From Ms Allum

Student Leadership
‘May the gift of leadership awaken in you as a vocation, Keep you mindful of the providence that calls you to serve.’ - John O’Donohue

The Term III student leadership season is a highly anticipated one on our School calendar and often one of mixed emotions. Assemblies, Chapel Services and Year Meetings over coming weeks will be dedicated to addressing some of the philosophical aspects of leadership as well as some practical elements of the roles, including the qualities required to fulfil such a service.

Later in the term, all girls and staff in the Secondary School will be invited to vote for the 2019/2020 Prefects and House Leaders. First, voting for House Prefects, House Vice Captains and House Committee will take place in House Meetings on Monday 2 September. Then, voting for Head Prefect, Deputy Head Prefect, and School Prefects will take place after Assembly on Monday 9 September with all of Years 10, 11 and 12.

Students wishing to be considered as a Prefect or House Leader will be required to apply by completing and submitting a written application to me and therefore only those students’ names will appear on the ballot forms. Before being elected to the position, I want every future student leader to have taken the time to reflect on the importance of the role and the extent of its influence. I want every future student leader to have considered how her personal values and School values are aligned and demonstrated. I often remind the girls how valuable it is that we are a school where young women are prepared to put themselves forward confidently. It requires courage to apply and own one’s God-given talents. In doing so we also risk failure and while there is great joy for many in the Term III student leadership process, it is accompanied by great disappointment for others. Not all students will receive the highly coveted badge or role. I know that many girls dream of being a student leader at SCEGGS. I hope that many, many girls do apply. Lessons from women in leadership in corporate and professional life clearly teach us the importance of putting yourself forward and being confident of yourself and your abilities.

We seek not only good leaders in this process but also good followers. Good followers are discerning and judicious. When exercising their voting powers, good followers look up to and therefore elect those students whom they believe lead by example. I want all girls to reflect on the qualities and skills they see exemplified. We expect that our student leaders will be: positive role models, loyal to the School, young women of integrity and honesty, enthusiastic and joyful, compassionate and caring, reliable and committed, capable and resilient.

Being elected to School Prefect and receiving the badge does not mean that you have arrived and reached an endpoint. It marks the beginning of something formal and it also marks the continuation of the display of good character that others have recognised. It reflects the quote above and reminds students that leadership is about service.

The newly elected student leaders will be announced in the Final Assembly of the term on Friday 27 September. I look forward to working with them all in Term IV and beyond.

Jenny Allum
Head of School