Year 10 IST “Light” Film Festival

During Term 1 the Year 10 Information and Software Technology class has been working on the unit Digital Media. As part of this unit the students have created their own cartoon animations and special effects videos using the industry standard products of Adobe Animate and After Effects.

The students have learnt a variety of techniques including key-framing, the use of chroma key, layering and applying special effects. They also experimented with Character Animator to produce animated puppets as well as using the 3D printer to create and print props for their films. Students then had approximately two weeks to design and create each animation and video. The animations were to be between 10 to 20 seconds in length, whereas the special effects could be up to one minute long. Each clip was to incorporate the motif of “Light”. The students interpreted this quite differently with some including candles, light switches, moonlight, firelight, light-portals, explosions of light, and even “light as a feather.”

Over the last few weeks they have worked together to promote their Film Festival, designing promotional posters, building a website to display their work and creating a loop for the TAS TV in the Joan Freeman foyer. The website allows you to vote for the “People’s Choice Award” so we encourage you to go to annual digital film festival to view their work and to vote for your favourite cartoon or movie. Voting will close on Friday 28 June.

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Anne Rumpler
Computing Teacher