Duke of Edinburgh's Award

If time flies when having fun, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award girls must be having a great time, as they find themselves already more than half-way through the year’s hiking program. Having completed the last Practice hike in the cold of early June with a group Year 9s, we started up the Qualifying season with a Bronze Expedition on the weekend. Although windy, the clear skies provided dry and mild conditions, and the girls were able to enjoy a spectacular sunset at the secluded North Era beach. We are looking forward to more adventures between now and the year’s end, with hearty meals in the evenings and laughs on the track.

We encourage the girls to prepare very carefully for their hikes – researching the route, checking out the weather forecast, carefully planning meals and collaborating with friends. Often the difference between a fun and safe hike and a disappointing experience is in the thought and care taken prior to departure. Girls should also, by now, have mapped out their service, recreation and skill commitments, so that they have a likely completion date to aim for.

Finally, a reminder that the Cognito page at 
provides an abundance of information to prepare for Expeditions, such as suggested meals, clothing, navigation etc.

DofE 15.8

We wish everyone good luck and success for the rest of the year.

Joanne Bower & Doric Swain
Duke of Edinburgh Award Leaders