Jillian Broadbent AO – inaugural Chair of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, former Chief Executive Women president.

David Haslingden – Chair of the Australian Geographic Society and WildAid, a conservation organisation.

Lara Olsen – Engineer, energy executive, formerly of Tesla Energy, California.

Martijn Wilder AM – Global Climate Change Law Partner at Baker McKenzie, founder of Pollination: advisory and investment on the transition to a net zero emissions future.

These amazing environmental thinkers are coming to SCEGGS for one lunchtime only, on Thursday 7 November at 1pm in the Lecture Theatre, to answer this important question posed Zoe Brenner, the Year 11 organiser of this event:

"We are all wanting to educate ourselves so that we can make the best decisions as many of us will vote for the first time at the next state and federal elections. We all want to do things in our own lives and future education and jobs that are good for the environment and the planet.  What are your thoughts and advice on this important area?"

All students from Year 5 up are invited to come and hear these speakers. Bring your lunch and be seated in the Lecture Theatre at the start of lunch.