History Debating

Congratulations to the Years 10 and 11 History debating teams for their efforts this term. Although both teams lost their most recent debates for the first time this year, the high quality debates were closely contested.

The Year 10 team was hosted by Barker College and argued the negative side for the topic "That the collapse of the League of Nations was inevitable." A challenging topic even for Year 12 Modern History students, the team had to work hard to mount a strong case supported by evidence. They did this but were narrowly defeated. We congratulate Claudia Hunt, Tiffany Di Lucia, Ella Godhard, and Charlotte Newton for their fine efforts in their History debating debut.

The Year 11 team visited the Glebe campus of Sydney Secondary College and presented their arguments negating the topic "That the attempts of the US government to solve the issues of the Great Depression did more harm than good". This was another area relating to Year 12 Modern History, so a great deal of preparation was required. The team consisting of Aneka Henshaw, Aisha Imtarnasan, and Sophia Hruby, spoke and argued extremely well but were also narrowly defeated.

We look forward to following the progress of the History debaters as they enter the quarterfinals of the competition.


Kelly McManus
History Debating Co-ordinator