From Ms Allum

School Strike for Climate Friday 20 September
I am aware that there is another School Strike for Climate on Friday 20 September. I am writing to let you know my position on this – that girls will not be allowed to leave School to attend this strike.

As I said last time, I believe the scientific evidence which tells us that the currently-observed climate change is real and anthropogenic, and that the impact of human life on our world is significant. I believe that Governments should be doing far more long term thinking and specifically much more than they are doing currently about climate change, to protect the future health and sustainability of our planet.

I applaud the girls who want to take a stance on this issue, but there are many things that they can do directly about this instead of attending the demonstration. So, we will be doing something on the day, and later in the year as well. On the initiative of Zoe Brenner in Year 11, and with my complete support, we are inviting some politicians to come one lunchtime to answer questions about their party’s environmental policies from an important group of first-time voters at the next election. To quote from her email to the politicians:

“Approximately 60% of the current girls in the high school will need to vote in the next Federal election (assuming that it is in three years) and about 75% will need to vote in the next State election.

The students at SCEGGS are concerned about what they can do about issues like the environment, jobs in the future, how our parents and families will be affected and what all of these things may mean for Australia.”

In particular, we would like you to share your views on climate change and the long term sustainability issues that face our country and the world."

In association with the day of the strike, we will have some activities – thinking of questions for the politicians, collecting ideas, having speakers and petition-signing on the School lawn, and a few fun activities as well.

I know that not everyone will agree with my decision not to let the students go, and some of you would have wished me to make a different one. I acknowledge the correspondence and discussions I had with some girls and parents after the last strike, and a couple of you who have approached me already about this next one. There was definitely a diversity of views! I do try to balance all these and make the best decisions possible. I trust I have your support.

Jenny Allum
Head of School