Music Matters

All I Want for Christmas – is to be taken home!

As the school year is drawing to a close… there are some instruments in the Music studios and storeroom that are begging to be taken home.  Show your instruments some love, take them home and play them to spread Christmas cheer to your family and friends.

This is especially important for students who are performing as part of SPO (Special Projects Orchestra) for Speech Night. The Music Department will not be opened prior to Speech Night on Thursday 5 December.

AMEB Results

Congratulations to the following students for their hard work and achievement in the following levels for their instrument’s examinations:

Preliminary Piano for Leisure Harriet Watson
5th Grade Piano for Leisure Hannah Guest
5th Grade French Horn Samantha Millin
Grade 3 Oboe Georgia Baker Wood

Thank you to Ms Chloe Waldron Reilly (Piano), Ms Cindy Sims (French Horn) and Ms Zoe Sitsky (Oboe) for their teaching and careful preparation for their students’ examinations.

String Exams – Students of Ms Kathryn Crossing, Ms Evelyn Drivas, Ms Dominique Gallery, Ms Vicki Parkin, Ms Rachel Valentine and Mrs Anne Sweeney

Congratulations to the 30 girls who have completed their String examinations this week. The girls worked very hard to prepare all areas of the syllabus for these examinations and they are to be congratulated for their efforts!

Preliminary Grade Cello Akansha Singh, Giselle Wharton and Victoria Lincoln
Grade 1 Cello Ruby Peters and Ofelia Imm Smirk
Grade 1 Violin Anjola Petrie, Audrey Rivers, Darcey Farrell, Allegra James, Olivia Chua and Olivia Flanagan
Grade 2 Violin Chelsy Diec, Meike Bannister, Jessica Venetoulis, Stella Manos and Paige Lee
Grade 3 Violin Grace Chandler, Ashley Diec, Josephine Mitchell and Simran Murphy
Grade 4 Violin Zoe Andrea and Charley Masnick
Grade 5 Violin Natalie Assaad, Georgina Dandolo and Elizabeth Shin
Grade 6 Violin Bondi Barlow, Lauren Miller, Scarlett Cooper, Mary Williams and Erin Zikos

Special thanks to Heinz Schweers for accompanying the upper grade exam candidates and to the string tutors Ms Kathryn Crossing, Ms Evelyn Drivas, Ms Dominique Gallery, Ms Vicki Parkin, Ms Rachel Valentine and Mrs Anne Sweeney for their careful preparation.

Wayside Chapel – Basie Jazz Band

BTGG 2019 11 28 Music Wayside 1

Well done to the students who performed at the Wayside Chapel last Thursday 21 November. The students performed a small set for a luncheon that was being served to the Wayside community. The staff and community loved the girls’ performances. This is a venue that we would like to return and perform throughout next year.  Thank you to Mr Peter Jewitt who organised, performed and directed the performance.

BTGG 2019 11 28 Music Wayside 2

Download a recording of their Jazz piece "Mood Indigo", "Blues Machine" and "It Don't Mean a Thing".


Clarion Band “Come and Play”

Well done to the members of Clarion Band who participated in the first “Come and Play” initiative last Tuesday afternoon.  This was a new idea to welcome new members of the band who will formally join the ensemble in 2020.  We had several participants both internally (from SCEGGS Primary) and external students who will be commencing Year 7 next year.  The afternoon finished with a short performance of three works that the students had workshopped in the session.  You can hear one of the pieces in the sound file below. 

BTGG 2019 11 28 Music Clarion 1

BTGG 2019 11 28 Music Clarion 2


Thank you to Mr Peter Jewitt for his assistance and to Ms Alison Ryan for her organisation of the event and direction of the band.

Download a recording of their piece "Bird Land".


Beginner’s Band – Final Performance

Congratulations to all members of Beginner’s Band on your final performance last Friday morning in the Primary School.  The performance was well attended and “Power Rock” was clearly a favourite with the audience!  Thank you to Ms Alison Ryan for her work to reintroduce this band as part of the ensembles program at SCEGGS.

K-2 Concert “The Animal Band”

Well done to the students who performed in the K – 2 Concert last Friday afternoon in the Great Hall.  “The Animal Band” is a musical with an important message for our children on the care of our planet.  A very special thank you to Mrs Bronwyn Cleworth who scripted and designed the musical, based on the songs by Niki Davies. 

BTGG 2019 11 28 Music K 2 1

BTGG 2019 11 28 Music K 2 2

BTGG 2019 11 28 Music K 2 3

Festival of Lessons and Carols

An invitation is extended to all families and friends of the SCEGGS Community to listen and be a part of the beautiful performances by the School’s Choir, Madrigal and Amati String ensemble.  This is a special service and the students have worked hard to prepare for this event. The music is a wonderful accompaniment to the lessons to celebrate the birth of Christ.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you from the National Trust

This week, Ms Allison Harrigan received a lovely thank you note to our students who performed at Lindesay House last week as part of the National Trust’s Christmas event;

"On behalf of the National Trust Women's Committee NSW I thank you for bringing The SCEGGS Madrigal Ensemble to entertain the visitors to the Lindesay Gift Fair.

They were the highlight of the day and the positive feedback was appreciated. We all love to hear the traditional Christmas Carols and your 16 girls certainly did a great job. To listen to them singing and watching the reaction of the people it brought a tear to my eye. I thought it was a natural stage around the Plane Tree, slightly elevated so we all had a great view. Even without amplification or keyboard support their voices were clear and moving.

Wishing you and the girls a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kind Regards

Glenys Nice

Convenor Lindesay Gift Fair"

Messages like this highlight what an important role Music can have when shared with our local community.  Well done to the students from the Madrigal ensemble and to Ms Harrigan for her hard work.

Clarinet Concert – Tuesday 26 November

Congratulations to the students of Ms Nicole Barrett who performed in a lunchtime concert on Tuesday in DB1.  The students have worked hard to prepare and are congratulated for their performances.  Thank you to Ms Barrett for her careful preparation of the students and to Ms Heidi Jones for her accompaniment.

Does your SCEGGS Hire Instrument require a service?

Thank you to the families who have brought or returned their instruments to the Music Department for the year.  If you would like to have you instruments assessed for service, Week 7 is the last week for us to do so.  The holidays are a great opportunity for a clean and service so that your instrument is ready for the new year.

Please contact our Music Administrator, Ms Stephanie Holmes so she could make the necessary arrangements.  The instruments would then need to be handed into the Music Department by Monday 2 December in Week 8.

Upcoming performances and events in Term 4:

Vocal Concert – students of Ms Eloise Evans will be performing in the final lunchtime concert for 2019.  The concert will take place in DB1 Friday 29 November 1:10pm.

Pauline Chow
Head of Music