Year 11 Charity - Jeans for Genes Day Fri 2 August K-12

Genetic diseases or birth defects affect one in 20 kids. They are the leading causes of death in kids under 4 and the main cause of ongoing hospitalisation.

This Friday Year 11 are hosting Jeans for Genes Day at SCEGGS to raise money for the Children’s Medical Research Institute. The money we raise will help to facilitate the ground-breaking research that will reduce these statistics and help thousands and thousands of kids.

So, when you’re carefully curating your outfits, please remember that you are supporting a fundraiser, and your outfit isn’t complete without a gold coin donation!

Year 11 will be at each and every Form class K-12 ticking off names, so scour your car, couch, (sister’s piggy bank...) to make your contribution.

We are all super excited to see everyone get involved and help support this fantastic cause.

Can’t wait to see you all dazzling in denim!

Lauren Miller and Phoebe Masnick
Year 11