From Ms Allum

Dear Everyone

A huge thank you from me for everyone who worked so hard to make Sunday’s Fair an absolute success. What a fantastic day! Beautiful weather, great food and drink, wonderful games and activities, books, fashion, flowers, bargains, treasures... and the most uplifting celebration of the School community.

I know there were many parents who worked on the variety of stalls all day, hardly having time to go to the bathroom! I know there was a huge effort before the day too – making things, planning, coordinating everything needed.

So, thank you to:

• The Fair Convenors Penny Gerstle and Emma Holmes
• All of the Fair Committee and the Class Parents who coordinated the Year Group Stalls
• All those parents who volunteered on the day – in treasury (particularly Alex Locke, the P&F Treasurer), the Merry Men logistic team, and those who worked on the stalls themselves
• Keith Stevenson, our Facilities Manager, and his team of staff
• Daisy Bahen, Michelle Kadi and Airlie Murray from the Development Office
• Angelique Cooper, Tina Mavritsakis and Sarah Walters from the General Office
• The Musicians and the Music Staff who performed so delightfully
• Those staff and Prefects who agreed to participate in the Dunking Machine
• Sue Zipfinger, Juliet Schmidt, Sarah Stuart-Jones, Ulrika Aroney and the Green Team and the Waste Warriors
• Everyone who donated prizes for the Silent Auction
• All those who baked cakes, jams and all of the other goodies on sale
• Anna Pizanis for all of the beautiful flowers which she donated, and also to all of the other donations for stalls, large and small
• Everyone who came along on the day, enjoyed the community, smiled and laughed, enjoyed themselves, and spent up big!

I was truly thrilled – it was absolutely perfect!!!

Thank you.

SCEGGS Festival on Forbes 082519 photo by chris gleisner 016 JA

SCEGGS Festival on Forbes 082519 photo by chris gleisner 120 JA

SCEGGS Festival on Forbes 082519 photo by chris gleisner 337 ja

Jenny Allum
Head of School