Firstly, I wanted to share two great resources – not individual articles or podcasts, but whole websites with a mine of information to help you through a range of topics!

1. You might have noticed some advertising in a variety of media outlets from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner about keeping kids safe online. There are a variety of resources for parents and carers which you might find helpful:

2. The Parents Website, published by Independent Schools Victoria, has a range of articles and other resources for parents of children of all ages. There will be something for you there for sure!

Secondly, we are interested in knowing what you might want from this section of our Newsletter. What ideas would you like us to talk more about (or less about!). Are there topics you are interested in, or resources to help you more than we could locate and share? Please let us know! Send me an email at

Have a good week, everyone!

Jenny Allum
Head of School



Years K - 6 Athletics Carnival

The Years K-6 Athletics Carnival will be held at ES Marks Athletics Field, corner of Boronia Street and Anzac Parade, Kensington on Wednesday 12 June.

Year 3 to Year 6 events will begin at 9.15am. Kindergarten to Year 2 will begin at 11.30am. Years 3-6 will be leaving SCEGGS at 8.30am, while Years K-2 will have classes as usual in the morning, leaving SCEGGS by bus at 10.30am. Kindergarten to Year 6 events will run concurrently. The Carnival will conclude for all girls at 2.00pm. Girls travelling back to school by bus will return by 3.00pm.

will meet as usual for rehearsal before school, and Gymnastics, yoga, touch football and netball skills will take place as usual after school for those who would like to attend. After School Care will also run as usual.

Girls are asked to wear full PE uniform to school, including sun hats. Girls may decorate their uniforms with House colours, for example: T-shirt, socks and/or ribbons in House colours and hats decorated with House colours. Girls catching public transport to and from school must wear full PE uniform, adding their House colours upon their arrival at school and returning to full PE uniform before going home in the afternoon.

Things to Take
Girls: Sunscreen, sun hats, track suits (in case of cold weather), recess, lunch, drinks and snacks.
Parents and Friends: There are no canteen facilities available at the track, and unfortunately the field does not permit schools to have their own refreshment stalls. Parents are asked to bring their own refreshments with them.

Transport/Permission from Parents
Girls will be travelling by hired bus from SCEGGS to the track. All girls in Kindergarten to Year 2 will leave by bus from SCEGGS. Girls in Years 3 to 6 may be driven by parents to meet the rest of the school at the track if permission from parents, in writing, has been received by class teachers before June 12. Girls being driven must be at the track by 9.15am. Similarly, girls from Kindergarten to Year 6 may leave the track with their parents, or parents of friends, at the conclusion of the Carnival, again only if permission from parents, in writing, has been received by teachers before the day of the Carnival.

Girls from Kindergarten to Year 6 will not be given permission to leave the field before the end of the Carnival. At the end of the Carnival, girls leaving the field with parents must inform their class teacher, in person, that they are leaving.

Inclement Weather
In the case of inclement weather the Carnival may be cancelled, in which case a normal school day will proceed. A decision will be made at 8.00am. If in doubt please call the PE wet weather line (9332 4179) after 8.05am. Please do not call before 8.05am as this will interfere with the recording of the wet weather message. This information will also be available on SCEGGSSport via the Twitter Feed. To do this, download Twitter from the App Store or Google Play and search for SCEGGS Sport.

We are all looking forward to an enjoyable day, and I do hope parents, grandparents and other people special in the girls’ lives are able to join us.

Elizabeth Cumming
Head of Primary School

Primary Success at the 2019 da Vinci Decathlon

Each year the Primary School enters teams into the da Vinci Decathlon at Knox Grammar School. The Decathlon is an academic competition which places particular emphasis on higher order thinking skills, problem solving and creativity. This year, there were over 1300 students participating in the Stage 3 division of the competition.

We entered one Year 5 team and one Year 6 team. Members of the Year 5 team were Natalie Assaad, Pippa Brenner, Emma Conway, Gracie Dunlop, Jemima Lowe, Emilia Narev, Zara Perkins and Audrey Stylianou.

The Year 6 team members were Bianca Hardge, Stella Manos, Aasha Maunsell, Simran Murphy, Elizabeth Shin, Alex Tavendale, Helaina Travassaros and Amelia Whelan. The students worked collaboratively in their teams to solve problems involving engineering, mathematics, code breaking, art and poetry, science, cartography, English and ideation.

Our Year 5 team did very well and were awarded a 2nd place in General Knowledge. Our Year 6 team was also acknowledged and won the general quiz at the conclusion of the day. Congratulations to all members of both teams for their hard work leading up to the competition and their participation and success on the day.


BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary School 1  BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary School 2 

BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary School 3


Paul McGrath
Deputy Head of Primary School



Festival on Forbes Logo

Did you know our primary aim for this year’s Green Festival on Forbes on Sunday 25 August is to reduce rubbish going to landfill by 50%? There are so many ways the whole SCEGGS community can help us achieve this goal.

BYO Water Bottle and Keep Cup
Our wonderful Green Team have organised two Sydney Water refill stations for the Festival on Forbes plus all the school’s regular water bubblers to allow everyone at the fair to refill their water bottles for free!

Please remember to bring your own Keep Cup or reusable cup along for your coffees and hot drinks. There will be a free mug swap too, just pick up a clean mug from one of the baskets beside a coffee cart and hand it to the barista.

And don’t worry if you forget, there will be reusable water bottles and keep cups for sale. Single use cups will also be available, along with separate waste bins for the cups and the plastic lids.

Make sure to pop into our Enviro Stall where lots of interesting things will be happening all day, with great things to buy to help save our planet.

NOT SO FUN FACT: Australians consume more than 50,000 cups of take away coffee every half hour. An estimated 1 billion takeaway cups end up in landfill every year in Australia, taking more than 50 years to break down. Can you believe the plastic lids take 500 years to breakdown?

A big thank you to our wonderful Green Team – Ulrika Aroney, Juliet Schmidt and Sarah Stewart-Jones for all their hard work to date, you are doing an awesome job!

Year 7 Vintage Clothing Stall
Are there wearable items in your wardrobe that no longer "spark joy"? You can donate these to the Year 7 Vintage Clothing Stall. Click here to find out more.

The Festival on Forbes Committee



Primary Sport

Artistic Gymnastics
Several of our Level 3 and 4 Artistic levels girls attended an Inner-City Region clinic at Homebush on Sunday June 2nd. They were guided by expert coaches at six different stations where they refined current skills and were exposed to new techniques to work on. Thank you to Glen Hay, Taylor Jones and Mariennne Butler for accompanying the girls.

BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary Sport Artistic Gym 2.6.19 2 BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary Sport Artistic Gym 2.6.19. 1 2
 BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary Sport Artistic Gym 2.6.19. 2 2  

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Our Rhythmic gymnasts competed in the SCEGGS in house competition on Saturday 1st June. Congratulations to Bianca Hardge, Georgia Farrow, Hannah James, Ilana Patkar, Madison Liew, Cassandra Davies, Sally Webster and Laura Davies for their performance. All girls competed with confidence in their new Rhythmic Gymnastics routines in freehand, rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon.

BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary Sport Iiana Patkar Rhythmic 2 BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary Sport Cassie Davies Rhythmic 2

CIS Cross Country
Nancy Newton and Anjola Petrie have been training hard and will be competing in the IPSHA team at the CIS Cross Country on Thursday 13th June at Eastern Creek. We wish them both the best of luck in their event.

Cross Country Relay
Congratulations to Nancy Newton who competed in the State Cross Country 4 X 2k relay on Saturday 25th May. Her team came second in the event.

BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary Sport Nancy Newton Cross Country relay 1 2 BTGG 2019 06 06 Primary Sport Nancy Newton. Cross Country relay 2

Athletics Carnival
The Primary Carnival will be held on Wednesday 12th June at E.S. Marks Athletics Field, Cnr Boronia St & Anzac Parade, Kensington. The carnival will commence at approximately 9.15am and end at 2.00pm.

All girls will be in a 100m sprint race, their class relay and can enter all field events and the 800m. Girls receive a point for their House when they compete in an event.

We have been informed by IPSHA that NSWPSSA has added 1500m as an event. IPSHA will also have the 1500m event as the last event of the day at their carnival. The 1500m will also be run at CIS this year.

In light of this we will run a Primary 1500m event at Athletics training on Monday 17th June at ES Marks Athletics field for any girls interested. The girls will catch the school bus at 3.15pm, and can remain at training until the finish at 4.50pm. Pick up is at ES Marks at 4.50pm or at the Sports Hall at approximately 5.20pm.

If you would like your daughter to participate, please let me know via email Please see below the qualifying times for IPSHA:
1500m GIRLS 8-10yrs 5m59s
1500m GIRLS 11yrs 5m40s
1500m GIRLS 12/13yrs 5m33s

All Primary Co-curricular sport on Wednesday 12th June will go ahead after school.


Sue Phillips
Primary Sport Co-ordinator



St Peter’s Players – Semester 2 New Directions
St Peter’s Players will take on new structure and content in Semester 2. Exciting new classes include Dance and Acting for Camera. For the first time, we also welcome Year 5 to the St Peter’s Players experience. Participation will require re-enrolment and an indication of class selection(s). Correspondence communicating the revised format of our Co-curricular program is available in the attached document. You will find the dates of all classes and our Tutor profiles.

Students are requested to submit their enrolment form to Mr Eyers no later than Monday June 17th. Confirmation of classes will then be communicated in the last week of term.

Audition Notice – Saving SCEGGS
SCEGGS Darlinghurst will present Saving SCEGGS by Linden Wilkinson in Term IV. The play examines a critical chapter in the history of SCEGGS and will be a perfect way to enter the School's 125th celebrations in 2020.

Ms Eddi Goodfellow will be directing.

Auditions will be conducted at SCEGGS, St Peter’s Playhouse on Wednesday June 19th and Friday June 21st from 4pm to 6pm. Please note that the audition will take the form of a workshop and all applicants will audition together. You need not prepare anything but cold reads will be given on the day.

Callback auditions will be conducted on Tuesday June 25th. Applicants will be contacted by email on Friday June 21st if they have received a callback audition and will be required to prepare an allocated speech.

The production will feature a cast of students from Years 7 to 11 and you are invited to express your interest in auditioning. Please email your intention to audition to and include a headshot (this is only for identification purposes and may be taken with mobile phone or your school photo), some detail about your performance experience and your preferred audition day.

Production dates: Thursday November 21st to Saturday November 23rd at 7pm. Saturday November 23rd at 3pm
Venue: The Great Hall – SCEGGS Darlinghurst

BTGG 2019 06 06 Drama Saving SCEGGS

Drama Tour – New York & Chicago
The Drama Department will be running a tour to the U.S.A. in April 2020. The tour will travel to Chicago and New York taking in visits to extraordinary theatre and participation in workshops, along with awesome sight-seeing and mandatory shopping. The tour is for girls in Years 10, 11 or 12 in 2020. It is open initially to girls currently studying Drama. If places are available, we will offer it to other girls who can demonstrate a strong interest in Drama.

Deposits and Booking Forms are due by Tuesday June 11th to secure your place.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
An excursion to the musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been planned for students in Years 7-11 St Peter’s Players and Academic Drama. This trip to the theatre will take place on Sunday June 23rd at 6pm. Keen students are advised to return permission slips in a timely fashion to secure participation.

There are six seats remaining. Please be quick to ensure you secure a Golden Ticket!

A Chorus Line – Bookings
Bookings are now open for our 2019 Musical – A Chorus Line. Final rehearsals are developing impressively as all departments merge to form the show. We look set to enjoy another superb production at SCEGGS. Tickets may be obtained from The Seymour Centre box office.
BTGG 2019 06 06 Drama A Chorus Line Poster

You have to love dancing to stick to it. It gives nothing back, no manuscripts to store away, no paintings to show on walls and maybe hang in museums, no poems to be printed and sold, nothing but that single, fleeting moment when you feel alive.
Merce Cunnigham (Dance Pioneer)

Peter Eyers
Head of Drama



Assembly Performance
Well done to Hiroi Migita (Year 12) who played the introduction and recession pieces for Ms Gyton on Monday. Hiroi played excerpts from Green Parrot Street by Peter Dasent. This work is part of Hiroi’s Music 2 Performance program. You will hear more from Hiroi and other Year 12 Music students who will be performing pieces from their HSC program in a concert next week.

Sensational Porridge!

BTGG 2019 06 06 Music

Congratulations to all Year 4 students who took part in the Year 4 Musical, Porridge! There were many memorable moments from the performance and the characters from nursery rhymes will never be seen in the same light after this production. Well done and congratulations to Mrs Bronwyn Cleworth for her preparation and direction of the performance. Thank you also to Ms Stephanie Holmes, Ms Jayne Groves and Mr Tim Paillas who were the musicians for the production.

Congratulations to Astrid Girdis (Year 10) who has completed her Grade 4 AMEB Singing examination. Astrid achieved an outstanding result for this examination and is to be congratulated for her hard work and preparation.

Vocal Soirée Performances
Well done to students of Ms Kylie Bailey who performed in lunchtime soirées held on Monday and Thursday of this week. Many of the students are quite new to this art form and should be congratulated for their hard work and perseverance in preparing for this performance. Thank you to Ms Bailey for her preparation of the students and to Ms Heidi Jones and Ms Stephanie Holmes for their accompaniment.

Upcoming Performances:
Year 11 Concert
The concert will feature performances by students studying Preliminary Music 1 and 2 courses. The performance will take place in the Great Hall Thursday 6 June, starting at 5:30pm.

Year 12 Concert
The concert will feature performances by students studying HSC Music 1, 2 and Extension courses. The performance will feature part of each student’s Performance program. The concert will be held in the Great Hall next Wednesday 12 June, commencing at 5:30pm.

Primary Piano Concert
This will take place in the Great Hall on Friday 21 June from 3.30pm - 4.30pm.

String Concerts
Join us on Monday 24 June, Tuesday 25 June or Wednesday 26 June (or all three days!) from 3.30pm - 4.15pm for the String Concert in the Primary Music Room.

Madrigals Excursion Reminder
A reminder that members of the Madrigal Ensemble will be attending Last Night of the Proms with Ms Allison Harrigan on Thursday 6 June at Sydney Opera House. The performance begins at 6:30pm, but students are required to meet Ms Harrigan at 6:00pm near the Box Office to collect their tickets.

Labelling of Instruments and Cases
All students who store their instruments in the Diana Bowman Centre must label their instruments/cases clearly. There have been some instances where students’ instruments have been mistaken for school instruments and were moved. Please check with members of the Music staff if you wish to borrow an instrument for short term use. Students are also encouraged to take their instruments home at the end of the day as there are limited spaces in the storeroom.

Pauline Chow
Head of Music



BTGG 2019 06 06 world environment day 002

In 1974 the United Nations proclaimed June 5 as World Environment Day. The aim of the day is to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. The theme for 2019 is air pollution.

In the Secondary School, the focus of Monday’s assembly was on how the individual can make a difference. Mark Piwkowski, CEO of Quayclean, was our special guest explaining the state of recycling in Australia and how our waste is recycled. His take home message was, as consumers, we need to think carefully about what we purchase so as not to create the waste in the first place. A group of Maailma girls created a video on how the small changes they make can make a difference to the waste in the school.

In Form meetings this week, Maailma girls will be going to Year meetings to run a Kahoot quiz on how waste is recycled through the various bins at school.

During lunchtime, the girls are experimenting with the GIS Locater app to photograph and map rubbish left around the school. This will help us determine if we have bins located in the correct areas and the right mix of bins to minimise the rubbish left around the school. Some of the Staff and students will be positioned at the bins to help educate the community on what goes into what bin.

The Year 7 Form groups are having a competition to see who can come up with the best message for the environment and decoration of the paper bins in their classrooms.

For more information about World Environment day click here.

What can you do to make a change for the environment?

Maailma Environment Club



There have been cases of head lice reported in the Secondary School. Head lice are very common in schools, and it is important that all parents check their daughter’s hair regularly and follow the necessary procedures if needed. For further information, please refer to the NSW Health Department. 



As we have some extra copies, if families would like a further copy of Lux from either last year or 2017, they are welcome to purchase one or more copies from Student Services. This offer remains open until the end of Term II, after which extra copies will be recycled.



Congratulations to the Year 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B, 9, and Senior Archdale teams for winning their third round of Archdale debates this Tuesday. Congratulations also to the Primary B and Year 7 ISDA teams who won their Quarter Final debates last Friday – they will compete in the Semi Final on 14 June.

Archdale debates next week will be held at Tangara; the bus will leave SCEGGS immediately after school, and will leave Tangara to return to SCEGGS at 8pm. The topic area is Law and Justice.

Primary IPSHA debates will be held at SCEGGS this Friday, on the topic “That parents should never feed their children junk food.”

Imogen Harper
Debating Co-ordinator



P & F Events
Thursday 13 June
  Year 3 Class Parent Cocktail Party
 7.00pm    Private Home
 Cost    $60 (covers food and drink)
 Online Booking   Details to come
Sunday 16 June   Year 7 Class Parent
Barefoot Bowling & Burgers
1.00pm-5.00pm   The Greens Bowling Club, North Sydney
RSVP   14 June
Online Booking   Year 7 Barefoot Bowling & Burgers
Contact   Louise Hogan
Sunday 16 June   Year 9 Mother Daughter Pizza Night
5.00pm   Love Supreme, 180 Oxford St Paddington
Cost   $35 per head
RSVP    6 June 2019
Online Booking   Year 9 Mother Daughter Pizza Night
Contact   Sancia de Jersey
 Go to the Parent Portal for contact information