From Ms Allum

At the end of each term, we have an Assembly to celebrate the achievements of the term, to profile the various activities in the co-curricular sphere, and to present a range of certificates, prizes, medals and other awards to outstanding students in each activity.

One of the many fantastic aspects of those end-of-term assemblies are the speeches given by the student captains of the particular activities of the term. They are always inspirational, and reflect the particular personalities and aspirations of the girls involved. The end of last term was no exception.

I thought you might like to read one such speech – from Aneka Henshaw, the Captain of Cross Country Running. Enjoy!

I know you’ve heard the rumours. Sylvie Stannage passing out on the IGSSA Cross Country course. People vomiting at our training sessions in Centennial Park. Girls actually using the showers in the sports hall change room – I know, shocking. This is the reality of SCEGGS Cross Country.

I’d like to preface my speech by saying that I do love running and cross country BUT the truth is, sometimes I’d rather lie down in the mud than try to keep up with Laura and Gabby. Running is hard, and I’ve been continually teased this term for talking TWO MONTHS ago about an “easy 3km run” – I have been assured that this is an oxymoron, so to those who were insulted by this turn of phrase, I offer my sincere apologies.

Honestly, though, I quite like hard things. Hard things like running, or physics or not pressing snooze on the alarm, teach us hard lessons. Cross Country doesn’t just make you physically fit, it forces you to become more disciplined, perseverant and courageous. My Cross Country girls know this well; there are no half-hearted efforts under Ms Thompson’s keen eye. All this talk of hard things, though, may be intimidating so I’ll stop. Let’s just say pushing through the hard stuff is worthwhile for the euphoric feeling afterward, for the Easter egg hunts and for the sunrise runs over the Harbour Bridge.

At the IGSSA Carnival we were blessed by Ms Dill-Macky and Ms Tucker in matching outfits, Ms Wymer who did the recording and helping girls in the spew tunnel at the finish line, as well as our usual support crew of Ms Gowan and Ms Thompson to whom we are all incredibly grateful. Five girls qualified for NSWCIS Championships: Audrey Ewington and Abigail Johnstone as well as Jacqui, Phoebe and Gabby who also qualified for NSW All Schools. So the infamous day down at Frensham went smoothly until Sylvie rounded a bend, fainted, fell on a fence, landed on a gravel road, was transported back to our tent in a car and then lain in a bed that she’d conveniently brought. Yes, a literal blow-up bed. She brought a bed to the Cross Country Carnival.

Like many things in life, running is hard, and this shouldn’t be understated because the effort that my Cross Country girls devote to this activity is immense and deserves recognition. So, thank you to all my running pals for what has been a crazy, challenging, laughter-inducing season of running up and down muddy hills in Centennial Park.

 Jenny Allum
Head of School