BTGG 2019 11 7 Cambodia airport BTGG 2019 11 7 Cambodia Angkor Wat

Over the holidays a group of 54 girls and 10 teachers visited Cambodia for nine days with the aim of helping Habit for Humanity build five houses in the rural village of Sambou, about 45 minutes out of Siem Reap city.

BTGG 2019 11 7 Cambodia TukTuk BTGG 2019 11 7 Cambodia cultural

From the get-go we were immersed in brilliant Cambodian culture, beginning the trip with delicious meals and exciting cultural trips. Throughout our stay we participated in activities that showed us all sides of Cambodian culture including a tuk tuk ride, a dinner watching traditional Khmer dances and a visit to the Phare circus. And, of course, a trip to Cambodia wouldn’t be complete without visiting the iconic Angkor Watt complex. Immersing ourselves in Cambodian history and culture was such an enriching benefit of the trip which certainly expanded our cultural world horizons. 

BTGG 2019 11 7 Cambodia visit BTGG 2019 11 7 Cambodia build 1

Of course, our main objective of our trip was to build five houses in the rural Sambou village. We were split into five smaller build groups with 10-11 girls and 1-2 teachers in each of them and allocated a build site where we would be constructing a house for the family living there. Every day we faced new, challenging and complex tasks which every girl met with a smile on her face and willingness to put in the hard work required to get a job done including sawing, hammering, chiselling, mixing concrete, brick laying, and so on. Build sites were hubs of activity during the day with girls working alongside professional skilled workers (called "bosses"), kids playing with girls during breaks – running around enjoying the excitement of it all – and the adults of the families regularly chipping in a helping hand and being a valuable presence on the site, a reminder of why we faced the heat and hard work when things started to become very challenging.

BTGG 2019 11 7 Cambodia build 2 BTGG 2019 11 7 Cambodia build 3

At the conclusion of the five days it was time to leave the village for the final time. In the morning each group did a handover ceremony where the houses we officially given to each of the families to move into that night. Then we converged as a group at the main Habitat for Humanity Hub to hear some final remarks from key figures in our journey and say a final, official farewell. The family’s remarks about how thankful and happy they were to have a house to live in were deeply emotional for us all and certainly brought a tear to many a girl's eyes. When we had to board the buses for the final time, many of us cried to be leaving such a beautiful group of people who had influenced us in such a profound way. They had helped us grow and experience life from a new point of view that we never could have imagined before.

BTGG 2019 11 7 Cambodia build complete

On behalf of the group, we thank all the staff who accompanied us on the trip: Ms Stepasiuk, Ms Smith, Ms Ford, Ms Bean, Ms Thompson, Ms Kalt, Ms Demaine and Ms Kidston and of course the biggest thank you to Mr Stevenson (the only male out of all 64 of us) and Ms Connolly for their enduring hard work and determination organising the whole trip to make sure we had the best experience ever, we are so grateful. 

Phoebe Masnick, Georgia Williams and Imogen Powell
Year 11 & Year 10 Students



A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This year’s Year 6 Musical, a musical adaptation of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, was performed last Friday evening. What a wonderful introduction to Shakespeare for the girls, and what magical performance it was! The girls did such an impressive job – not only in each of their performances, and in learning so many lines, but also being involved in choreography and stage work. And it was the girls’ own artwork in the program, and the posters advertising the production. It was a truly spectacular performance, in every way. Well done to each and every one of the girls, and to Mrs Alex Dalman for leading the girls so beautifully throughout the process. This year’s musical is one the Year 6 girls will remember for many, many years to come.

BTGG 2019 11 7 Primary Midsummer 1

BTGG 2019 11 7 Primary Midsummer 2

ICAS Medal Winner

Congratulations to Jemima Lowe, Year 5, who has been awarded a medal in this year’s ICAS English competition. Medals are awarded to students with the top score in each subject in each year level. This year over 980,000 entries were received and only 514 students from Australia and 100 students from New Zealand and the Pacific Region were awarded medals for their outstanding achievement. Jemima will receive her medal at a special ceremony at the University of NSW. Well done Jemima!

Elizabeth Cumming
Head of Primary



The Howard Tanner Award for drawing has been awarded to Samantha Klein in Year 9. This award is given to a student for observational drawing and is awarded to a student once over their years at SCEGGS. The prize is awarded at Speech Night.

BTGG 2019 11 7 S Klein Yr9 1 BTGG 2019 11 7 S Klein Yr9 2 BTGG 2019 11 7 S Klein Yr9 3

Samantha Klein

Judged by our drawing teacher Lilli Stromland, Lilli commented that Samantha “rendered a wide range of everyday subjects to create exciting, intriguing visuals. This outstanding group of drawings convey her commitment to drawing, a strong sense of intentionality, sophisticated techniques and keen observational skills.”

BTGG 2019 11 7 E Plaister Yr11 1 BTGG 2019 11 7 E Plaister Yr11 2

Elenarose Plaister

Three students were Highly Commended; Elenarose Plaister in Year 11 (who was awarded this prize in 2017), Adeline Wan in Year 10 and Hannah Guest in Year 7.

BTGG 2019 11 7 A Wan Yr10 1 BTGG 2019 11 7 A Wan Yr10 2

Adeline Wan

Congratulations to all the students involved.

All the work is on display in JF1 until 15 November. We warmly invite you to attend.

Katrina Collins
Head of Visual Arts



There is still time to book your ticket to SPAN's, Women in Marketing, PR and Communications with Nestle’s Head of Marketing, Michelle Katz as the keynote speaker.

Michelle has extensive Marketing and Communication experience across multiple marketing sectors and has spent the last eight years leading the development of integrated marketing and communication plans at Optus, Unilever and now Nestle. This networking opportunity is not to be missed if you are currently working or aspiring to work in this highly competitive industry.

Please join us for drinks and canapés alongside like-minded women.

Monday 11 November
6.00pm - 8.00pm
The Joan Freeman Terrace

Cost: Tickets are $20 each
Please click here to secure your ticket



Anglicare Toys and Tucker

Every girl in the School is asked to contribute towards providing a Christmas gift for a child of a certain age group which will be collected at our School Christmas Service on Monday 2 December. Most of these gifts will go to Anglicare who will then deliver them to families struggling with poverty in our city. This always brings a lot of joy to the children as well as the parents. Some parents feel ashamed that they cannot provide a gift for their children due to their circumstances and our donations help them to have something to celebrate during Christmas. Form and class teachers will help the students to plan and prepare for this activity over the next few weeks.

“Mr Lee-Lindsay needs new undies”

For those new to our community I would like to introduce you to our socks and undies drive. There are a number of welfare organisations that are always asking for NEW socks and undies for their clientele. This is a serious issue amongst the homeless in terms of hygiene and good foot care. This is a whole school activity and because we want to get a variety of sizes this is how we would like the different year groups to donate:

(Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2) – Girls Socks and/or Undies for 3 to 7 year olds.
(Years 3 and 4) – Boys Socks and/or Undies for 3 to 7 year olds.
(Years 5 and 6) - Socks and/or Undies for 8 to 12 year olds.

Year 7 – men’s medium undies and/or socks
Year 8 – women’s medium undies and/or socks
Year 9 - men’s large undies and/or socks
Year 10 – women’s large undies or socks
Year 11 – men’s or women’s small undies or socks

Students are welcome to leave their donations in the basket outside the Chapel for collection, like what we do for harvest festival (only we will not decorate the chapel with the items!) I will distribute our collection to local organisations in the last week of Term 4. Thank you in anticipation.

Rev. Garry Lee-Lindsay
School Chaplain



Primary News

IPSHA Gymnastics

Congratulations to the girls below who all competed in the IPSHA Gymnastics competition on Thursday 31 October.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Team

BTGG 2019 11 7 Primary Gym F1

Foundation 1; Zoe Argyrides, Sienna Morris, Olivia Phillips, Bronte Treffiletti and Stella Wilson

BTGG 2019 11 7 Primary Gym F2

Foundation 2; Isabella Conroy and Sophia Papadakis

BTGG 2019 11 7 Primary Gym C3

Category 3; Cassandra Davies, Georgia Farrow, Bianca Hardge and Lucia Scala

Artistic Gymnastics Team

BTGG 2019 11 7 Primary Gym L2

Level 2; Lily-Mae Cook, Lucinda Cook, Nina Genc and Olivia Roberts

BTGG 2019 11 7 Primary Gym L3

Level 3; Meike Bannister, Katerina Giannikouris, Zoe Lindner, Isobel Murray and Abigail Tattersall

BTGG 2019 11 7 Primary Gym L4

Level 4; Poppy Hegarty, Emmeline McLeod and Ingrid Weaver

BTGG 2019 11 7 Primary Gym L5

Level 5; Sarah James, Emilia Narev, Abigail Sauer and Annalise Zimmerle

The girls have been training all year and competed in many state and regional competitions in preparation. Congratulations to; 

Foundation 1 Rhythmic 3rd in Division 1
Foundation 2 Rhythmic 7th in Division 1
Category 3 Rhythmic Group 1st in Division 1
Level 2 Artistic 1st in Division 2
Level 3 Artistic 1st in Division 2
Level 4 Artistic 5th in Division 2
Level 6 Artistic 6th overall

Thank you to all our Artistic and Rhythmic coaches, in particular; Rachel Weiner, Head Rhythmic coach and Glen Hay, Head Artistic coach.

Sports Choice Forms 2020

Parents should have received by email Sports Choice Forms for 2020. If you have not received this to date, please check in your ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ mail.

Sue Phillips
Primary PDHPE and Sport Co-ordinator



Secondary News

IGSSA Gymnastics

Well done to the SCEGGS Gymnastics team who competed at the IGSSA Gymnastics Carnival at Rooty Hill last week. SCEGGS placed equal 9th overall with our neighbours at Ascham.

Well done to the following girls on some outstanding results.

BTGG 2019 11 7 Gym 1 BTGG 2019 11 7 Gym 2

Rhythmic Gymnastics Highlights

Congratulations to Laura DaviesAisha ImtarnasanHannah JamesMadison LiewIlana Patkar and Sally Webster who competed in the Rhythmic Gymnastics competition.

Level 4

Hannah James: Rope 3rd, Freehand 2nd, Ball 4th

Level 5

Ilana Patkar: Rope 2nd, Ball 5th, Ribbon 4th

Madison Liew: Rope 4th, Ball 1st, Ribbon 3rd

Level 6

Aisha Imtarnasan: Rope 7th, Ball 7th, Clubs 7th

Level 7

Sally Webster: Rope 6th, Clubs 7th, Freehand 7th

Level 8

Laura Davies: Ball 9th, Clubs 9th, Freehand 10th

BTGG 2019 11 7 Gym 3 Milla and Zara BTGG 2019 11 7 Gym 4 Milla and Zara

Milla Brown and Zara O'Shea

Artistic Gymnastics Highlights

SCEGGS had a small but enthusiastic group of girls who competed in the Artistic Gymnastic competition: Olga Giannikouris, Billie Palmer, Emma Talbot, Zara O’Shea and Milla Brown.

Level 3

Emma Talbot: Vault 13th

Level 6

Milla Brown: Floor 4th

Zara O’Shea: Vault 9th


Alison Gowan
Director of Sport



Free Books Available in the Library

The Library is currently weeding old and second copies of books to make way for new items. Whether you use them for an artwork, an installation or just the pleasure of reading, please come and browse the trolley near the circulation desk and help yourself!

Alison Conliffe
Head of Library



SRC Mother/Daughter Breakfast

The annual SRC Mother/Daughter Breakfast will be held on Thursday 14 November from 7am to 8am in the Joan Freeman Foyer. Our breakfast this year is in support of Wayside Chapel, and our guest speaker will be its CEO Jon Owen. Wayside “operates a range of services that place dignity, respect and love at the heart of their approach” and sees “everyone as a person to be met, not a problem to be solved.” Their mission is “creating community with no ‘us and them’ … by breaking down the barriers of judgement and providing a safe place where people from all walks of life are welcome.”

Tickets are $20 per person and include a light breakfast. Tickets can be purchased through TryBooking accessed at the following link:

We hope to see you there!



Year 6 Musical “Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Congratulations to the Year 6 students who presented a beautiful musical and visual feast with their performance of Midsummer Night’s Dream. There were many stunning elements to the performance and the students have worked diligently as a cohort to making it a success. Thank you to Mrs Alexandra Dalman who worked tirelessly on this production and for her direction of the students. Thank you also to the staff Musicians who played: Mrs Anne Sweeney, Ms Stephanie Holmes, Ms Jaynes Groves and Mr Matt Moore with Mrs Bronwyn Cleworth as Assistant Musical Director. We also had some talented Year 6 girls play with the band, Bondi Barlow, Emma Chang and Amelia Whelan. Thank you also to Mrs Kate Wenham, who completed the choreography for the production.

Flute and Oboe Concert Monday 4 November

Congratulations to the following students who performed in the Flute & Oboe concert on Monday 4 November in the Diana Bowman Centre; Josephine Wheater, Georgia Baker Wood, Sadie Juneja, Saskia Sostaric, Eva Ancher, Amelie Singer, Amelia Whelan, Josephine Jarvie, Lauren Ransom and Olivia Jarvie.

Thank you also to members of the Flute Choir who performed.

Thank you to Ms Kellie Grennan (Flute) and Ms Zoe Sitsky (Oboe) who have prepared the students for their performances. Thank you also to Ms Heidi Jones for her accompaniment of the students.

Percussion Concert Thursday 7 November

Congratulations to the students from the percussion studio of Ms Jayne Groves. It was great to hear the array of percussion featured in the lunch time concert and to see the progression of each student. Thank you to Ms Groves for her preparation and direction of performances in the concert.

Twilight Concert Invitation Thursday 14 November

The Music Department would like to invite members of the School community to our final 2019 concert. The Twilight Concert will take place on Thursday 14 November in Week 5. The concert will feature performances by the Strings, Bands, Percussion and Chamber ensembles.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Suzuki Graduation Concert – Sydney Opera House 3 November

Congratulations to the students who performed in the Annual Suzuki Graduation Concert at Sydney Opera House on Sunday 3 November. It was great to see several students from Primary and Secondary who performed as part of this event and as a record of their progression on their instrument. Well done!

Upcoming performances and events in Term 4:

Twilight Concert – Thursday 14 November, Great Hall 5:00pm

Studio Concert of Ms Kylie Bailey – Monday 18 November 1.10 – 1.40pm

Voice students of Ms Bailey will be performing in a lunch time concert in DB1 classroom.

Pauline Chow
Head of Music



Theatre – Fangirls

What a treat to experience this new Australian musical at Belvoir Theatre last Tuesday evening.  The show was conceived and performed by SCEGGS old girl Yve Blake (2010) who has crafted a very engaging work and performs it with great humour, energy and skill.

The musical has proven to be a big hit with audiences and Yve’s career looks assured.


Year 7-10 cast and crew will present Saving SCEGGS by Linden Wilkinson from Thursday 21 November to Saturday 23 November at 7pm. There will also be a matinee on Saturday 23 November at 3pm. Bookings are now open from Trybooking.

BTGG 2019 11 7 Saving SCEGGS


The School Production – an Active and Responsible Participation 

With the imminent arrival of Saving SCEGGS in week 6, I felt it timely to reflect on why we present a School Production – and the commitment required to make it a truly satisfying experience for all involved.

School productions offer a co-curricular experience in which students enter an opportunity to expand their drama and theatre skills. They are also stimulated by an investigation into other worlds and time. It as an opportunity to work with staff and creatives in a parallel environment that is nurturing, collaborative and a recognition and appreciation of shared interest and objectives.

The school production also requires a great deal of passion, challenge and commitment to achieve the inevitable reward – cohesive and shared excellence. The production certainly provides a social experience and the opportunity to meet and work with students from other year levels and schools; but participation in a school production should chiefly be driven by a desire to embrace the art, tell stories and excel in a product that has been crafted though collaboration in pursuit of the best art possible.

The success of a production, like any sports team, choir, orchestra or ensemble requires an unseen ‘contract’ that is acknowledged by the individual to confirm absolute support of the project for the duration of its rehearsal and production period. It is not acceptable for a participant to check in and out as they please. Or to assume that their role is insignificant. Every role (on-stage and behind-the-scenes) is vital in the construction of a play or musical.

Communication too is paramount in these experiences. Staff are very mindful of the busy times in the school calendar and will amend rehearsal expectations as necessary. Participation in a production experience is great grounding/preparation for dealing with those times in life when we feel overwhelmed but with forethought, organisation and self-discipline we can achieve. Staff are always mindful of student commitments and will not place unnecessary expectations on workloads. We are all here to support each other and achieve the most successful theatre of which we are capable.

There is no doubt that the memory of our school arts experiences linger long – music concerts, drama productions, musicals, dance shows and so on occupy fond recall for a lifetime. What is it that each of these experiences have in common? Part of the positive memory is tied to the discipline, practice and training that precedes the performance and contributes to the satisfaction of working towards performance standard and being stage worthy. Best practice in the performing arts is hard fun. And that is what creates those lifelong memories.

I ask you to consider carefully your desire to contribute to a school play or musical. Participation does come with expectations of continuity, rehearsal, communication and commitment.  It is a family consideration also. We depend on our parents to get us to rehearsal and to collect us, to sacrifice occasional functions because rehearsal is called. The various parts of production cannot function completely unless we are all present.

I hope you will one day experience the great reward of being in a school production – but also realise that it is hard fun!

Theatre Terminology – Blocking

The precise staging of the actors, their path of movement in scenes, is known as blocking. The term came into popular use in the 1960s based on the tradition of 19th-century theatre directors who worked out their scenes on a mini model of the stage, using blocks to represent actors. Sir W.S. Gilbert was known for using blocks of different heights to represent men and women in his operas. The men were three inches high and the women two-and-a-half inches. The blocks were color-coded to illustrate the different voice parts—so Gilbert could create the correct sonic blend. Green and white were tenors, black and yellow were sopranos, red and green were contraltos.

“To enter a theatre for a performance is to be inducted into a magical space, to be ushered into the sacred arena of the imagination.” Simon CallowCharles Dickens and the Great Theatre of the World

Peter Eyers
Head of Drama




P & F Events
Sunday 24 November
Year 3 Parents & Girls End of Year Party
Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club
Wolseley Road, Point Piper
Adults $35
Children $15
Siblings welcome
Online Booking
Refer to invitation for TryBooking link
Friday 15 November 
Friday 29 November
Year 7 End of Year Cocktail Party
The Tilbury Hotel 
12-18 Nicholson St,
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
Per head (for food) $35
Drinks can be purchased at the bar
Online Booking  
Via TryBooking link;
Simon Hallgath-Jolly or Year 7 Class Parents
Go to the Parent Portal for contact information 


Penny Gerstle
President of the P&F Association