Dear Everyone

A huge thank you from me for everyone who worked so hard to make Sunday’s Fair an absolute success. What a fantastic day! Beautiful weather, great food and drink, wonderful games and activities, books, fashion, flowers, bargains, treasures... and the most uplifting celebration of the School community.

I know there were many parents who worked on the variety of stalls all day, hardly having time to go to the bathroom! I know there was a huge effort before the day too – making things, planning, coordinating everything needed.

So, thank you to:

• The Fair Convenors Penny Gerstle and Emma Holmes
• All of the Fair Committee and the Class Parents who coordinated the Year Group Stalls
• All those parents who volunteered on the day – in treasury (particularly Alex Locke, the P&F Treasurer), the Merry Men logistic team, and those who worked on the stalls themselves
• Keith Stevenson, our Facilities Manager, and his team of staff
• Daisy Bahen, Michelle Kadi and Airlie Murray from the Development Office
• Angelique Cooper, Tina Mavritsakis and Sarah Walters from the General Office
• The Musicians and the Music Staff who performed so delightfully
• Those staff and Prefects who agreed to participate in the Dunking Machine
• Sue Zipfinger, Juliet Schmidt, Sarah Stuart-Jones, Ulrika Aroney and the Green Team and the Waste Warriors
• Everyone who donated prizes for the Silent Auction
• All those who baked cakes, jams and all of the other goodies on sale
• Anna Pizanis for all of the beautiful flowers which she donated, and also to all of the other donations for stalls, large and small
• Everyone who came along on the day, enjoyed the community, smiled and laughed, enjoyed themselves, and spent up big!

I was truly thrilled – it was absolutely perfect!!!

Thank you.

SCEGGS Festival on Forbes 082519 photo by chris gleisner 016 JA

SCEGGS Festival on Forbes 082519 photo by chris gleisner 120 JA

SCEGGS Festival on Forbes 082519 photo by chris gleisner 337 ja

Jenny Allum
Head of School



A Teacher’s Perspective

Creative persons differ from one another in a variety of ways, but in one respect they are unanimous: They all love what they do. It is not the hope of achieving fame or making money that drives them; rather, it is the opportunity to do work that they enjoy doing.
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Two personal experiences

In 2001 I had to prepare for a recital performance. The brief: present a 45–50min programme on my chosen instrument, the saxophone. To put this into some perspective, it is worth noting that up until this point I used to get extremely nervous about performing. Every time I did so my legs would shake, I would overly sweat and generally the experience was not an enjoyable one - yet I loved playing the saxophone. In preparation for this recital I was putting in approximately six hours of practice a day, which involved a range of activities from technical preparation through to learning the music in detail, as well as working with my chosen accompanist. Throughout this preparation I was honing my skills through the repertoire in order to be as fluent as possible. One day, I was speaking with my accompanist, and it was interesting when he said how enjoyable playing the repertoire that I had chosen was and that for him, that the music was so challenging also made the experience a rewarding one. And, as we continued working together, he actually said, “you might actually come first you know!”. I scoffed at this but carried on regardless. In my mind, it was impossible that I would come first and indeed it wasn’t even something I was aiming for.

The time came for the performance and I distinctly remember waiting in the green room to go onstage. After my performance, I came out smiling. In my mind I had done what I had set out to do - and then I suddenly realised that, for the first time, I hadn’t had any nerves throughout the performance whatsoever and – while I didn’t come first - I was really happy!

What had just happened?

Engineers and chemists, writers and musicians, businesspersons and social reformers, historians and architects, sociologists and physicians – and they all agree that they do what they do primarily because it’s fun.
Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi

Ordinary man, extraordinary event
This year I took part in what is widely known as the World’s Toughest Footrace. What I realise now is that the experience had many similarities to that of my recital many years earlier. The preparation was different but no less arduous. The time I invested in preparing every detail, from physical training to understanding how my body reacts to strain and stress; preparing and understanding nutrition, putting together my kit, as well as the mental preparation and balancing all of this with a busy role as a teacher was all part of the challenge.

Each day in the Sahara Desert brought new challenges, whether traversing the many kilometres over sand dunes (as many as 21kms at one point), climbing a mountain, dealing with an injury, food deprivation, heat exhaustion, foot preparation, sand storms, sleeping conditions (the desert floor is like a sea bed and within your assigned bivouac it feels as though you’re packed in like sardines - compromising all personal space) – it all combines to make an incredibly tough experience.

What impressed me most, however, were other people in the race with far more difficult challenges ahead than me: the lady with a prosthetic leg; the elderly man with scoliosis. These people were an inspiration. And they were, daily, proving that anything is possible.

On reflection, I realise that in both scenarios – recital and ultramarathon - I had learnt to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. To exist and even thrive outside of my comfort zone. And that this is something we can all learn from. That rewarding experiences, achievement and success are not easy, and that good and personally satisfying experiences come only from careful preparation of both body and mind. Failure at both of these events didn’t even register in my mind; it was not an option because I had prepared.

In order to achieve, a person must take control of, to "own", the goal. Learning to normalise difficult and intense situations, whether this be examinations, presentations or performances is integral to achievement. By taking oneself to an extreme situation we can begin to learn to normalise difficult situations. For example, in order to complete the ultramarathon, I first had to be comfortable achieving a marathon and it is worth noting that in Googling "top 10 life goals", you will more than likely come across articles that tell you to complete a marathon – and I was ticking this off purely as part of a bigger goal!

If one does these things a certain way, they become intrinsically rewarding, worth doing for their own sake.
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The best things in life do not come easily. Achievement in any activity or subject requires dedication, practice, endeavour, resilience, concentration, self-belief and above all enjoyment. We live in a society where we have become obsessed with assessment. Assessment is just a means to end. If I had thought for a moment that my recital was worth 25% of my entire university degree, you would’ve had to drag me into the recital hall kicking and screaming and the experience would have been dreadful. If I thought about where I would place in the ultramarathon, I would have lost sight of the achievement of just doing the event. If you aim for your best with careful and thorough preparation, results will follow.

To quote Mark Strand, the flow state can be considered as "[when] you lose sense of your time, you’re completely enraptured, you’re completely caught up in what you are doing."

But, interestingly, you often don’t realise that you have been in the flow state until you come out of it and evaluate the situation.

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a "spiritual" person per se, but the "flow state" I achieved on both the fourth day of my race and throughout my recital have since taken on an almost spiritual significance. I went through the check points, up and down the mountain, and I didn’t even notice there was pain in my knee. When the finish line was in sight, I began to feel almost overwhelmingly emotional – followed by the elation of knowing I had completed it.

It is more important than ever that we teach students to enjoy doing things that are challenging, whether it be problem solving, maths, poetry, music or science – or any subject. It is far too simple to find pleasure in things that we find we can do with ease.

And, while I cannot tell anyone which co-curricular activities to join, I can say this: whatever you do choose you must do so for the right reasons, and undertake it with commitment, passion and determination.

Peter Jewitt
Music Teacher



What a truly wonderful day on Sunday for the 2019 Fabulous Green Festival on Forbes. The P&F would like to thank the entire School community for a relaxed and happy day, filled with fun, laughter and SCEGGS spirit. The weather of course was perfect and capped off a truly fantastic day. Special thanks to the Festival on Forbes Committee, all 26 of them, for the enormous amount of work they put in to making sure that Sunday ran so smoothly. The green theme was particularly popular and we have had a lot of feedback thanking “The Green Machine” who put the Enviro Hub together. We were not sure how the Coffee Mug Exchange would go, but it was a huge success and the mugs have been put aside for future Festivals. Thank you to everyone for embracing those efforts. Keith (Facilities Manager) and his team carefully monitored the amount of rubbish that we created and in due course we will have some statistics about how much landfill we avoided! Speaking of the Maintenance Team, the Festival would not have been possible without their hours of work to make sure the School was ready. A thousand "thank yous" to each and everyone of Keith’s team.

Our very special Class Parents also deserve the heartiest of congratulations for their fantastic stalls that have taken so much of their time this year. How beautiful it all looked. Thank you so much, the Festival is nothing without your efforts. And of course it is the tireless support of the School, the General Office and Nelson House staff that underpins all preparations for our Festival.

Lastly, and on a personal note, I would sincerely like to thank Emma Holmes , Co-convenor of this year’s Festival on Forbes for her outstanding contribution over the last 12 months to make Sunday everything it was. Always with a smile on her face and a spreadsheet at the ready, Emma was the Co-Convenor that all fairs need. Deepest appreciation.

I am also pleased to report that our preliminary financial accounts show that the Festival generated almost $100,000. A terrific outcome which will go towards the redevelopment of Wilkinson House and the school's scholarship prorgam.

Warmest regards and sincere gratitude to all the SCEGGS’ Community.

SCEGGS Festival on Forbes 082519 photo by chris gleisner 263

SCEGGS Festival on Forbes 082519 photo by chris gleisner 166

SCEGGS Festival on Forbes 082519 photo by chris gleisner 230


Penny Gerstle
President of the P&F Association



SPAN is delighted to bring you our 2019 panel event “Raising the Voices of all women” on Thursday 5 September from 6.30pm-8.30pm in the Great Hall.

Our dynamic and engaging panel will consist of Old Girls Elizabeth Bryan (Chairman and Independent Non-Executive Director of Virgin Australia and Insurance Australia Group), Dr Kirstin Ferguson (Deputy Chair ABC, Non-Executive Director SCA Property Group Ltd, EML Payments Ltd & Hyne, Author and Creator #CelebratingWomen) and Taya Conomos (Olympic and Commonwealth Games Project and Communications Manager, Seven Network), as well as Professor Michelle Simmons (2018 Australian of the Year and the Director of the Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology at UNSW).  Moderated by Taya, the panel will discuss why all women deserve to be supported, have their achievements celebrated and the continued need to campaign for greater progress towards gender equality and opportunity.

Ticket bookings are available online at 

A light supper and drinks will also be served.

We hope that you can join us for what is certain to be an insightful and inspiring evening!



The Secondary School community certainly took on the challenge of reducing our electricity consumption by going without heating and reducing our lighting on Tuesday 20 August. Staff and students came dressed in a variety of warm clothes and enjoyed toasted sandwiches and hot chocolates on the lawn at lunch time.
The results are in - we consumed 1979.7kWh on the day, which was 25% down on last year’s average! This was a power saving 560.3KwH of electricity or the equivalent of charging 50,523 mobile phones. Click here to see the Secondary School electricity load on Tuesdays in August 2019.

Thank you to everyone for being so involved in this initiative and remember even turning you heater down one degree at home will significantly reduce your power bill.

toasty tuesday

Maailma Environment Committee



The Great Book Swap
On Wednesday 11 September the Primary students will be participating in The Great Book Swap to celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day, which takes place on September 4. The Book Swap is very simple - and fun! Before the actual day, each girl is asked to bring in a favourite book and put it in the special box in her classroom. On the day, the girls will visit the library with their class, where their pre-loved books will be displayed, and the girls can then choose a "new" book they would like to keep.

Each girl is asked to bring in a gold coin (or more) which will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. All the money raised will provide culturally relevant books and resources for Indigenous children living in remote communities.

Please encourage your daughter to choose a book to bring to swap that is in very good condition, that she feels other girls her age will enjoy and that she is happy to give away. Please ensure it is a book that she would be happy to receive in relation to its condition and reading age. Girls are encouraged to bring in their book as soon as possible.

We think this is a lovely opportunity to both encourage reading in our own school and to help others in the wider community.

Mrs Louise Cluff
Primary Teacher-Librarian



In Term 4 we will be offering a Study Without Stress group program for Year 11 students to assist with studying and performing in exams more effectively and with less stress.

Study Without Stress is a psycho-educational program developed by Macquarie University’s Centre for Emotional Health. It has been designed to equip students with knowledge and practical tips on how to approach and overcome the stress associated with workload and exams in their final high school year. The program uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques to help participants get the most out of their final year at school whilst keeping stress to a manageable level.

Topics covered will include:
- Understanding stress (including causes, symptoms and the role of the stress response)
- Goal setting
- Managing expectations and beliefs about exams
- Creating effective timetables
- Learning how thoughts can affect performance
- Challenging negative or unhelpful thinking patterns
- Understanding perfectionism
- Understanding procrastination
- Tips to deal with work avoidance
- Building good study habits
- Procedures for problem solving
- Exam preparation

The program will be run across six sessions starting in Week 2 of Term 4, with a group limited to 12 students. If there is demand for more places, we will aim to run the program again in Term 1 next year. Each participant will be provided with a workbook and handouts, and will be required to spend a little time each week between sessions practising their skills or completing short tasks to facilitate their learning.

The group will be run by me and Carol Saunders, Head of Academic Support.

Further information on the program is available from the Macquarie University website: 

If your daughter would like to participate in the Study Without Stress program in Term 4, she should email  by Thursday 12 September 2019.

Janet McEwen
School Counsellor and Registered Psychologist



This year students in Year 3 to Year 10 will be again participating in the ICAS competitions. These tests will start taking place next week with the ICAS Science competition. Years 4 to 6 will complete this test on Thursday 5 September. Years 7 to 10 will complete the test in one of their Science lessons over the course of the week. ICAS English and ICAS Mathematics will both take place later in September.

For the first time this year, the tests will be delivered online. All students will complete these tests, which are multiple choice in structure, through the specially designed online platform. This new experience will provide students with the opportunity to become more familiar with completing a test in an online environment and provide us with timely feedback on each student’s performance.

If you have any questions, please or you would like more information please contact me at any time.

Andrew Gallagher
Director of Curriculum



There have been a few cases of head lice reported in the Secondary School. Head lice are very common in schools, and it is important that all parents check their daughter’s hair regularly and follow the necessary procedures if needed. For further information, please refer to the NSW Health Department:



Acclaimed young poet Margot Lee (Year 12) has been shortlisted for the John Marsden & Hachette Australia Poetry Prize for her poem “Translunar.” Margot is invited to a writing masterclass in Melbourne where the prize will be announced on 5 September as a part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. We congratulate Margot on this wonderful achievement and wish her all the best for this opportunity to work with other writers and further develop her considerable writing talents.

Jenny Bean
English Teacher



You are warmly invited to attend an exhibition of co-curricular artwork in JF1 until Thursday 5 September.

Black and white photographs made in the darkroom by students from Years 9 to 11 and drawings made by students from Years 7 to 11 will be on display. For the first time the exhibition will also include drawings made by the dedicated teachers who have attended drawing class each Wednesday from the beginning of the year.

Darkroom photography is taught by Ian Lever and drawing by SCEGGS Old Girl Lilli Stromland (Class of 2012).

JF1 will be open from 8am to 4pm every school day until 4pm Thursday 5 September.

Art Chloe contos

Art claudia leonard

Art samantha Klein

Art Madame malmoux

Katrina Collins
Head of Visual Arts



Congratulations to all teams making it through to the Archdale Semi-Finals.

Congratulations to the Year 7A, 8B, and Year 10 teams who won their debates on Tuesday to progress through to the Archdale Semi Finals. The Semi Finals will be held next Tuesday, and teams will be emailed once the location of their debate has been confirmed.

The Year 6 IPSHA team will have their final lunchtime debate this week against St Catherine’s. They will be debating the topic that parents should be punished if their children commit crimes. The Primary Gala Day will be held on Friday 13 September, so all Year 6 IPSHA debaters should be sure to attend training next week.

Imogen Harper
Debating Coordinator



Festival on Forbes
Congratulations to all members of Basie, Beginners’, Bugles’, Clarion and Holst bands, Amati Strings, Chamber Strings, String Power, Stringalong, Sinfonietta, Rock Bands, Percussion ensembles and Contemporary Vocal Ensemble (CVE). Your performances were filled with energy and much appreciated by those who attended the Festival on Sunday.

Thank you to the conductors and assistants who were on hand to help the students perform – Mr Mark Brown, Mrs Alexandra Dalman, Ms Jayne Groves, Ms Allison Harrigan, Ms Stephanie Holmes, Ms Heidi Jones, Miss Alice Kotowicz, Mr Garry Lee-Lindsay, Mr Matt Moore, Ms Alison Ryan, Ms Alex Siegers, Mrs Anne Sweeney, Ms Rachel Valentine.

Special thank you to Mr Peter Jewitt who co-ordinated the music performances and organised the logistics for the event. It was a mighty effort by everyone to share their music with the SCEGGS community.

Assembly Performance
Congratulations to members of Contemporary Vocal Ensemble (CVE) who performed “Bellas Final (Mashup)” from Pitch Perfect. It isn’t easy to sing in five parts and the girls did this very well! Thank you to Ms Alex Siegers for her direction of the performance and to Ms Stephanie Holmes for her accompaniment. Well done CVE!

SCEGGS HSC Encore Concert
We warmly invite everyone to attend this concert featuring our students from both HSC Music 1 and Music 2/Extension courses. The concert will showcase some of the students’ performances from their HSC Performance program.

Week 7 – Monday 2 September 2019
Great Hall
Refreshments served from 5:00pm
Concert commences at 5:30pm and concludes by 7:00pm

This is the final opportunity for the students to share their work before the commencement of the HSC Music Practical Marking period starting on Monday 9 September. Come and support our talented Year 12 students before they perform for their HSC Practical Examination. We would love to see you there!

Flute Lunchtime Concert
Congratulations to the students of Ms Lucie Benz who performed in a lunchtime concert on Monday 26 August in the Diana Bowman Centre. The students performed repertoire from their AMEB examination program. Special thanks to Ms Benz who worked carefully with each student in preparation for their performance and to Ms Heidi Jones for her accompaniment.

Upcoming performances in Term 3:

Primary Brass Concert – Friday 30 August, Primary Music Room 1:10–1:40pm
The concert will feature Primary brass students from the studios of Ms Louise Horwood, Ms Alex Silver and Ms Cindy Sims.

ASBOF (Australian School Band and Orchestra Festival) – Amati Strings, Chamber Strings and Sinfonietta
Date – Sunday 8 September 2019
Venue – University of NSW, Clancy Auditorium, 9 High St, Kensington
To read more about the Festival, go to the following link: 

Jessica O’Donoghue Vocal Studio Concert – Week 8 Monday 9 September 1:15pm DB 1 classroom.

Pauline Chow
Head of Music



Secondary Sport

SCEGGS had 17 students represented at the Northern States Snowsports Championships that was held at Perisher over the past week.

The two outstanding individual highlights of the week were Phoebe Cridland’s bronze medal in the Division 1 Freestyle Cross Country event and Lily Punch’s bronze medal in the Division 2 Alpine.

Division 1 – Moguls Team placed 6th overall with strong individual results from Eliza-Grace Gannon (10th), Phoebe Cridland (12th) and Claudia Holmes (20th).
Division 1 Alpine – Georgia Skidmore placed 12th overall. Eliza-Grace Gannon was sitting in 7th place before crashing on her second run. Isabelle Senes skied strongly to finish in 22nd position.
Division1 Skier Cross – Team placed 4th overall with Georgia Skidmore (8th), Eliza-Grace Gannon (15th) and Claudia Woods (26th)
Division 2 Snowboard GS – Xanthe Kibble placed 24th
Division 2 Boarder Cross – Xanthe Kibble placed 31st
Division 3 Freestyle Cross Country – the team consisted of Scarlett Phillips, Tilda Meggitt & Sophia Isaias-White who all improved on their results from 2018 and finished 13th overall as a team.
Division 3 Alpine – The team placed 12th overall with Scarlett Phillips narrowly missing out on an individual berth for nationals. Sophia Isais-White, Madeleine Tudehope and Julia Richards also made up the team and performed strongly.

The Primary School was represented by Abigail Grace, Zara Grace, Jessica Grace and Olivia Liu who all performed strongly in tough windy and wet conditions for the first half of the competition week.

The following students have qualified to compete at the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships in Mt Buller next week: Phoebe Cridland, Eliza-Grace Gannon, Claudia Holmes, Lily Punch, Isabelle Senes, Georgia Skidmore and Claudia Woods. We wish them well in the final events for the season.

Sport Olivia Liu and Jessica Grace

Sport cross country

Term 4 Sports Choice Forms
Sports Choice Forms for Term 4 are now overdue. Please note that the Friday evening Secondary Futsal competition has been cancelled. If students would like to enrol in another activity, please email Ms Axford.

Touch Skills
The secondary students have been getting ready for the upcoming touch season with early morning skill sessions in Centennial Park. On Tuesday morning this week they practiced diving to score tries as evidenced by their muddy shirts!!

Sport Touch Skills


Alison Gowan
Director of Sport

Primary Sport

IPSHA Athletics
Congratulations to all the girls who competed at the IPSHA Athletics Carnival on Monday 26 August. Every girl competed with pride and did their very best. It was wonderful to see enthusiastic team spirit, cheering and support for each other.
Congratulations to the following girls who gained places in their events:

Senior Relay
Stella Argyrides - 1st Place Heat 3
Abigail Grace
Isla Hootman
Stella Manos

8 Years 100m
Allegra James - 1st Place Heat 7
Georgina Auld - 1st Place Heat 9
Emmeline McLeod - 3rd Place Heat 9
Ashanti Gilles - 2nd Place Heat 10

9 Years 100m
Rosie Pallett - 1st Place Heat 5
Lilla Brennan - 1st Place Heat 9
Antonia Neal - 1st Place Heat 11
Charli Hedley - 1st Place Heat 12

10 Years 100m
Marni Hootman - 1st Place Heat 8
Camille Coonan - 1st Place Heat 9
Olivia Davis - 1st Place Heat 10
Poppy Hegarty - 2nd Place Heat 12

11 Years 100m
Abigail Grace - 2nd Place Heat 8
Sadie Juneja - 1st Place Heat 10
Lily Cooney - 2nd Place Heat 10
Helena O’Brien - 4th Place Heat 11

12 Years 100m
Isla Hootman - 1st Place Heat 2
Stella Argyrides - 1st Place Heat 5
Stella Manos - 1st Place Heat 10
Madeleine Soo - 1st Place Heat 12

11 Years 200m
Sadie Juneja - 4th Place Heat 2
Grace Luck - 2nd Place Heat 5

12 Years 200m
Isla Hootman - 4th Place Heat 1
Stella Argyrides - 1st Place Heat 2
Madeleine Soo - 4th Place Heat 6

8-10 Years Discus
Camille Coonan - 2nd Place

12 Years Discus
Bondi Barlow - 6th Place

8-10 Years Shot Put
Zara Torrance - 5th Place

Our Field event team of Zoe Andrea, Bondi Barlow, Pippa Brenner, Camille Coonan, Stella Manos, Anjola Petrie, Mahlia Petrie and Alexandra Tavendale all had great results, most improving on their school carnival distances. A special mention to our 800m runners Anjola Petrie, Nancy Newton and Lily Cooney for their determined efforts in their respective races.

Congratulations to the following girls who will represent IPSHA at the CIS Athletics Carnival on 12 September at Sydney Olympic Park.

11-13 Years Relay
Stella Argyrides
Abigail Grace
Isla Hootman
Stella Manos

12 Years 100m
Isla Hootman

12 Years 200m
Isla Hootman

8-10 Years Discus
Camille Coonan

8-10 Years Shot Put
Zara Torrance

12 Years Discus
Bondi Barlow

PS 8 Yrs 100m PS 9 Years 100m
PS IPSHA Senior Relay PS IPSHA I. Hootman S. Argyrides Z. Andrea M. Petrie

PS IPSHA Athletics Team

Artistic Gymnastics
Poppy Hegarty and Ingrid Weaver competed in the second Level 4 Inner City trial for State Championships at Sydney Olympic Park on Sunday 25 September. Both girls achieved a silver medal in the All-Around banding. An excellent display and result for the girls.

PS Poppy Hegarty Ingrid Weaver


Sue Phillips
Primary Sport Co-ordinator



Stories in the Dark
Congratulations to Sophie Forward and Evie Watson who have been cast in the ensemble of the Cranbrook Junior Production – Stories in the Dark by Debra Oswald.
The production takes to the stage in Term 4 and we look forward to supporting the girls in this terrific opportunity to "tread the boards".

Bravo Sophie and Evie!

Chicago – The Musical
We are off to see the musical Chicago at The Capitol Theatre on Sunday 15 September at 6pm. This productions stars Natalie Bassingthwaite, Tom Burlinson and Casey Donovan.

The opportunity is optional but will once again contribute to the valuable experience of live theatre.
Year 9-11 Drama students have now received permission forms. A limited number of seats are available, so best in best dressed.

"Wing It"
This theatre phrase has now been incorporated into the greater colloquial lexicon, but when actors would “wing it” they were going on unprepared. It comes from the practice of playing a part without memorizing the lines, relying on the prompter in the wings or pages of text affixed to set pieces like the wing flats.

“For me, our job as artists is to serve the story, serve the director, and serve the fellow actors. And if you do that, by osmosis you’re serving yourself because you’ll get the best out of yourself.”
—David Oyelowo

Peter Eyers
Head of Drama



P & F Events
Fri 13 - Sun 15 September
  Year 10 Father/Daughter Camp
 Where   Glenworth Valley Camping 
69 Cooks Road, Glenworth Valley
 Cost   Father/Daughter $194
Daughter only supplement $85
 Online Booking
 Contact   Dougal Kennedy at:
Friday 13 September   Year 11 Parents Cocktail Drinks
6:30pm   Hosted by Katharine Seymour and Grant Leonard
Online Booking
Contact   Anne-Valerie is the contact for further information
 Go to the Parent Portal for contact information 


Penny Gerstle
President of the P&F Association