Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
A large contingent of SCEGGS students and staff attended the Sunday evening performance of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory last Sunday. For many students this was their first experience of live theatre and were certainly taken on a journey by the performances and stage "magic".

All agreed it was a terrific show and a perfect rendering of the Roald Dahl classic. The unfortunate endings for Augustus Gloop, Veruka Salt, Violet Beuregard and Mike Teevee were deliciously shocking and vital lessons in behaviour.

Stay tuned for another grand theatre excursion to be announced in Term III.

A Chorus Line Photography

Our production of A Chorus Line was captured brilliantly through rehearsal and production by our photographer Christopher Hayles. He has captured perfectly, moments from the show and in rehearsal.

The album of photos may be viewed at:

On Wednesday and Friday, last week, a most impressive number of 55 students from Years 7 to 10 auditioned for our November production of Saving SCEGGS. Students were led through a group audition by Mr Eyers, Ms Rodda and Ms Goodfellow (our Director). The audition focused on improvisational, creative and performance skills. All auditionees presented themselves with great enthusiasm and ability.

The tough task for the creative team is to now assemble the cast. Many considerations come in to play here; chiefly finding an actor to fit a character and balancing them with the rest of the ensemble. The quality of the auditionees will make this a difficult task and we are very excited about assembling an exciting company.

Casting will be announced in the next edition of Behind the Green Gate in Term III.

Porky Pig

“That's all Folks!”
- Porky Pig (Cartoon Pig)

Peter Eyers
Head of Drama