SCEGGS Wins AHIGS Festival of Speech 2019

The extravaganza of all things related to speaking, The Festival of Speech, took place at Meriden School Strathfield Saturday October 26.

Sections contested were Junior and Senior Reading, Junior and Senior Poetry, Religious and Ethical Questions, Junior and Senior Public Speaking, Current Affairs and Drama

In all, a team of 18 SCEGGS girls competed against 68 teams from Independent Girls Schools. Points were awarded for participation with gradually increasing points for places from fifth to first .

SCEGGS won the Junior Division and were fourth in the Senior Division overall results were:

2nd Pymble
3rd PLC Sydney
4th Senior Public Speaking: Claudia Hunt
4th Junior Public Speaking: Ishara Verdickt
1st Junior Poetry: Lucia Gelonesi
2nd Senior Poetry: Marie Karantanis
5th Drama Group: Taylor ShutesGeorgina Harley-MacdonaldStella WalkerMia Freeland and Hannah Mavrakis
2nd Junior Reading: Nicola Allen
3rd Current Affairs: Rosie AdamsKatarina Kuo and Claudia Ryan

Congratulations to all the girls for a great team effort.

The Full Team

Drama Current Affairs Religious and Ethical Questions
Taylor Shutes Katarina Kuo  Phoebe Masnick
Georgina Harley-Macdonald Rosie Adams  Zoe Crowley-Burrows
Stella Walker Claudia Ryan Dominique Liew
Mia Freeland Abby Burge (Reserve)
Hannah Mavrakis 

Public Speaking Poetry Reading
Senior: Claudia Hunt Senior: Marie Karantanis Senior: Camilla Keenan
Junior: Ishara Verdickt Junior: Lucia Gelonesi Junior: Nicola Allen

Special thanks to the coaches, Dr Leonie Armstrong (Religious and Ethical Questions), Ms Claire Duffy (Current Affairs) and Ms Juliet Timmerman (Drama).

Sandra Carter
Co-ordinator Public Speaking



Congratulations to all the students who participated in this year's Inter-House Speaking Challenge. I am pleased to share the following results:

1st Christian
2nd Docker
3rd  Barton
4th Badham
5th Langley
6th Beck


Individual Results

1st Madeleine Kowalenko Christian
2nd  Phoebe Masnick Docker
3rd Equal: Sylvie Stannage
Harriet Harper 
Georgina Harley-Macdonald

Sandra Carter
Co-ordinator of Public Speaking