Public Speaking

Rostrum State Finals
Nicola Allen was one of six state finalists in the Junior Division of the Rostrum Voice of Youth held at Sydney University, June 22. She spoke on a topic close to her heart, Human induced Climate Change, which she declared to be “My generation’s war”

Nicola was announced runner up which was a wonderful result especially as it was her first public speaking event.

From eight competitors in the Voice of Youth, 5 SCEGGS girls reached the Regional Finals.

Juniors: Nicola Allen, Catherine Park and Ishara Verdickt. Seniors: Amara Mathialagan and Sarah McNaughton. Well done to all.

Legacy Junior Speaking Award
School heats will be held in the Speech Room Wednesday July 24 at 1.10pm.

If you were 14 years of age January 1, 2019 and are in Year 7 or above you are eligible to compete. Talk length is 5 minutes. Topic, up to you but should engage the audience with fresh ideas about a contemporary issue.


Sandra Carter
Speech and Public Speaking