School Strike for Climate Friday 20 September
I am aware that there is another School Strike for Climate on Friday 20 September. I am writing to let you know my position on this – that girls will not be allowed to leave School to attend this strike.

As I said last time, I believe the scientific evidence which tells us that the currently-observed climate change is real and anthropogenic, and that the impact of human life on our world is significant. I believe that Governments should be doing far more long term thinking and specifically much more than they are doing currently about climate change, to protect the future health and sustainability of our planet.

I applaud the girls who want to take a stance on this issue, but there are many things that they can do directly about this instead of attending the demonstration. So, we will be doing something on the day, and later in the year as well. On the initiative of Zoe Brenner in Year 11, and with my complete support, we are inviting some politicians to come one lunchtime to answer questions about their party’s environmental policies from an important group of first-time voters at the next election. To quote from her email to the politicians:

“Approximately 60% of the current girls in the high school will need to vote in the next Federal election (assuming that it is in three years) and about 75% will need to vote in the next State election.

The students at SCEGGS are concerned about what they can do about issues like the environment, jobs in the future, how our parents and families will be affected and what all of these things may mean for Australia.”

In particular, we would like you to share your views on climate change and the long term sustainability issues that face our country and the world."

In association with the day of the strike, we will have some activities – thinking of questions for the politicians, collecting ideas, having speakers and petition-signing on the School lawn, and a few fun activities as well.

I know that not everyone will agree with my decision not to let the students go, and some of you would have wished me to make a different one. I acknowledge the correspondence and discussions I had with some girls and parents after the last strike, and a couple of you who have approached me already about this next one. There was definitely a diversity of views! I do try to balance all these and make the best decisions possible. I trust I have your support.

Jenny Allum
Head of School



As part of SCEGGS celebration of Science Week, the annual Inter-House Science Trivia Competition was held on Thursday 22 August.

The theme for Science Week this year was “Destination Moon”, celebrating the awesome achievements of humankind in its quest to carry astronauts to the moon, land on its surface and safely return, the first successful mission taking place 50 years ago on 20 July 1969.

After a hard-fought four rounds of trivia, we had a very close and exciting finish. Here are the results of the competition:

• Equal 5th place were Barton and Beck on 55 points
• 4th place was Badham on 58 points
• 3rd place was Docker on 63 points
• 2nd place was Langley on 65 points
• 1st place (for a second year in a row) was Christian on 68 points

Congratulations to Christian House for taking out the competition, and thank you to all girls who participated for their house or who supported the teams as audience members.

Luke Hanson
Head of Science



This week the SCEGGS community was a vibrant environment with everyone busy at recess and lunch every day enjoying the wide range of fundraiser activities organised by the students and teachers attending the Cambodia Housebuilding trip in the upcoming holidays. These activities were organised for SCEGGS students with the intention of making a profit that will be contributed towards making a difference to the lives of the Khmer (Cambodian) community.

Starting off on Tuesday Karaoke was run in the Great Hall, collecting a gold coin donation from viewers and competitors. Groups from all years signed up with highlight songs "Gotta go my own way", from High School Musical, "Bad Guy", "Tequila" and the Cambodia staff group singing "We Built This City". As well as this, tropical themed baked goods were sold outside the event.


On Wednesday, “Cambodia Build Master Challenge” was organised at lunch. This challenge involved multiple teams working together to construct the best replica of the Siem Reap Angkor Wat Temple out of wooden blocks. Students and staff formed teams of four and battled it out to build this ancient temple.


Thursday was the highlight according to SCEGGS students. A dodgeball competition in the sports hall was coordinated and significant donations from players and spectators were greatly appreciated.


The week could not have been finished without a classic successful bake sale.


A massive thank you must go to Ms Connolly, Mr Stevenson and the entire staff team who worked tirelessly to pull off this activity-packed week, as well as all 55 students travelling to Cambodia who coordinated activities and baked goods.

Amara Mathialagan and Jaime Gordon
Year 10



Congratulations Primary Tournament of Minds Team!
Congratulations to this year’s Primary Tournament of Minds team, who gained first place in the STEM division of the NSW Sydney South East region competition of Tournament of Minds 2019. The team will now go on and compete in the Branch Finals, to be held at UNSW on September 15.

The intrepid team of seven girls from Year 5 and 6 presented at last Saturday’s competition showcasing their STEM design solution to the problem of trying to extract and store DNA from the 41,415 species currently listed as endangered. Over the last six weeks, Sophia Barry, Cassandra Davies, Samantha Millin, Madeleine Soo, Georgia Baker-Wood, Sadie Juneja and Shernesrin Tambyrajah have worked collaboratively through the STEM challenge posed by Tournament of Minds. The girls worked assiduously both at school and in their own time to solve this extremely challenging problem. They researched the species, agreed a criteria to prioritise which species to collect DNA from first and then used the design thinking process to design, prototype, test and re-design a motorised carousel to enable them to extract DNA from each of these species. There were many moments where the girls were deep inside the Learning Pit! Ultimately they produced a very sophisticated piece of engineering as the working model of their carousel, and an outstanding creative performance to present their idea to the judges and their very proud families and teachers. It has been such a pleasure working with the girls, and we are so very proud of them. And now the preparations begin for the finals!

Primary TOM

Helen Dempsey (Head of Teaching and Learning K – 6)
& Kate Brown (Head of Student Wellbeing K -6)



On Saturday 31 August, eight teams of girls from Years 7–10 represented SCEGGS in the Secondary division of the 2019 Regional Competition of the Tournament of Minds. Students combined teamwork and creative problem solving to generate original and innovative solutions to challenges in the areas of Social Science, Language/Literature, STEM and The Arts. On Tournament day, teams were required to present their solutions to a panel of judges and an audience, using chosen styles in a given space and a specified timeframe.

This year, three SCEGGS Secondary School teams met with success to gain the following placings for their creative, well-scripted and researched interpretations of their specific challenges. Both Arts Teams 1 and 2 were awarded "Tournament Honours" for their contemporary, Australian recreations of the famous musical "The Wizard of Oz". The STEM Team 2’s innovative scientific explanation, via both digital and working models of a carousel that collects and stores the DNA of endangered species, also gained them honours in their division.

All SCEGGS teams did extremely well in formulating and presenting their solutions in both the spontaneous and long-term challenges. Congratulations are also extended to the SCEGGS Primary School STEM Team who won their division and will be competing at the State Finals. Thank you to parents involved for their support in maximizing the value of this educational activity on the day.

The 2019 SCEGGS Secondary School Team participants were as follows:

Language Literature Team 1: 
Allegra Emery
Amelie Byrne
Jemima Smith
Ella McGrath
Alice Volfneuk
Charlotte Newton
Mia Freeland
Staff Facilitator: Michael Fischer

Language Literature Team 2: 
Sybilla Hooke
Zara Buchen
Ruby Cooney
Jessica Millin
Lucy Juneja
Ella Moffat
Dominique Liew
Staff Facilitator: Dynielle Whitney

STEM Team 1: 
Catherine Park
Molly Espie
Samara Foulds
Annie Furness
Mia Lintzeris
Olivia Chu
Dakota Kedzier-Hurst
Staff Facilitators: Caroline O’Sullivan
and Anne Rumpler

STEM Team 2: 
Hannah Guest
Teagan Barrack
Sally Webster
Maya Barnett
Evie Watson
Taliah Maunsell
Emma Jan
Staff Facilitators: Caroline O’Sullivan
and Anne Rumpler

Arts Team 1: 
Jemima Hanning
Beatrix Rivers
Kate Ambrogio
Sienna Monahan
Angelica Philips
Lucia Gelonesi
Scarlett Gibson-Williams
Staff Facilitator: Sophie Craddock

Arts Team 2: 
Jemima Sirtes
Sophia Chu
Tessa Kuijper
Isabella Morgan
Harriet Darnell
Olivia Dennison
Laura Lowe
Staff Facilitator: Emily Quirk

Social Sciences Team 1:
Hannah James
Chiara Weaver
Leyla Ozen
Helena Piazza
Clementine Hooper
Hannah Mavrakis
Amelia Board
Staff Facilitator: Darryn Sullivan

Social Sciences Team 2: 
Alexandra West
Josephine Jarvie
Alexandra Kuo
Arella Plater
Xanthe Kibble
Maeve Hopper
Lily Helene
Staff Facilitator: Angela Pizzinga


Darryn Sullivan
TOM Secondary School Facilitator



Secondary Sport

IGSSA Athletics Championships
Well done to all the SCEGGS competitors who competed at the IGSSA Athletics Championships last Thursday in very wet and difficult conditions. A big thank you to Year 7 who were enthusiastic spectators for the day.

2019 IGSSA Athletics Highlights (Ribbon and Medal Winners), SCEGGS placed 17th Overall

Name Place Event Heat/Final
Emily Gyton 3rd Division 2 – 12 Years Hurdles Heat
Eleanor Lawson 1st Division 2 – 12 Years 100m Heat
  3rd 12 Years 100m FINAL
  3rd Division 2 – 12 Years 200m Heat
  3rd 12 Years 200m FINAL
India Hopkins 2nd Division 2 – 12 Years Long Jump Heat
Tessa McCarthy 2nd Division 2 - 13 Years 200m Heat
  2nd Division 2 - 13 Years 400m Heat
Hannah Guest 3rd Division 2 – 13 Years Long Jump Heat
Samara Foulds 2nd Division 2 – Junior Javelin Heat
Alia Levi 1st Division 2 – 14 Years Shot Put Heat
  3rd 14 Years Shot Put FINAL
  3rd Division 2 – Junior Discus  Heat
Lilli Krawitz 2nd Division 2 – 15 Years 800m Heat
Emily Michel 3rd Division 2 – 15 Years Long Jump Heat
Laura Roderick 3rd Division 2 – 16 Years 800m Heat
  3rd Division 2 – Intermediate 1500m Heat
Matilda Meers 2nd Division 2 – 18 Years Long Jump Heat

Secondary Water Polo Trials
Mondays September 16 & 23:
Years 7, 8 & 9
Wednesdays September 18 & 25: Years 10, 11 & 12

Venue: National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE), 180 George St, Redfern
Time: The trials run from 6:30am to 7:30am. (All students are to be ready to jump in the water at 6:30am so they need to arrive a little earlier)
A bus will bring all students back to SCEGGS at the completion of the trials.
Please speak with Ms Dill-Macky if you have any questions.

Secondary Touch Trials
Friday September 6: Year 7
3:15pm-5:30pm at Robertson Rd, Moore Park
A bus will bring all students to and from SCEGGS.

Tuesday September 10: Junior A Final Trial
6:30am – 7:55am at the Moore Park All Weather Turf, Robertson Rd
A bus will bring all students back to SCEGGS at the completion of the trials.
Please speak with Ms Rogers and Ms Thompson if you have any questions.




Alison Gowan
Director of Sport

Primary Sport

IPSHA Gymnastics
Congratulations to the following girls who will be competing in the IPSHA Gymnastics Competition on Thursday 31 October.

IPSHA Rhythmic Gymnastics
Foundation 1
Olivia Phillips (Hoop)
Sienna Morris (FX/Hoop)
Stella Wilson (FX/Hoop)
Zoe Argyrides (FX) / Bronte Treffiletti (Hoop)
Foundation 2
Sophia Papadakis (FX/Rope)
Isabella Conroy (FX/Rope)
Category 3 Group
Cassandra Davies
Georgia Farrow
Bianca Hardge
Lucia Scala
RES: Sophia Papadakis

IPSHA Artistic Gymnastics
Level 2
Nina Genc
Olivia Roberts
Lily-Mae Cook
Lucinda Cook
Level 3
Katerina Giannikouris
Abigail Tattersall
Zoe Lindner
Isobel Murray
Meike Bannister
Level 4
Ingrid Weaver
Emmeline McLeod
Poppy Hegarty
NPL 5,6
Emilia Narev
Sarah James
Abigail Sauer
Annalise Zimmerle

CIS Athletics
We wish the following girls the best of luck when they compete for IPSHA at the CIS Athletics Carnival on Thursday 12 September at SOPAC.

11-13 Years Relay
Stella Argyrides
Abigail Grace
Isla Hootman
Stella Manos
12 Years 100m
Isla Hootman
12 Years 200m
Isla Hootman
8-10 Years Discus
Camille Coonan
8-10 Years Shot Put
Zara Torrance
12 Years Discus
Bondi Barlow
Under 13 Years Multi Class 100m
Coco Espie
8-10 Years Multi Class Shot Put
Coco Espie
8-10 Years Multi Class Discus
Coco Espie

Sue Phillips
Primary Sport Co-ordinator



SCEGGS HSC Music Examination
Congratulations to the Music 1 and Music 2/Extension Class of 2019! The students presented part of their HSC Performance program on Monday 2 September in the annual SCEGGS HSC Encore Concert. It was a wonderful showcase of our very talented students in Music 1 and Music 2/Extension courses.
The class teachers this year are Mr Peter Jewitt for Music 2 and Ms Chow for Music 1 and Extension. Special thank you to Ms Heidi Jones and the team of supporting musicians who accompanied the students in their ensemble performances. Thank you also to the following students: Charlotte FitzSimons (Year 10), Sarah McNaughton (Year 11), Uma Volkmer (Year 11) and Hiroi Migita (Year 12) who have also supported the students in some of the ensemble items.
We wish the girls all the best as they complete their HSC Examinations in the coming weeks.

AMEB Flute Examination Achievements
Congratulations to the following students of Ms Lucie Benz who achieved the following grades in their recent AMEB examinations:

Grace Morrow Grade 6
Alma Lawrie Grade 4
Holly Salter Grade 5
Janet Zheng Grade 5
Emilie Chick Grade 4

Thank you to Ms Lucie Benz for her careful preparation of the students and to Ms Belinda McGlynn for her accompaniment. The girls achieved wonderful results and are to be congratulated for their hard work!

AMEB String Examinations
Congratulations to the following students who have completed their AMEB String Examinations on Monday 2 September:

Anara Murugesan – Preliminary Grade Violin
Isabella Anastasiou – Preliminary Grade Cello
Karla Ng – Preliminary Grade Cello
Amelie Hewitt-Taylor - Grade 2 Violin
Anais Hewitt-Taylor - Grade 3 Double Bass
Cassandra Davies – Grade 5 Cello

Well done girls on this achievement! Thank you to Mrs Anne Sweeney who organised the students for the examinations. Special thanks to Ms Rachel Valentine and Ms Stephanie Holmes for accompanying the girls in the examinations.

SSO Fellows 3-Day Orchestral Workshop
Congratulations to Anais Hewitt-Taylor (Year 9) who successfully auditioned for a place in the Sydney Symphony Fellows 3-Day Orchestral Workshop in Parramatta. The workshop will take place from 2 to 4 October with students being mentored by the Sydney Symphony Fellows and performing together on the final day in a concert together. Well done, Anais!

Primary Brass Concert
Congratulations to the Primary Brass students who performed in their lunch time concert last Friday 30 August in the Primary Music Room.

Beehive Industries
Congratulations to the Year 4 Choir who performed in Beehive Industries on Tuesday 3 September. The volunteers and staff enjoyed the students’ beautiful singing. The students also had an opportunity to share the work created by the artists and volunteers. Thank you to Ms Kate Brown, Miss Emma Corbett and Miss Bree Johnstone who accompanied the students. Special thank you to Mrs Bronwyn Cleworth who directed the performance and to Ms Allison Harrigan who accompanied the choir.

Australian School Band and Orchestra Festival
Good Luck to members of Amati Strings, Chamber Strings and Sinfonietta who are competing this Sunday 8 September in the Australian School Band and Orchestra Festival (ASBOF). The competition is being held at the University of NSW in the Clancy Auditorium. Special thank you to Mrs Anne Sweeney for her preparation and direction of the students. Thank you also to Ms Stephanie Holmes who will accompany the ensembles in the competition.

Upcoming performances in Term 3:

ASBOF (Australian School Band and Orchestra Festival) – Amati Strings, Chamber Strings and Sinfonietta
Date – Sunday 8 September 2019
Venue – University of NSW, Clancy Auditorium, 9 High St, Kensington
To read more about the Festival, go to the following link: 

Jessica O’Donoghue Vocal Studio Concert – Week 8, Monday 9 September 1:15pm DB 1 classroom.

Pauline Chow
Head of Music



In the Limelight
Limelight was the first gas lamp alternative for lighting theatres. Invented in the early 1800s, limelight was generated by heating calcium oxide with a blend of oxygen and hydrogen.

Theatres first began using limelight in the 1830s as the first spotlight. Now, we continue to say that those in the limelight are the centre of attention.

“Giving voice to characters that have no other voice—that’s the great worth of what we do.”
—Meryl Streep

Peter Eyers
Head of Drama



Congratulations to the Mock Trial team who concluded their participation in this year’s Mock Trial competition a couple of weeks ago in the second elimination trial against St Catherine’s. This was a civil case in which the SCEGGS team defended a dog owner against a charge of negligence. Although the pursuit of #JusticeForMason was unsuccessful, it was another fantastic team effort and a high quality Mock Trial with only two points separating the teams.

Amelia Board and Sarah McNaughton (barristers) were excellent in their preparation and questioning, with first-rate support from Kristina Comino (solicitor). They explored all angles in their cross examination to raise as much doubt as possible about the veracity of the witness statements.

Phoebe Masnick and Aisha Imtarnasan (witnesses) were strong and articulate witnesses who handled their cross examination admirably.

Lily Helene was a professional and efficient magistrate’s clerk.

The magistrate commented that this was yet another top notch trial and he commended the improved manner and ability of both teams, having adjudicated them in previous rounds. Unfortunately the competition is over for SCEGGS this year, but we are proud to have progressed into the elimination rounds and we look forward to returning next year.

Thank you to coach and ex-student Maeve Curry who has worked with the team this year.

Kelly McManus
Mock Trial Co-ordinator



Congratulations to Year 8B and Year 10 teams making it through to the Archdale Grand Final!

Congratulations to the Year 8B and Year 10 teams who won their debates on Tuesday to progress through to the Archdale Grand Finals – a fantastic achievement. The Grand Finals will be held next Tuesday at Abbotsleigh. A bus will leave SCEGGS at 3:15pm, and there will be no return bus. ALL debates commence at 6:15pm, and there will be an awards ceremony at 7:30pm.

Imogen Harper
Debating Co-ordinator



Well done to the Years 10 and 11 History Debating teams for their recent participation in the JA Thompson History Debating Competition.

The Year 11 team contested an elimination round against St Benedict’s Catholic College. The topic was "That the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb is overrated by historians" with SCEGGS taking the affirmative. This was an interesting topic in which both teams explored the work of archaeologists and historians and pondered historical memory and the role of history in popular culture. Unfortunately the SCEGGS team lost the debate and are now out of the competition, but we are proud of them for having made it through to the elimination stage. Congratulations to Aneka Henshaw, Sophia Hruby, Aisha Imtarnasan and Katarina Kuo for your outstanding team work and speaking skills. It has been a pleasure to watch your debates over the past two years.

The Year 10 team faced Newington in the Quarter Finals and were the affirmative side for the topic "That World War II was won on the Eastern Front". The team of Amelia Board, Annika Deitz, Ella Godhard and Dominque Liew prepared a thorough and detailed case about a topic they initially did not know too much about and were rewarded with a convincing win! We wish them all the best in their Semi Final debate.

Kelly McManus
History Debating Co-ordinator



P & F Events
Fri 13 - Sun 15 September
  Year 10 Father/Daughter Camp
 Where   Glenworth Valley Camping 
69 Cooks Road, Glenworth Valley
 Cost   Father/Daughter $194
Daughter only supplement $85
 Online Booking
 Contact   Dougal Kennedy at:
Friday 13 September   Year 11 Parents Cocktail Drinks
6:30pm   Hosted by Katharine Seymour and Grant Leonard
Online Booking
Contact   Anne-Valerie is the contact for further information
 Go to the Parent Portal for contact information 


Penny Gerstle
President of the P&F Association