History Debating

BTGG 2019 12 5 History Debating

The Year 10 team has concluded their History Debating season with an outstanding victory in the Grand Final against Tara. Both teams presented strong arguments and rebuttal but in a split decision, the SCEGGS team were declared the winners. A huge congratulations to the speakers in the Grand Final: Amelia Board (1st), Dominque Liew (2nd) and Mia Freeland (3rd) who spoke passionately and persuasively to negate the topic "That the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights has not been adequately upheld since 1948".They were supported by Hannah Mavrakis at 4th. Thank you to the other members of the team for contributing this year throughout the rounds, quarters and semis, including Annika Deitz, Ella Godhard and Maeve Hopper. Congratulations on a fantastic season Year 10 History debaters! We look forward to seeing what you can achieve next year.

Kelly McManus
History Debating Co-ordinator