Congratulations to Grace Barr, Grace Campbell-Avenell, Emilia Doohan, India Hobbs, Sascha Richards and Mia Robson from the HSC Class of 2019, on receiving nominations for their Major Design Projects in "SHAPE 2019"; the annual exhibition of a selection of exemplary Major Projects.

All the students developed challenging and innovative projects addressing genuine needs and opportunities in the process. Grace Barr created a functional shoulder brace for tennis and other sports that assists with on-court stabilisation and support. Grace Campbell-Avenell designed a History study game for students who are social learners and to help with anxiety and stress. Emilia Doohan designed and created a colourful versatile backpack that could be used as a conventional backpack for students, as well as a specialised camera bag. India Hobbs designed a range of contemporary homeware pieces for the dinner table to bring families together without the distraction of modern technology. Sascha Richards' “Stilla” is a flexible modular shelving system which maximises space and minimises sound integrating sound diffusion creating a customisable and creative solution. Mia Robson’s aim was to create contemporary garments attempting to use 100% of the material with no excess pieces, reducing textile waste, with the use of CAD to create zero waste patterns.

Congratulations to all these students as well as the entire Year 12 Design & Technology 2019 cohort on their extraordinary endeavours and an innovative collection of projects.

Caroline O'Sullivan
Head of TAS