Congratulations Primary Tournament of Minds Team!
Congratulations to this year’s Primary Tournament of Minds team, who gained first place in the STEM division of the NSW Sydney South East region competition of Tournament of Minds 2019. The team will now go on and compete in the Branch Finals, to be held at UNSW on September 15.

The intrepid team of seven girls from Year 5 and 6 presented at last Saturday’s competition showcasing their STEM design solution to the problem of trying to extract and store DNA from the 41,415 species currently listed as endangered. Over the last six weeks, Sophia Barry, Cassandra Davies, Samantha Millin, Madeleine Soo, Georgia Baker-Wood, Sadie Juneja and Shernesrin Tambyrajah have worked collaboratively through the STEM challenge posed by Tournament of Minds. The girls worked assiduously both at school and in their own time to solve this extremely challenging problem. They researched the species, agreed a criteria to prioritise which species to collect DNA from first and then used the design thinking process to design, prototype, test and re-design a motorised carousel to enable them to extract DNA from each of these species. There were many moments where the girls were deep inside the Learning Pit! Ultimately they produced a very sophisticated piece of engineering as the working model of their carousel, and an outstanding creative performance to present their idea to the judges and their very proud families and teachers. It has been such a pleasure working with the girls, and we are so very proud of them. And now the preparations begin for the finals!

Primary TOM

Helen Dempsey (Head of Teaching and Learning K – 6)
& Kate Brown (Head of Student Wellbeing K -6)



On Saturday 31 August, eight teams of girls from Years 7–10 represented SCEGGS in the Secondary division of the 2019 Regional Competition of the Tournament of Minds. Students combined teamwork and creative problem solving to generate original and innovative solutions to challenges in the areas of Social Science, Language/Literature, STEM and The Arts. On Tournament day, teams were required to present their solutions to a panel of judges and an audience, using chosen styles in a given space and a specified timeframe.

This year, three SCEGGS Secondary School teams met with success to gain the following placings for their creative, well-scripted and researched interpretations of their specific challenges. Both Arts Teams 1 and 2 were awarded "Tournament Honours" for their contemporary, Australian recreations of the famous musical "The Wizard of Oz". The STEM Team 2’s innovative scientific explanation, via both digital and working models of a carousel that collects and stores the DNA of endangered species, also gained them honours in their division.

All SCEGGS teams did extremely well in formulating and presenting their solutions in both the spontaneous and long-term challenges. Congratulations are also extended to the SCEGGS Primary School STEM Team who won their division and will be competing at the State Finals. Thank you to parents involved for their support in maximizing the value of this educational activity on the day.

The 2019 SCEGGS Secondary School Team participants were as follows:

Language Literature Team 1: 
Allegra Emery
Amelie Byrne
Jemima Smith
Ella McGrath
Alice Volfneuk
Charlotte Newton
Mia Freeland
Staff Facilitator: Michael Fischer

Language Literature Team 2: 
Sybilla Hooke
Zara Buchen
Ruby Cooney
Jessica Millin
Lucy Juneja
Ella Moffat
Dominique Liew
Staff Facilitator: Dynielle Whitney

STEM Team 1: 
Catherine Park
Molly Espie
Samara Foulds
Annie Furness
Mia Lintzeris
Olivia Chu
Dakota Kedzier-Hurst
Staff Facilitators: Caroline O’Sullivan
and Anne Rumpler

STEM Team 2: 
Hannah Guest
Teagan Barrack
Sally Webster
Maya Barnett
Evie Watson
Taliah Maunsell
Emma Jan
Staff Facilitators: Caroline O’Sullivan
and Anne Rumpler

Arts Team 1: 
Jemima Hanning
Beatrix Rivers
Kate Ambrogio
Sienna Monahan
Angelica Philips
Lucia Gelonesi
Scarlett Gibson-Williams
Staff Facilitator: Sophie Craddock

Arts Team 2: 
Jemima Sirtes
Sophia Chu
Tessa Kuijper
Isabella Morgan
Harriet Darnell
Olivia Dennison
Laura Lowe
Staff Facilitator: Emily Quirk

Social Sciences Team 1:
Hannah James
Chiara Weaver
Leyla Ozen
Helena Piazza
Clementine Hooper
Hannah Mavrakis
Amelia Board
Staff Facilitator: Darryn Sullivan

Social Sciences Team 2: 
Alexandra West
Josephine Jarvie
Alexandra Kuo
Arella Plater
Xanthe Kibble
Maeve Hopper
Lily Helene
Staff Facilitator: Angela Pizzinga


Darryn Sullivan
TOM Secondary School Facilitator