div 1 Moguls - Isabelle Senes, Phoebe Cridland & Claudia Holmes
Div 1 Cross Country - Phoebe Cridland
Div 3 Cross Country - Tilda Meggitt, Scarlet Phillips and Sophia Isiais-White

Sport Secondary Snow Sports 1

Sport Secondary Snow Sports 3

Sport Secondary Lily Punch

Congratulations also goes to the Lily Punch who has been named in the 2019 NSW Children’s ski team. 

Alison Gowan
Director of Sport



During Term III there will be several orientation days for students and their parents. As subject selection is very important, parents are encouraged to attend these meetings with their daughters. For each Year group, there will be a Subject Information Booklet distributed digitally (except the current Year 9 girls where last year’s booklet covers both years). These information booklets are distributed beforehand and expand on the NSW Education Standard Authority (NESA) requirements and the details about the subjects offered. These will be available closer to the relevant orientation dates. Several teachers and Heads of Department will also be available for consultation at these orientations.

Year 7, 2020 (Current Year 6 girls)
Orientation Morning
Friday, 16 August – SCEGGS Great Hall, 9.00am-11.30am

Year 8, 2020 (Current Year 7 girls)
Elective Subject Selection
Thursday, 15 August – Lecture Theatre, 2.30pm-3.30pm

Year 9, 2020 (Current Year 8 girls)
Record of School Achievement and Elective Subject Choices
Wednesday, 14 August – Lecture Theatre, 2.30pm-3.30pm

Year 10, 2020 (Current Year 9 girls)
Record of School Achievement and Elective Subject Choices
Tuesday, 13 August – Lecture Theatre, 8.30am-8.50am in Form time (girls only)

Year 11, 2020 (Current Year 10 girls)
The Higher School Certificate
Tuesday, 13 August – Lecture Theatre, 1.30pm-3.30pm

Please note: ALL subject selections for 2020 must be submitted by Friday 30 August. After this date, elective lines for each Year group will be determined by the girls’ preferences, thus placing restrictions on student choices and changes to original preferences. I encourage all girls to think very carefully about their subject choices for next year and ensure that their form is in before the due date. Please do not hesitate to contact your daughter’s subject teachers or me if you have any questions about subject selections for next year.

Andrew Gallagher
Director of Curriculum




Only 4 weeks to the 2019 Green Festival on Forbes!

There’s only 4 weeks to go until the Fabulous Green Festival on Forbes! As always, we need help from the whole SCEGGS community to create a wonderful fun-filled event that the whole family will enjoy and raise funds for the new Wilkinson House building project.

Everyone is encouraged to donate all their unwanted books and vintage clothing for the stalls. Please drop them in at the General Office. The Book Stall needs books in good condition. We also need sturdy boxes to transport the books, so please bring your book donations in a box or strong bag if you have one handy. Please ensure your good quality donated clothing, shoes and accessories for the Vintage Clothing & Handbag Stall are clean and ready for immediate sale.

The Fair Committee also needs donations of bottles of wine and prizes for all ages valued from $10 for the Coin Toss and Chocolate Wheel. We also need a range of prizes for the Silent Auction, such as hampers, work experience opportunities, holiday home stays, concert tickets, art, gift certificates, beauty products, fashion and homewares etc.

Don’t forget to volunteer an hour of your time on the day to help out on your stall - contact your Class Parents and ask how you can help. We also need lots of strong and energetic volunteers to help pack up after the fair from 3pm to 4pm (or a bit longer). The School's Maintenance team work very hard in the weeks leading up to the Festival, but they only have a few hours on Sunday afternoon to have classrooms ready for school on Monday. We would love 20 volunteers to please give them a hand.

Student Craft Stalls
This year for the first time, students will have the opportunity to sell arts and crafts they have made and anyone from Year 5 and above can participate. All sales from this stall will contribute to total funds raised from the Fair. Student arts and crafts can be delivered to either the Primary or Secondary Office by Friday 16 August. For more information please contact Shahnaz Irani

We look forward to seeing you all at the Green Festival on Forbes on Sunday 25 August.

Penny Gerstle & Emma Holmes
Convenors, Green Festival on Forbes



Genetic diseases or birth defects affect one in 20 kids. They are the leading causes of death in kids under 4 and the main cause of ongoing hospitalisation.

This Friday Year 11 are hosting Jeans for Genes Day at SCEGGS to raise money for the Children’s Medical Research Institute. The money we raise will help to facilitate the ground-breaking research that will reduce these statistics and help thousands and thousands of kids.

So, when you’re carefully curating your outfits, please remember that you are supporting a fundraiser, and your outfit isn’t complete without a gold coin donation!

Year 11 will be at each and every Form class K-12 ticking off names, so scour your car, couch, (sister’s piggy bank...) to make your contribution.

We are all super excited to see everyone get involved and help support this fantastic cause.

Can’t wait to see you all dazzling in denim!

Lauren Miller and Phoebe Masnick
Year 11



Annual NSW School Band Competition
Congratulations to members of the Holst Concert Band who performed in the Annual NSW School Band Festival on Sunday 28 July at the Conservatorium of Music. The students performed in the Graham Lloyd Concert Band Event and were awarded a Gold award! The band performed “Horkstow Grange” by Percy Grainger and “Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff. Thank you to Mr Peter Jewitt for his organisation of the band and to Mr Mark Brown who prepared and directed the performance. Well done Holst Band!

BTGG 190801 Music Holst band

Holst Band Assembly
On the back of their Gold performance, Holst Band shared their performance with the School community at Monday’s Assembly. Thank you to members of the Holst Band and to Mr Mark Brown for his direction of the performance.

City of Sydney Eisteddfod
Congratulations to Madison Au (Yr 9) who was awarded second place in the 15 & Under Woodwind Instrument Solo event. Well done to Madison on this wonderful achievement!

HSC Music 1 and 2/Extension Performance Evening
Well done to the HSC Music 1 and Music 2/Extension students who shared part of the Performance program last Thursday evening in the Great Hall. The performance evening formed an important part of the students’ preparation as they embark on their Trial assessments in the coming weeks. Many thanks to Ms Heidi Jones for her organisation of the musicians who supported our students and for her coaching of their performances.

Reminder for members of Clarinet Ensemble
Rehearsals for Clarinet Ensemble will commence on Monday 5 August with Ms Nicole Barrett at 7:30am in DB1.

Upcoming performances in Term 3:
Festival on Forbes
The following ensembles will be performing at the Festival on Forbes:

  • Bands – Beginners, Basie, Bugles, Clarion and Holst
  • Strings – Amati, Chamber Strings, String Power, Stringalong and Sinfonietta
  • Rock Bands
  • Percussion
  • Contemporary Vocal Ensemble (CVE)

Times and location of the performances will be advised soon.

ASBOF (Australian School Band and Orchestra Festival)
Amati Strings, Chamber Strings and Sinfonietta

Date:  Sunday 8 September 2019
Venue: University of NSW, Clancy Auditorium, 9 High St, Kensington

Click here to read a bit more about the Festival.

Pauline Chow
Head of Music



Term Break Theatre
I trust everyone had a great break and got to see some theatre or cinema. Personally I was moved and uplifted by the two outstanding performances I experienced. I hope some of you were fortunate to attend Things I Know to be True by Andrew Bovell at Company B, Belvoir Street. A beautiful play about family with powerful performances.

Whilst in Melbourne I caught the newly opened, Australian premiere, of the musical Come From Away. The piece has "verbatim" origins and is delivered by a 12 member ensemble. It concerns the town of Gander in Newfoundland who hosted the occupants of 38 stranded aircraft when the air space was closed following the attacks on 11 September at the World Trade Centre. This beautifully crafted piece of theatre is about community and is rewarding in its theatricality and reminds us of the kindness and resilience of the human spirit. I promise you will be most impressed. If in Melbourne, or when it gets to Sydney, do not miss it.

Finally, Old Girl Zoe Terakes is currently performing in Arthur Miller’s A View From The Bridge at The Ensemble Theatre, Kirribilli. It is an "electric" piece of theatre with stellar performances. Zoe recently received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at The Helpmann Awards.

Drama Tour – New York & Chicago
It is with great joy that I can confirm the 2020 Drama Tour to Chicago and New York City. Ms Vivienne Rodda and I will accompany 17 very excited students to the States where we will participate in terrific workshops and experience some inspiring theatre.

Theatre Club
Theatre Club resumed on Thursday 25 July with a visit to the Sydney Theatre Company to view their production of Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The Sydney Theatre Company presented their most diverse cast ever assembled with not a single stage stereotype left standing. The Director, Kip Williams, cast across type, gender, race and ethnicity for the 11 British boys aged between 6 and 12, who turn on each other after they are marooned on an uninhabitable island.

The production demonstrated to our girls that theatre really can be imagined in any creative manner, as long as it serves the text and generates engaging performances.

HSC Drama Showcase
HSC Drama students will present a showcase of their practical works on Friday 23 August at 6pm in The Playhouse. The school community is warmly invited to attend to support the girls in their final display of Individual Project and Group Devised Performances prior to their assessment by NESA markers.

Our November production Saving SCEGGS by Linden Wilkinson, has auditioned and the ensemble has been selected. They have commenced rehearsals and will begin the period with a series of Movement/Dance classes. Construction of the show begins in Week 6 when the ensemble will be assigned their individual role(s).

Our Director, Ms Eddi Goodfellow, has assembled an enthusiastic cast and we look forward to taking our audiences on an enlightening journey exploring a critical period in the history of SCEGGS.
Saving SCEGGS plays The Great Hall, 21 to 23 November.

Sydney Eisteddfod
SCEGGS Drama entered two ensembles in the City of Sydney Eisteddfod this year and the events were conducted last Sunday 29 July. The categories entered were Scene From a Play and Group Devised Work.
The Year 9 ensemble of Ella Fogarty, Molly Murray, Lisa Vincent, Stefani Stewart and Alexandra Hambly constructed a work titled Status Update. It explored the impact of social media on the lives of teens.

Social Media has encroached on our world in a most aggressive manner. It seduces in a hypnotic manner where we seem to live out every moment of our lives interacting with a screen – whether it be food pics, filters, selfies or tweets. The new cyber language of the platform confuses and dictates. What was meant to bring the world closer together, sadly seems to be forcing us further apart.

Drama Sataus Update Ensemble

Our St Peter’s Players ensemble of Jemima Sirtes, Olivia Dennison, Ella McGrath, Dakota Kedzier-Hurst, Lucia Gelonesi, Scarlett Gibson-Williams, Annie Furness, Anne-Marie Aroney and Tessa Kuijper presented a short play titled It’s a Comedy, by Carla Moore. The ensemble was directed by their semester one Drama Tutor, Ms Romy Bartz.

Will Shakespeare has written a new comedy and the Chamberlain’s men, including Richard Burbage, have gathered for a first rehearsal at The Globe. The play As You Like It, has yet, no ending, and the actors are more than willing to suggest endings, extra scenes and character detail. The text includes small excerpts from As You Like It, and deals with Shakespearean expressions, the forms and conventions of Elizabethan comedy and the lives of actors.

It’s a Comedy was successful in taking out first place in their section.

Drama Its a Comedy Ensemble

Congratulations to all the participants for the dedication and passion demonstrated towards their projects.

"In terms of theatre, there’s not a more supportive theatre community than in New York. It’s really kind of a real thrill to go there. I mean, don’t forget, I’m a boy from the suburbs of Sydney, so getting to New York is a huge, huge thrill."
- Hugh Jackman

Peter Eyers
Head of Drama



Congratulations to the Mock Trial team who won their first elimination round against Sydney Grammar earlier this week!

This was an interesting and challenging criminal case about online fraud, with the SCEGGS team of Kristina Comino (solicitor), Amelia Board and Sarah McNaughton (barristers) acting as defence. The team was commended for their excellent and thorough preparation of their arguments and questioning. Amelia and Sarah were outstanding in their cross-examination of the witnesses for the prosecution, calling into question their credibility. They were ably and consistently supported by Kristina, particularly in the tense moments during and after accessing witness statements. Hannah Mavrakis and Phoebe Masnick (witnesses) handled themselves extremely well under heavy questioning by the prosecution and remained steadfast throughout. Camilla Keenan (magistrate’s clerk) performed her role professionally and ensured the smooth running of the trial with her Grammar counterpart.

The magistrate commented that this was the highest quality trial he had seen in years and he awarded both teams the highest points he had ever given out. This is a credit to the hard work of both teams who clearly brought out the best in each other. In the end, the teams were only separated by two points. Congratulations girls and we wish you the best of luck in the next round against St Catherine’s!

Kelly McManus
Mock Trial Co-ordinator



There is still time to book your tickets to the SPAN Women in Education event with our very own Holly Gyton as the keynote speaker.

Ms Gyton has some great ideas to share with young people thinking of entering the profession, and those women wanting to further their careers both in schools and in education more generally. And she is engaging, charismatic and funny! For anyone interested in education, this is one not to be missed.

Please join us for drinks and canapés alongside like-minded women who are currently working or studying or interested in Education.

Parents are welcome to bring their daughters along too.

Thursday 15 August
6.00pm - 8.00pm
215 Forbes Street Darlinghurst

Cost: Tickets are $20 each
Please click to secure your ticket
RSVP by 12 August




Year 7 and 8 Father/Daughter Breakfast

The Year 7 and 8 Father (or friend)/daughter breakfast is on Friday 9 August in the Great Hall from 7am. This year’s speaker is Old Girl Ms Laura Hill (2008). Ever since leaving SCEGGS Laura has been driven by a career passion to explore cultures and behaviours. Starting in a creative agency, she worked with clients such as ASOS, Pernod Ricard and Telstra, and was even involved in creating the world's biggest selfie stick! Laura then moved to Tumblr where she became a GIF, meme and campaign queen, working with Disney, Woolworths and Hungry Jacks. Laura now works at Google across YouTube, Google Search and more. It promises to be a fascinating look into the tech world so please book your tickets at and we look forward to welcoming you.

Please be on the lookout for all things Festival on Forbes, including our traditional cake boxes which will start coming home in two weeks.

 P & F Events
SCEGGS Darlinghurst Year 10 Father/Daughter Camp

When:  Friday 13-Sunday 15 September 2019

Where: Glenworth Valley Camping 
69 Cooks Road, Glenworth Valley

Cost: Father/Daughter $194     
Daughter only supplement $85


Contact: Dougal Kennedy at:

Go to the Parent Portal for contact information



Penny Gerstle
President of the P&F Association