Pocket Awards

Girls in the Secondary School who are awarded a blazer "Pocket" for excellence and outstanding achievement in a co-curricular activity are able to have their blazers embroidered only during holiday periods.

Awards will be announced at Final Assembly
on Wednesday 4 December. Blazers may be left at Student Services after the assembly or at any time until 1:00pm on Monday 9 December when all blazers will be sent to the embroiderers.

Students with previous awards not yet embroidered can also leave their blazers at this time. All blazers will be dry cleaned before being embroidere
d, as this is a requirement of the embroiderers.

Blazers cannot be accepted after 1:00pm Monday 9 December. Any late submissions will need to wait until the next School Holidays.

Embroidery and dry cleaning will be done during the holidays and the cost will be charged to your daughter’s account.