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In this edition of SchoolTV - Internet Addiction
In today’s digital environment, the internet can be a valuable tool for education and research, but it is also a key mode of entertainment too. Young people today tend to go from one screen to another, so how much is too much? Of course, each family will have different rules and expectations about this, but it is important to discuss what feels right for you. Time spent in the "screen world" has parents concerned that their kids may be missing out on real life experiences and we know that especially for girls their connections on social media can, if not monitored, become all-consuming. Therefore, it is vitally important to a child’s wellbeing for parents to regulate a child’s internet use.

Internet addiction can cause significant psychological and social problems for children in years to come. The true effects on future generations is not yet known, but there are strategies that parents can implement now. In this edition, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg discusses what causes internet addiction, who is most at risk and what parents can do to regulate the amount of time their kids spend online each day.

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Bethnay Lord
Director of Pastoral Care