Darkroom Photography classes with Ian Lever will be running for Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays in JF3 from 3.15pm until 4.45 pm. Students will need a manual 35mm camera.


Drawing classes with Lillie Stromland will be running for Years 7-12 after school on Mondays and Tuesdays in JF4 from 3:15 until 4:15. All materials will be provided.

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Classes will start in week 2, the week beginning Monday 29 July and run until the last week of Term IV.

Could you please sign the note saved in Cognito under Co-curricular Classes, and email the signed note to Michaela Gleave in the Art Department by Friday 26 July.

Class sizes are limited and priority will be given to the first students to return their notes.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

  Katrina Collins
Head of Visual Arts





We are very proud that Samantha Klein in Year 9 and Elenarose Plaister in Year 11 have both had their work Highly Commended in the Young Archie Exhibition. This is a competition for young artists held in conjunction with the Art Gallery of NSW’s Archibald Prize. Their works were selected from over 2100 entries and represents a remarkable achievement for these two students.

Elenarose’s portrait "My cousin Sarah" (16-18-year-old category) and Samantha’s portrait "By chance" (13-15-year-old category) will be on display at the SH Ervin Gallery from 11 May to 28 July. Samantha’s painting “By Chance”, a portrait of Trishanne Miller (also in Year 9) is about friendship and Elenarose's drawing, “My Cousin Sarah”, is a portrait of her cousin.

  BTGG 190509 Visual Arts Samantha Klein Year 9 Age group 13 15 year old 2
"By Chance" a portrait of Trishanne Miller

Elenarose describes the drawing below:

"This drawing of my cousin Sarah conveys the long days, starting at 3.30am, mustering cattle and branding the new year’s calves. Her tired eyes and dust-covered skin cannot belie the joy of working together with family, as expressed through her gleaming smile. The stark background suggests the long, hard drought the family is experiencing. Sarah has just completed her medical degree and I find it admirable that she would come back to the farm to help with mustering, something she has done throughout her life."

BTGG 190509 Visual Arts Elenarose Plaister Year 11 Age group 16 18 2

"My Cousin Sarah"

Lilli Stromland (Class of 2012), SCEGGS' Co-curricular drawing teacher, also had her portrait (of Derek Parker the owner of Parker Art Supplies) accepted for the salon des Refuses at S.H Ervin gallery.

Lilli Stromland painting of Derek Parker 2

"Portrait of Derek Parker"

Both Samantha and Elenarose have attended Lilli’s Monday drawing class for the last few years so it will be exciting to see the work of both teacher and students hanging in the one exhibition.

 Katrina Collins
Head of Visual Arts





Term IV - Week 8

Photograph of the Week

181206 8

Zoe Moutsopoulos
Year 8


Drawing of the Week

181206 9

Elenarose Plaister
Year 10