As part of SCEGGS celebration of Science Week, the annual Inter-House Science Trivia Competition was held on Thursday 22 August.

The theme for Science Week this year was “Destination Moon”, celebrating the awesome achievements of humankind in its quest to carry astronauts to the moon, land on its surface and safely return, the first successful mission taking place 50 years ago on 20 July 1969.

After a hard-fought four rounds of trivia, we had a very close and exciting finish. Here are the results of the competition:

• Equal 5th place were Barton and Beck on 55 points
• 4th place was Badham on 58 points
• 3rd place was Docker on 63 points
• 2nd place was Langley on 65 points
• 1st place (for a second year in a row) was Christian on 68 points

Congratulations to Christian House for taking out the competition, and thank you to all girls who participated for their house or who supported the teams as audience members.

Luke Hanson
Head of Science



Intermediate Inter-House Speaking Challenge Results 2019


Place                House                   
1st Christian
2nd Barton
3rd Docker
4th Badham
5th Beck
6th  Langley


Individual Results

1st  Lucy Juneja                      Christian
2nd                      Mia Freeland Barton
3rd  Clementine Hooper Christian
4th  Kate Brenner  Docker

Congratulations to the girls who took part in the challenge. You engaged us with some very individual interpretations of the topics.

Sandra Carter
Co-ordinator Public Speaking




Congratulations to all the students who participated in this year's Inter-House Speaking Challenge. I am pleased to share the following results:

1st Christian
2nd Docker
3rd  Barton
4th Badham
5th Langley
6th Beck


Individual Results

1st Madeleine Kowalenko Christian
2nd  Phoebe Masnick Docker
3rd Equal: Sylvie Stannage
Harriet Harper 
Georgina Harley-Macdonald

Sandra Carter
Co-ordinator of Public Speaking


Junior Inter-House Speaking Challenge

 House Results

Place                House                   
1st  Langley
2nd  Christian
3rd  Barton
4th  Beck
5th  Docker
6th   Badham


Individual Results

Place   Name                   
1st Ishara Verdickt Langley
2nd Olga Giannikouris Christian
3rd Catherine Park Langley
=4th Annie Furness Barton
=4th Amelia Moran Christian

Congratulations to all speakers. The standard was very high with the results in the first round extremely close.

Sandra Carter
Public Speaking Co-ordinator




Place                House                   
1st  Langley 25 points
2nd  Beck 15 points (countback)
3rd  Docker 15 points
4th  Barton 15 points
5th  Christian 11 points
6th   Badham 9 points



Place                House                   
1st Barton 23 points
2nd Christian 21 points
3rd Langley 13 points (countback)
4th Badham 13 points
5th Docker 11 points
6th  Beck 9 points


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